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The Light Body Travelers Society both credits and thanks Ethan Volroy for this fundamental contribution into Metaphysical studies. Ethan’s work is profound and complete in all subjects, and we are honored to share his works here within our L*B*T learning center with you.





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Humans are multi-dimensional beings composed of many parts and with connections to many dimensions. The human as well as the Universe is far more complex than scientists would have you believe. As physics is the science of the physical realm and its laws and functions, metaphysics is the science of all realms, their laws and functions. From a metaphysical viewpoint, the physical world that we see before us is the 3rd dimension. There are other physical dimensions ranging from the 1st to the 9th dimensions and then many more above the 9th which are not so much physical dimensions but dimensions of Consciousness and many dimensions below the first which are dimensions of Material. The Material in these lowest dimensions is in a state of fertile chaos and is yet to be formed into physicality.

The 9 physical dimensions are where Consciousness creates order with Material; where Consciousness actively creates universes and beings with the energies and forces contained in the lowest material dimensions.

The lowest dimension and the highest are actually One and the same. At the deepest level of reality called the Ultimate Reality or the Absolute where all is one, before any differentiation, the two forces meet and truly are One. This state is often referred to as The Void, as it has no form and no movement, just perfect balance. All of creation is contained within this void in a dormant state. From the Ultimate Reality the first differentiation between active and passive forces occurs, creating Consciousness (the active or Yang/Male side of creation) and Material (the passive or yin/female side of creation).

From these two differentiations of the Absolute, everything is created. Consciousness molds material into form and incarnates into this form. It is a constant sexual play where the Female Material Substance yearns to be molded by the Male Consciousness and the Male yearns to enter the Female and mold her substance into form. It is not that the Female Forces or Material Substance lack consciousness but that her consciousness is completely passive or yin. The Male side is totally active or Yang and is therefore given the broad term of Consciousness which implies an active state. These Conscious Forces could also be called Spiritual Forces but as we do not


want to negate the spirituality of the Material Forces we will use the word Consciousness.

The 9 physical dimensions previously described are places made up of Conscious Forces and Material Forces. Matter has been formed by Consciousness into certain frequencies of vibration. For instance the 9th dimensional material vibrates at a much faster rate than the 2nd. The slower the vibration of the matter, the more dense the physicality of the dimension will be. As Consciousness vibrates very fast it is much harder for it to incarnate into the lower dimensions and it has less control of the physical substance there. In the 3rd dimension we need to eat food and drink water to gain energy for our physical bodies’ survival and hence the need for the food chain. In some higher dimensions, energy and sustenance for the physical body can be obtained directly from the atmosphere.

The 9 dimensions are separated from one another by certain structures of energy but physically they can be in the same place. For example the Earth has an expression of itself in each dimension. These different dimensional expressions of Earth are all in the same place and are all a part of the same Earth. A multi-dimensional being could go to and explore Earth in all of the dimensions but humans can only see and explore her 3rd dimensional aspect because we have a 3rd dimensional body. We could experience these other levels while in our physical body by cultivating our subtle perception. If we could raise our body’s vibration to a high enough level we could then enter the 4th dimension and explore there. Although the dimensions are somewhat separate, they do interact and are all vital for each other. It's like a tower - without the foundations you cannot have a first level and without the first level you cannot have the second. So the dimensions are places where beings can incarnate into matter and live a life in the particular dimension that the chosen body is made for. Many Extra-Terrestrials have bodies that can move through dimensions such as from the 4th to the 6th. The 5th would be this ET's natural resting place but they have the ability to densify or lighten their body to move up or down to the 6th or 4th dimensions at will.

Because a being is able to move between dimensions does not mean they are more evolved than a human. Their body is certainly more versatile and can do many amazing things that a human cannot but this is due to their incarnation into a multi- dimensional body. The human is a being of consciousness which transcends all


dimensions and who has incarnated into a human body for a short period of time. Its next incarnation may be here again or in a much higher dimension or a lower one or maybe it will not incarnate again. The point here is that higher dimension does not mean better, it is just a different place to incarnate and leads to different experiences.

The plot gets thicker as although you are incarnated in the 3rd dimension, here you also have parts of yourself in many other dimensions at the same time. What you know of yourself is very limited due to a lack of incarnation and disconnection from interdimensional perception. You are a huge consciousness which has unlimited power to create whatever you want and you have parts of yourself in many dimensions simultaneously. You have only brought with you a portion of yourself and have left behind much of your consciousness in the dimensions above nine. The high dimensions of consciousness contain different levels of awareness and spiritual powers. You may have also incarnated in other bodies, other physical dimensions and on other planets at the same time. Parts of you are probably all over the Universe.

At a certain level of your consciousness you are aware of all of your lives and all of yourself. The part that has incarnated here is but a tiny piece of a much larger being.

The above information and much more is available firsthand to anybody who chooses to follow the path of spiritual awakening and inner alchemy. This website and the tools available here are to help you remember what and who you are, to transform your energy bodies and incarnate higher forces of consciousness into your 3rd- dimensional body.

The complexities of metaphysics throughout the Universe and all of the dimensions could fill an infinite number of books. The knowledge that we need now is only what is relevant to us and this life on Earth. What’re important are actual practices to awaken your spiritual senses, clear your energy and consciousness of past conditioning and incarnate higher-dimensional force.

By using the practices found at you will gain knowledge of metaphysics firsthand. You will experience for yourself and know for yourself and therefore you will not need to read numerous books on the subject. However, some knowledge on the various energies, forces, beings and phenomena that affect us


directly can be very useful for your awakening, giving you a ground of information to play with and compare with your experience. For this reason you will find a fair amount of information on metaphysics but please keep in mind that the practices are most important.



While metaphysics refers to the study of multi-dimensional energies, forces and substances, alchemy refers to the use of this knowledge and certain practices designed to transform these energies, forces and substances to achieve a certain goal. Metaphysics and alchemy go hand-in-hand as to study metaphysics you need to begin alchemical processes to awaken your senses to multi-dimensional phenomena and to succeed in Alchemical Transformation you require some metaphysical understanding.

As the average human is currently set up, their subtle senses are in a state where this metaphysical exploration is not really possible. Everyone does have some degree of awakening and subtle sense of the non-physical but with the state of their emotional and mental make up being often very confused and in great conflict and flux, any real study of metaphysics is almost impossible.

The reason for this website is to give those who want alchemical transformation and spiritual awakening a very powerful way to achieve this in the shortest amount of time possible. The tools available here are for people who live in society and who desire to remain as a part of the World during and after their spiritual transformation. The time for running off to the temple to meditate, while renouncing earthly life has passed. In fact progress can be made more quickly and with more solid results by remaining in society. The reason for this is that by running away to meditate, many aspects of the subconscious may remain hidden as the life circumstances that would have provoked them into consciousness are absent and so they may never be cleared and resolved.

Previously it was often necessary for the few who desired real transformation to renounce the World because entering the required states of consciousness did take years of meditation and practice. Now we have Brainwave Entrainment Technology


that can induce the very deep states of meditation required. Also we have the combination of ancient and modern techniques of Regression, Tantric Sex, Inner Power Cultivation and Advanced Alchemical Processes which until very recently were very secret or non-existent. Add to these techniques and technology the huge number of spiritual beings working with us for our spiritual transformation, and you have a time where true spiritual transformation has never been so accessible.

Real alchemical change requires work on all levels of our make up. The techniques here should all be used as each one works on a different aspect of you and your energy. It is essential that all of these areas are worked on. Many other paths offer a way to work on one area and neglect others such as meditation teachers who teach only a way to clear the astral body but neglect the necessity of raising and cultivating sexual energy, transforming the physical and raising its vibration through inner power cultivation, and awakening spiritual vision and sentience, to connect with various angels, guides etc who are necessary to help in clearing and healing your energy as well as building structures to hold connections with higher- dimensional forces and consciousness. The technology used in The Meditation Solution is another important tool that many teachers do not use or advocate. The reality is that while living in the World where life has become very complicated and with the Astral Pollution surrounding us it can be very hard if possible at all, to reach the deep states of consciousness necessary for real transformation to occur. This tool should not be overlooked as it represents the most powerful and easiest way to reach these necessary states with ease.

The information given freely here relates to metaphysics. A basic rundown of the energies and forces that surround us is given so that those who desire to begin on alchemical processes may have an idea of what they are dealing with before they begin. Many who find this site are probably already involved in their own spiritual growth and will have a good idea of these phenomena already. Still it is a good idea to read the information before continuing on to the practices.

Please keep in mind that other authors may use slightly different definitions for certain words and some ideas may differ. This is often due to the fact that the secret teachings were often held by sects that did not converse with each other directly, or the languages used by different cultures to describe these realities were not directly translatable. Therefore, although describing the same thing, different words were


used and ideas differed slightly between groups. Also some groups concentrated more on a particular aspect and were involved with a different group of non-physical beings so they may have a very in depth knowledge in one area but fairly vague understanding in another.

Reading and believing will never get you where you want to be. It is Awakening and Transformation that are required. Only actual experience will give you true understanding. You should not believe one author but read many and combine this knowledge with your experience to create your own understanding. Certainly you may feel more connected with certain authors and its fine to follow your intuition as to which one seems to know what they are talking about or which one makes most sense to you but it is a good idea to keep an open mind all the way.


Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening can refer to quite a few phenomena and there are varying degrees of awakening. It is possible for a person who has done no spiritual work to have a spontaneous awakening. This type of awakening occurs as a result of a raise in consciousness where the individual becomes aware of realities and parts of themselves that were previously hidden from consciousness. This raise in consciousness can be due to things such as reading something of a spiritual nature that reminds the person of something they have forgotten or have been disconnected from. When something is read that resonates with a person’s soul and their higher knowledge, this higher part can be activated and incarnated. For example, some forces which were previously located outside of the body (not yet incarnated) suddenly enter the person’s energy, thereby raising their consciousness and awakening awareness of this new force. This type of spontaneous incarnation of higher energies can occur due to various life circumstances or occurrences that open the person’s current energy to these higher forces.

Another possibility is that as the person grows up their physical and energetic bodies are naturally becoming ready for this incarnation and it was predestined that at a particular time the energies would incarnate. This type of phenomena actually occurs throughout the lifetime and is the reason for the immense changes in consciousness that occur for everybody as they grow up. For those with children this will be very


obvious at the time the child begins speaking. Their is a huge leap from the baby who cannot yet talk to the one that can, and it does not take very much perception to see that a part of the individual that was previously not there has suddenly (maybe over a few day, weeks or months) incarnated. You can actually feel that the weight of the child's energy has increased immensely and now their personality is beginning to bloom.

As well as the incarnation of higher energies in this way, the person’s past-life Samskaras (mental and emotional issues which are a part of the astral body) will begin to incarnate. As the child experiences life there are bound to be many traumas. When a trauma occurs that brings similar feelings to a past life trauma, the negative astral energy associated with the past life will be activated and incarnated into the body. For more information about this please read Astral Substance and The Astral Body. The point here is that both higher Forces of Consciousness as well as negative astral energies incarnate gradually as the child grows up. This incarnation continues for the entire life but for many it slows down immensely at the age of 28. For most people the incarnation of the negative astral energies will have been completed by this time and a solid ego structure formed. For those who do not follow any spiritual practice or meditation technique, their energy will stay much the same after this point. Twenty-eight is said to be the youngest age a person can achieve Enlightenment as before this time the required forces have not yet fully incarnated.

A spontaneous awakening simply means that a part of a person's energy has been awakened or incarnated. This awakening will certainly lead to a leap in consciousness and more spiritual awareness but on its own will not lead to spiritual transformation and incarnation. The energy body of the individual is often left in much the same state and they continue to be enshrouded by the ego. Many people can have an enlightening experience but this doesn’t mean they are Enlightened...a huge awakening and realization yes, but there is still a lot of diligent work to do. Often with an awakening the realization follows that to enjoy higher consciousness and ground your higher aspects is going to require a lot of work to clear all past conditioning and emotional imprints so that the spirit may dwell within the body. In fact, following a spiritual experience there is often a comedown effect. As the higher energies enter the body, the entire energy body's vibration is increased which leads to many subconscious memories and conditioning being dislodged and allowed into


consciousness. This can be quite unpleasant. Generally the greater the experience of awakening, the greater the come-down as more subconscious energies are released into consciousness. These released energies need to be cleared and transformed by spiritual practices but often the individual does not have the knowledge to succeed with this.

Sometimes an individual will have a very powerful awakening that they cannot handle. With little knowledge of what is happening to them, and as it is the ego that is experiencing the raise in consciousness, they may enter into psychosis. The individual is feeling immense power and often feels invincible; they feel like they have reached heaven or Enlightenment and often see visions of things like angels and ascended beings. The ego of these individuals does not understand what is happening and can only do its best to understand the various phenomena that they are experiencing. The ego has been “cracked” and as the ego is based in the material world it denies the existence of the spiritual world and has no way to process the experience. As the raise in vibration also dislodges much subconscious material the confusion increases and they end up in a state of psychosis. This type of occurrence usually only happens to someone whose energy is quite open. The ego is likely to have very weak parts and so the energy body and aura have holes or weak spots. With this type of make up a spontaneous awakening can cause far too much voltage to enter the energy bodies leading to the above scenario.

Another way for this type of experience to occur is through drug abuse. As the drugs continually weaken the person’s energy, opening it up to all kinds of forces as well as raising their vibration and connection to higher energies, the possibility of a large scale awakening is greatly increased. The risk of drugs inducing a psychosis such as this is greatly increased with someone who is young (the ego is not yet solid) or if their make-up is like that described above.

The problems faced by people who have these spontaneous awakenings are quite considerable. As the experience was so great, the comedown is going to be massive, often too much to handle and it can go on for many years. Unfortunately after the experience many of these people are convinced by doctors that they were simply having a psychotic episode, everything they experienced was either an illusion or a delusion and that there is no such thing as spiritual awakening. The remedy is to now sedate them and disconnect them from their energetic and physical bodies with


anti-depressant, anti-psychotic or anti-anxiety drugs. Of course to the doctor, they are simply fixing the chemical balance in the brain and thereby decreasing the discomfort for the individual, making it possible for them to integrate back into society.

Often the individual will now begin the process of trying to reintegrate their ego which has been exposed as a fraud during the psychosis and badly damaged by the high voltages. This is likely to be a very slow process and they will likely feel depressed, anxious and empty for a very long time. They have experienced firsthand some of the euphoria, power and love of their Higher Self and must accept that it was a delusion and that they will not feel it again in this life.

The best outcome of such an experience would be the knowledge that what they experienced was real, although at the time they were unable to handle or understand it, and that to incarnate these higher forces permanently they will need to work very hard with the appropriate spiritual practices. If this is the outcome their chance of permanent spiritual transformation and incarnation is very high.

Spiritual awakening, spiritual transformation and spiritual incarnation are not the same thing. During the process of spiritual transformation, which is achieved through the practices you will find here, you will have numerous spiritual awakenings. These awakenings will inevitably occur and each will lead to permanent change along with greater clearing of past conditioning and greater spiritual incarnation.

To achieve these ends you need to work on all aspects of your being. The information available here describes many of these aspects, the various energies and forces that make you up and what needs to be transformed. The practices available are for those who want spiritual experiences, awakening and transformation NOW.

Note: The risk of an awakening as described above is very low as you will be strengthening your energy at the same time as awakening and you will have the knowledge and practices needed. I have described the above scenario to give you a greater understanding of various phenomena and also for those who have experienced these things directly. These people are in need of real practices that work.


Material Forces

As briefly described under Metaphysics there are many dimensions of reality. Material Forces come from the lower dimensions below the 1st and Forces Of Consciousness come from above the 9th. In the 9 physical dimensions the Forces Of Consciousness have used the Material Forces from below the 1st to create form.

The 1st dimension is the lowest of the 9 physical dimensions and is where physical substance is at its densest. As we move up to the 9th dimension the physical substances become progressively lighter and have a higher vibration. The 3rd is where we are now and is quite a dense dimension with a low vibration. Much of the 3rd dimension is not inhabited like it is on Earth as the environments on many of the planets here are not hospitable. There are other beings on far away planets that are both similar to us and very different who do live in the 3rd dimension.

The 2nd dimension is less inhabited than the 3rd but does have certain hospitable areas where civilizations and various beings reside. The 1st dimension is almost completely uninhabited by beings as we know them. It is however, vital in giving the rest of the physical dimensions a ground.

The dimensions below the 1st are not physical dimensions like the one we live in. These lower dimensions contain the Material Forces that are used to create the physical dimensions. They contain various forces of creation or materialism with each dimension containing different forces and energies. These forces are ready to be used by the various Creators throughout the Universes and beyond in the creation of anything physical. These Creators are part of the Forces Of Consciousness.

The lower centers of energy within the energy body, including the Base Chakra, the Sex Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra are connected to these lower dimensions. There is also a Column of metaphysical substance that extends from the Base Chakra all the way down through the lowest dimensions to the Source. As previously


described the Material Forces and the Forces Of Consciousness both come from the same Source of Oneness or Unity often called the Void.

Experientially the Column actually goes down, through the Earth but into lower dimensions. While meditating you can actually travel down this column with your consciousness and explore these dimensions for yourself. Of course for most people the Column is quite blocked as are the lower chakras which will make it impossible to take your consciousness down. After you have cleared enough emotional and energetic turmoil in your lower centers you will be able to descend and explore.

Besides being connected to these lower dimensions through the inter-dimensional gateways of the lower chakras, the Hara and the Column, our physical and etheric/chi bodies are actually made up of the energies and forces from below. The chakras and Column feed the physical and energy bodies with the necessary forces for their survival. If the chakras are blocked then the health of the organism will diminish as will conscious contact with the lower dimensions.

Although there are many dimensions below and there are many forces and energies in these dimensions there are four main ones that relate to life on Earth and to our spiritual awakening. These include ‘chi’, ‘ching’, ‘jing’ and ‘kundalini’. These will be briefly described. The Column, chakras and Hara also relate to these forces so the sections on these will expand your knowledge.


Chi/ Etheric

Chi is the life force energy that permeates the physical body and gives us life. We receive chi from air, food, water, and the sun. The chi received from these sources is digested by our etheric body (chi body) and then becomes a part of our life-force chi. The life-force chi circulates through the system of meridians or channels which permeate the body.

The organs all have an energetic reservoir which holds and supports them. If you lose a physical organ you will still have this energetic part which will continue to function on the chi level, although often not as well as if the physical organ was still there. The organ reservoirs transform the life-force chi into the type of chi that the particular organ needs. For example liver chi is different to kidney chi. The system of


meridians takes the various organ chi and circulates it throughout the energy body to wherever it is needed. The organ chi is still very similar in form to life-force chi and is constantly changing as it runs through the body. If an organ is low on energy or there are blockages preventing the flow, the organ will suffer, becoming weak and susceptible to disease. If this happens then the meridians that rely on this organ’s chi flow will also become weak or blocked. This will lead to various physical symptoms related to the meridians and their flow. As the whole system is connected and chi is continually moving and transforming this will inevitably affect all other areas of the energy body. Acupuncture is based on this system and works by adjusting the flow of chi through the effected meridians.

Note: I do not want to create confusion but I would like you to understand something here. There are astral forces which interact with chi. The chi of a grapefruit is different from the chi of a watermelon because they interact with different astral forces. They are still life-force chi and are both digested by the chi body when eaten. Similarly the organs have different types of life-force chi because of the astral forces they interact with. For instance the liver resonates with the Jupiter astral force and the kidney with Venus. It is the interaction with the astral force that makes the chi slightly different by changing its vibration.

The belly is the storehouse of life force chi and can hold a huge amount for use by any part of the body. The intestines are like a coil that can absorb many types of chi, mix it and store it. The chi stored in the belly is basically chi that may be used anywhere in the system where it is easily transformed into the type of chi needed. For example if the liver is weak and the liver chi has become stagnant, instead of using acupuncture we may consciously send chi from the belly to the liver which will get the stagnant liver chi moving and therefore revitalize the liver and all meridians running through it.

Chi can be felt quite easily as it is fairly close to physical substance. It can be felt as a kind of buzzing or tingling feeling or just the feeling of energy.


Ching/ Sexual Energy

Ching is sexual energy which is produced and stored in the testicles or ovaries. It is a synthesis of all other types of chi as all of the organs and glands, including the brain, give some of their chi to the reproductive organs for the production of sexual energy. The testicles/ovaries are unique in that if you lose the physical organs you cannot create ching; it is a very special energy that requires the physical organs for its production.

The production of this highly refined energy is very taxing on the energy body as it takes a large amount of organs, glands, brain and life force chi to produce just a small amount of ching. Thirty to forty percent of your daily chi energy goes into the production of sexual energy and this energy is then put to use in the production of sperm or eggs (the eggs are already there from the female’s birth but a massive amount of ching goes into the eggs that are becoming ready to be released through the menstrual cycle. These eggs are brought to fruition and made ready for fertilization through their interaction with the ching). Sperm and eggs are overflowing with ching. It is the substance that can recreate life, a fully potent creative energy. Our bodies are basically factories for the production of this vital power.

Ching is far denser than life-force chi or the various organs and glands’ chi and has a much stronger vibration. In fact everyone has felt this energy as it is so dense and has such a strong vibration. When you have an orgasm, the sensations you feel are simply the release of ching from the testicles or ovaries. The ching is so dense and strongly vibrating that your physical nerve endings are stimulated by it and this is where the orgasmic feelings come from. When the ching is aroused, which is basically whenever you are sexually aroused, it expands enormously and begins to vibrate more strongly. Most people have some serious energetic blockages in the lower abdomen, anus, genitals and perineum so the ching (sexual energy) cannot rise up the body and is restricted to these lower areas. Because of this the pressure can build very quickly and then it must be released. In men the release of this pressure comes through ejaculation where the ching, along with the sperm, is released into the Universe. In females the built-up pressure is released through orgasm also but for them the ching is simply released into the genitals and the


surrounding areas and does not leave the body. For this reason they do not lose nearly as much ching through orgasm as men.

So the orgasmic feelings are caused by the aroused and expanding ching being released and therefore stimulating the physical nerve-endings of the genital region. For a male this release means that the vital ching is lost and now more must be produced which is very taxing on the chi body and in turn the physical body. For women it is menstruation that expels sexual energy into the Universe. The lost eggs, uterine lining and blood are overflowing with ching.

Ching is basically a highly refined, super potent form of chi which we have all felt in the form of orgasm. It can be easily assimilated, transformed and used by any part of the energy body and is the greatest nutrient available, especially for the brain. It can rejuvenate the brain like nothing else and bring superior health, strength and vitality to the entire body.

For a male, if he was to stop ejaculating his vital ching into the Universe and to instead draw it into his body, cultivate it and transform it he may find an orgasm that fills his entire body, stimulating all nerve endings, organs, glands and brain which can go on, in pulsating bursts, for as long as he wishes. Similarly females may experience this bliss through stopping the loss of ching through menstruation by drawing the energy out of the ovaries. This will firstly reduce the amount of energy lost in the evacuated eggs and eventually can even reduce the physical period in length and flow until stopping menstruation completely. This is reversible by simply discontinuing the practice and if you instead draw chi into the ovaries you will be producing extremely healthy eggs, which you would not have otherwise been capable of.

Ching or sexual energy is extremely important when it comes to spiritual awakening and inner alchemy. Trying to raise and strengthen your energetic vibration and consciousness to higher levels can be sped up enormously by cultivating sexual energy and must not be neglected if you desire real spiritual transformation. If you continue to expel your ching into the Universe your progress will be slow and arduous. Tantric sex techniques for raising, transforming and cultivating sexual energy are essential and can be found at



Jing is a more elusive type of energy and is not simply produced by the refinement and transformation of chi energy. It is much harder to feel and direct as it is basically what holds you together. More than energy, it is better described as a force. It is the foundation for life, a primordial force that animates life in the first place, the glue that holds your cells together. It regulates growth and form in the same way as DNA but it is not DNA. It is actually the force that holds DNA together; you could call it DNA chi. Jing is found throughout your entire body holding you together, regulating growth and also the flow of chi and production of ching.

You are born with a finite amount of jing which is stored in the kidneys. It is burned up through life itself and as the jing throughout the body is used up you begin to draw on the stores in the kidneys. When these are all gone it will lead to weakness, disease and eventually death. Excesses such as drug use and high stress will deplete the jing faster while inner power martial arts methods combined with tantric sex, or other specific etheric exercises can strengthen it and make it last much longer. By doing such exercises the jing is not only strengthened but the rest of the body becomes strong and healthy so there are less unnecessary loads on the jing.

Jing is used in the production of sperm and eggs but is not simply a part of the sexual energy. It is another level of substance altogether and without it the sperm and eggs would be infertile. Since we only have a finite amount of jing, every time a male ejaculates or a female menstruates some of their jing is lost forever. This is the reason that fertility decreases so dramatically as women age. Also the rate of Down’s Syndrome babies born increases from (1 / 1500 at the age of 25) to (1 / 32 at age 45). The jing is vital for babies as it is this that gives the base of primordial substance for their growth. When a woman has an already-depleted store of jing, less is given to the egg as the woman’s body needs it for her own survival. The same goes for the man accept that each sperm may still have the same amount of jing, but he will produce less of them. Therefore the age of the father is not nearly as important.

When the jing of the two parents combines, it causes an implosion into the lowest material dimensions allowing a massive expansion of the combined jing.


Being a primordial substance means that the jing can actually expand enormously by reconnecting with the primordial source from whence it came. At the moment of conception this occurs, therefore expanding the jing given by the parents enormously (only a tiny amount of the mother and father’s jing is given in the sperm and egg so it must expand to give the baby a full store of its own jing). This will never happen again for the given life and this original amount of jing created at conception will last for the whole lifetime. It can then only be strengthened and stored, or expelled and exhausted.

The lower dimensions are the background of all matter in the physical dimensions and hold all things together. It is the ultimate yin energy being totally passive and ready to be formed into anything. It is important to realize that the expansion of jing at conception is an expansion of the combined jing of the sperm and egg. If the jing of either of these is weak or depleted then the expansion will not be as complete and so the life form created will not be as strong and healthy. (Down’s Syndrome is a problem with the DNA and is actually caused by weak jing as this is the force which animates DNA and holds it together).

Jing is extremely precious and should be looked after to the utmost. By strengthening the jing your physical body can become amazingly strong and vitalized. A long and disease-free life can be had with energy to do with as you wish. Your creative powers will not diminish and your brain will stay vigilant to the end. gives some important practices for strengthening the jing and also shows how to use the power it can make available. Smashing large river stones with a light slap of the bare hand is just one demonstration of the possible powers of the cultivated jing. In the martial arts chi may be sent into an opponent causing damage to the chi body but to cause internal physical damage or to damage physical objects it is the jing that is used. Jing is the force that can smash material by splitting the actual force that holds that object together. When this is done you do not lose any jing at all. If you were to send chi into an opponent you would lose this chi. When jing is used in the martial arts, your jing simply smashes the jing of the object or opponent.

Another interesting point is that of morning sickness in newly-pregnant women. On a metaphysical level it is caused by the sudden huge expansion of jing in the new life form. As it is inside the mother this force will play havoc with the organs, especially


in her sleep when her body is relaxed. Similarly the glowing radiant skin of pregnant women which most people have witnessed is due to the enhanced jing. After giving birth it is not surprising that many mothers suffer from postnatal depression as they suddenly lose the large amount of jing that was in their belly.



There are two types of kundalini which both come from lower dimensions. These are Earth Kundalini and Body Kundalini.

Earth Kundalini

Earth Kundalini comes from the core of the earth which is actually a large iron crystal. This crystal is like an interdimensional gateway which goes into a lower dimension. This dimension contains the kundalini force which is infinite and is the ultimate nurturing force of all material creation. This force travels upwards from the iron core crystal and enters the human body at the perineum, the location of the Base Chakra. When the Base Chakra is activated and all associated issues have been cleared it becomes possible for this force to enter the body and travel straight up through the middle of the body and out the top of the head. It passes through all the chakras on its way through and fully activates them.

If the Base Chakra is blocked and not properly activated, the kundalini will not be activated at the iron core crystal and will not connect with the Base Chakra located at the perineum. The Base Chakra and the iron core crystal work together and some esoteric schools actually say that the core crystal is the true location of the base chakra. From my perspective the base chakra and the iron core crystal are distinct structures although they do operate in unison while incarnated on Earth. The Earth Kundalini remains almost entirely dormant for most humans as it is cut off from us when we are still very young. The formation of the earthly ego and personality, the many emotional blockages and sexual issues and the reactivation of past life traumas stop the flow of the kundalini at a young age.


Body Kundalini

While the Earth Kundalini travels from the middle of the earth up through the perineum and straight through the middle of the body and out the top of the head the Body Kundalini begins at the base of the spine and travels up the spine and out the top of the head. They are two distinct channels and the forces themselves are slightly different. The Body Kundalini comes from a chakra-like structure which is located at the base of the spine and which needs to be activated to create a gateway into the lower dimension from where the kundalini comes.

If either Earth or Body Kundalini is successfully activated before the energy body has been cleared and prepared the force would blast through the system finding the easiest way out. Blockages could send it in any direction which could cause serious burning out of the energy body along with the possible burning and damage to organs. Even more serious it could do damage to the physical structure including the spine and the brain. Insanity could easily take place as the force rushes into the head, which may still be full of negative beliefs and illusions. As the Third Eye is forced open the individual would suddenly be confronted by an array of perceptions that would fast become uncontrollable and they would have serious trouble closing the eye.

The above scenario has occurred numerous times to ascetics and spiritual practitioners in the past as well as spontaneously to many hospitalized psychotics and schizophrenics.

However, if the system is ready for kundalini then all the chakras would be fully activated and the crown would open for higher consciousness to descend into the body. This would be the culmination of the spiritual work of an individual and lead to a true spiritual incarnation. Many amazing powers would be awakened including powers of healing, clairvoyance, clairsentience, powers over nature, in particular over snakes, powers of creation and creativity, and many others.

Kundalini cannot be held, stored or strengthened but must be allowed to move. It is an infinite force from very low dimensions that nurtures the body, mind and spirit like nothing else. To overcome the fear of death, and therefore the ego’s most basic root, the kundalini must be awakened and without this the spirit cannot dwell within.


For more information on kundalini activation please see

Forces of Consciousness

Forces of Consciousness come from the dimensions above the 9th. The chakras all connect to various higher dimensions creating a vortex which allows for the incarnation of these higher forces. Just as the Column extends below the body from the Base Chakra through the lower dimensions, it also extends above your head from the Crown Chakra all the way up through all the higher dimensions to the Source. It is one column that goes through the body but it is blocked at the Base Chakra and the Crown Chakra in normal humans. If it was not blocked, the forces from below would ascend through the body and out the top of the head and the forces from above would descend through the crown and into the body. Actually this is occurring to some extent in us all but the flows are often very blocked.

It is possible to explore the higher dimensions by either going into the chakras or by ascending your consciousness upwards through the Column. Of course before energetic and emotional blockages have been cleared it is not quite that simple.

The highest dimensions are ones of pure consciousness and these dimensions seem almost completely clear and devoid of any light or color. There are individual beings here so there is differentiation but the consciousnesses are very clear and are very much a part of the consciousness of the dimension itself. The vibration is so high here that light cannot exist but only consciousness itself. Below these dimensions there are many dimensions of light with different colors and frequencies and in all of these there are many beings. These beings live in a dimension of light and they have a Light Body. Just like we are living in the third dimension and have a 3rd dimensional body, these beings live in light and their bodies are made of light.

As the higher (above 9) dimensions get closer to the 9th the light becomes somewhat denser until it becomes what is called ‘Astral Substance’. Astral Substance is still light but it is denser and its vibration is much slower than the light in the higher dimensions. Astral Substance is what incarnates into matter. As matter is


vibrating slowly, consciousness must gradually slow its vibration by entering light and then Astral Substance before incarnating into the physical world.

As the human is a part of a much larger being which has parts of itself in many different dimensions it is possible for the human to become aware of these other parts during meditation. By taking your consciousness upwards through the Column you may become aware of yourself in higher dimensions. The higher you go up the Column, the higher the dimension you will become aware of. The chakras each connect with other dimensions which contain parts of you. By clearing and awakening your chakras you make it possible to bring the Forces of Consciousness from their respective dimensions into your body for use in the physical world. The goal of the spiritual practices and alchemical processes here is to clear your subtle bodies, and activate your energy centers to incarnate these higher dimensions of yourself into the physical world. When this is done you can experience your higher dimensional aspects while in ordinary consciousness and not only while in a deep meditative state or while taking your consciousness up the Column.

Some of the different forces will now be described, including ‘Astral Substance’, ‘ka’ (light) and ‘spirit’.


Astral Substance

Astral Substance is what makes up your astral body. Before incarnating into the physical body, the consciousness of the descending soul passes through the astral layers around Earth and collects various astral forces to build the astral body that will be used as a vehicle to incarnate into matter. The specific astral forces collected depend on the soul itself and its chosen life on Earth.

The Astral Substances or forces around Earth come from the surrounding planets. The planets are the physical bodies of some very large beings that have incarnated as planets. These beings have an astral body which is an expression of them in Astral Substance.

As stated earlier, consciousness expresses itself through various dimensions of light with Astral Substance being the lowest dimension of this light. While the light of the higher dimensions vibrates very fast, the astral light has been slowed down


significantly so that the consciousness from the highest dimensions may incarnate into matter which vibrates slower. The dimensions of light come from the higher dimensions of consciousness and so this light is an actual expression of the higher consciousness (it’s just a slower vibration).

Earth is situated with surrounding planets which all have an astral body which is an expression of the being that has incarnated into the planet. These beings are sometimes called gods and the Ancient Greek, Roman and Hindu mythologies of the gods do well in depicting their personalities and interactions. As the human’s astral body is made up of the Astral Substance from each of these so-called gods, the interactions occur both within the individual human and between individuals and groups. The human-being collects Astral Substance from these so-called gods on the way through the lower dimensions of Astral Substance before incarnation. Depending on the positions of the planets in relation to Earth and each other the Astral Substances acquired will differ and hence the science of the horoscope.

So a consciousness (spirit) which has a high dimensional light body gradually descends into lower vibrations and gathers Astral Substance around the light body and then incarnates into the physical and energy bodies of the baby. The actual incarnation occurs at birth as this is when the being is brought into the 3rd dimension. During the pregnancy the spirit has a connection to the fetus and so is partially incarnated but its main substance is waiting in the higher dimensions. It is when the baby is born that the spirit has really begun its incarnation into the 3rd dimension. Although birth is indeed the beginning of the incarnated life it takes time for the various Astral Substances, light and consciousness to merge with the physical body. It takes a normal person about 28 years to incarnate all of the astral energies they have brought with them. In fact the incarnation process does keep on going for the entire life but it seems that 28 is the critical point. Before 28 years is reached it is almost impossible for a being to have incarnated all that it has intended to.

The spirit does not incarnate all of itself into the 3rd dimension and much of its higher energies and substance stay in the higher dimensions. The higher selves of all individuals reside in these higher dimensions and will never incarnate during earthly life. An exception to this rule is for the spiritual seekers who spend many years meditating, purifying and incarnating higher energies. In the past these beings have been few and far between because the purpose of life on earth has not been to


incarnate these parts. Earth has had a very specific purpose which will be explained in detail in A New Mythology. Now however this purpose has been fulfilled and many are joining these spiritual seekers to raise the consciousness of the planet and to actually raise humanity into the 4th dimension. This is the reason for these websites and many other writings and spiritual teachings which have become available in the last 10-20 years.

When the baby is born, the astral body is very clear as the substances which make it up have come straight from the higher/more pure astral layers. The Astral Substances have characteristics as they are an expression of the beings which they belong to. The consciousness and higher-dimensional Light Body which has incarnated is therefore experienced through this astral body. If you shine a light through a colored lens, the light that comes out and is experienced on the other side is distorted by this lens as the color has been changed. This is how the baby experiences its higher light, through the astral body. It is still very clear and the higher light is still very clearly experienced albeit through the lens of the astral body. All the innocence, love and positive virtues of a baby are a result of the higher light shining through the astral body and into the 3rd dimension. The more specific personality characteristics are a result of the Astral Substances which make up the astral body. So the personality of the baby is a mixture of its Higher Self and the astral body (horoscope) as well as the instincts that are a part of the physical body and the forces from lower dimensions.

The Higher Self of the baby is an extremely sensitive and loving being. It has come from a place of absolute love, safety, wisdom, intelligence and sensitivity. Life on Earth is very different to the place of its origin. As soon as it is born a huge disconnection from its home occurs, leading to immense heartbreak, fear and need of nurturance. When the being feels nurtured and secure you can clearly see the higher aspects of its spirit. When it does not feel these things from its environment you will clearly see the pain and grief that the baby feels. Whenever this pain is felt by the baby the disconnection from the spirit’s essence (home) is increasing. The only treatment for this pain is for the astral body of the infant to begin to crystallize to shut out the pain which in effect shuts out the higher energies as well. When the baby was first born the astral body was like a colored lens but as parts begin to crystallize its like putting scratches on the lens which further distorts and blocks out the higher light. This is the formation of the ego. Every time the baby feels


unpleasant emotions the astral body crystallizes further to block out the pain. Eventually the astral body has become a crystallized structure which successfully blocks out the pain of the spirit’s disconnection from its source.

Once the astral body has become crystallized to this point it is a fully fledged ego structure. This structure reacts to the World depending on its inherent astral forces or horoscope and the way its structure was formed as everything that is experienced becomes shadowed by emotional traumas and conditioning. The more emotional pain felt by the individual and the less nurturance, security and love received during infancy the more crystallized will be the ego structure and therefore the more distorted and blocked the incoming higher light from the Higher Self.

The astral body incarnates into the physical body through the chi body and the ‘chitta’ (explained later under Chitta) which are both greatly involved with the CNS (Central Nervous System) which includes the brain, spinal cord and all nerves running throughout the body. You feel emotions throughout the body because of this interaction. Your Heart Chakra is in the middle of your chest (within the Light Body); the emotions felt here in the astral body transfer into the chi/etheric body and then into the physical body through the nerves. When you feel broken-hearted you feel physical pain in the area even though the emotion is located in the astral body because of this interaction. The structure in the astral body can be seen and felt in the physical body as tension because the crystallized astral grasps the etheric which in turn affects the nerves in the area. The ego structure in the astral body always effects the flow of etheric/chi energy which in turn causes stress/tension in the physical body which leads to poor health, weakness and rapid aging of the physical body.

In ordinary individuals the ego structure created during infancy remains until death, being the base of personality through which life is experienced. At death the astral body leaves the physical and etheric bodies and begins to rise into higher dimensions. As this occurs the crystallized parts shatter under the pressure of higher vibration. Much of the shattered astral body goes back to where it came from and becomes as it was before the incarnation but some very crystallized chunks remain intact and stay on earth where they become etheric/astral parasites. This will be covered in detail under Entities.


Once the astral body has shattered the parts of the higher consciousness and light of the being that incarnated will go back to the higher dimensions from where they came. The spirit will see clearly once again, remember who and what it is and realize that the life it just lived was but a tiny (but very meaningful) experience on its journey throughout the Universe.


(Ka) Light

Ka is basically light from the higher dimensions. Above the dimensions of Astral Substance there are many dimensions of light. The light at the highest dimensions has the fastest vibration and is the brightest and as we come down in dimension the light becomes less bright until we reach Astral Substance which is the least bright but much more dense. The main difference between ka and Astral Substance, although they are both essentially light, is that Astral Substance has a density which allows it to crystallize, and crystallized Astral Substance tends to block and distort the light. The ka cannot crystallize like Astral Substance as it is vibrating too fast. Anything in the dimensions of ka is an expression of the consciousness that created it.

We all have Light Bodies which are made of the light from these higher dimensions. While in your light body you are in touch with your true self and most essential nature as it has not been distorted by the lens of the astral body or the physical body. You know who and what you are and are at one with the Universe. You can travel to almost any dimension in your light body.

We all have this Light Body so where is it? It is waiting for you for when you leave your physical body. When you die and your astral body shatters, the consciousness and light that you incarnated during the life will remerge with the rest of your light body. At this point all veils will be gone and you will remember everything. What is important to understand is that there is a Light Body along with many of your higher selves waiting for you after each life and you will remerge with these parts. I say many higher selves because there is more than one level of your Higher Self. While on Earth you could become aware of your Higher Self and even partially incarnate it. You would then realize that there is still another Higher Self than this one and so on.


You have higher selves in many dimensions with many different perspectives and views of the Universe and even of your life here on earth.

Most people when referring to the Higher Self are talking about the lowest one. I would like to clarify that by higher I do not mean better. All of creation is equal, nothing more holy than anything else. Higher just refers to the dimension where the consciousness resides. The higher the dimension, the more expansive the consciousness, the larger the view and the greater the powers of vision, knowledge, wisdom and love. Your own Higher Self in the very high dimensions is nothing short of a god. It has many parts of itself incarnated all over the Universe, including you. Well if you go high enough you'll probably find that there is only one Higher Self at the top and it is all that is. The point here is that the parts of yourself that you are aware of are only a tiny portion of who you really are.

The work of spiritual transformation and incarnation is basically the clearing of what is not you (astral crystallization or ego structure) and the incarnation of more and more of your self (higher dimensional forces of light and consciousness). Another important part is the strengthening of the physical and etheric body’s vibration. For your body to be able to incarnate higher forces the physical vibration must be increased. The raising of sexual energy is essential here along with the clearing of the meridian system.

Back to the ka; quite simply ka is higher-dimensional light. The body of light is somewhat like the astral body in that it contains different types of light which are mixed in together. The mixture is determined by your spirit (higher consciousness) and is put together in accordance with what the spirit wants to do. Just like choosing the astral mixture before incarnating on Earth your spirit chose a mixture of light in the formation of its light body. This Light Body was formed for the spirit's purposes in this Universe. I will talk about spirit further in the next section.

The light body includes the chakras, Column and the MerKaBa along with other structures of light which will be described later. The Light Body is partly here and incarnated but it is very blocked and is not functioning properly which leads to the state of consciousness of the normal individual. Because of the way we have incarnated into such dense matter, the dualistic nature of the 3rd dimension and the purposes for which we have done this, our bodies are all out-of-whack. In a nutshell


the goal is to purify the astral layer, clear and raise the vibration of the etheric and physical bodies, incarnate more of the light body and get its structures and energy centers balanced and functioning properly. Through this the spirit is able to incarnate into matter.


The original differentiation from the void or absolute into Forces of Consciousness and Material Forces was the beginning of spirit. The Forces of Consciousness begin as pure spirit. This can be seen as the highest dimension before the void. It is a dimension of pure consciousness. There is no light or material but only clear consciousness. What there is however is movement and the beginning of differentiation. While in the void there is no movement and no differentiation but as soon as the division into consciousness and material takes place, movement begins. The Material Forces become a fertile chaos waiting to be formed by consciousness and consciousness gains the movement of desire. Without the balance of the void, consciousness immediately desires to create and is full of inspiration.

So at the highest dimension there is conscious movement and an impulse to create. The consciousness here begins to differentiate between different impulses and this can be seen as the beginning of individual spirits. The next levels of dimensions are still a clear consciousness but movement is increasing along with differentiation along the lines of impulse. This differentiation into individual spirits is the birth of creators. These creators all receive their impulse to create from the highest dimension of one spirit but they are in a dimension where they are individuals (although still experiencing oneness). These creators first create the dimensions of light which literally come from their own consciousness. Within these dimensions of light each creator differentiates into many beings that again have more specific purposes and impulses. Every being created is also a creator but the powers, responsibilities and impulses change as lower dimensions are created. This type of differentiation occurs all the way down to the dimensions of dense Astral Substance.

Humans and all other sentient life are a part of this creation. We are impulsed from the dimensions above and receive all of our consciousness, power, love and wisdom from the creators above. We too are creators and our impulse is to incarnate into


matter and create within it. The only way for consciousness to create with the Material Forces from the dimensions below, is to enter into it. The incarnation of spirit into matter is the way the entire Universe is created. Everything in the Universe has a consciousness associated with it. All the planets are conscious beings incarnating into matter. They each form the Material Forces around themselves to create whatever it is they desire. All incarnating beings are simply the part of a larger being that is merging with the forces from below. In nearly the entire Universe, for anyone who has incarnated into anything, they remain aware of their higher parts and are truly multi-dimensional beings. They are aware of the many dimensions around them and of their higher and lower parts, and of the oneness of all that is. They are aware of their source as well as the universes around them. They are aware of their spirit which is nothing less than a part of the Great Spirit at the highest dimension. All spirits are a differentiation of this one spirit, as is yours and every other life form's.

Humans are different. We have come to Earth with a very specific purpose which required a disconnection from our own spirit and a veiling of our higher and lower aspects. Our memory of where we come from, whom and what we are and the metaphysical nature of ourselves is disconnected and we are left in a state of isolation from the oneness of the Universe. The reasons for this will be explained in A New Mythology. For now it is important to understand that we are not in a natural state of being but have joined in an experiment which has made us what we are for a very specific purpose. We have been cut off from our own powers of creation and we did choose to do this. Fortunately we have come to the end of this experiment and its time to clean up and reconnect. The veils are being lifted and the techniques and knowledge available here and from many other authors are becoming available now because the time has come to remember who we are and our true purpose.

Spiritual awakening, transformation and incarnation have never been so accessible, fast and easy. You will become aware of your own spirit very soon and the need to read about these things will disappear as you begin to experience and remember for yourself.



All the universes and beings within them are made up of structures of light and energy. Nothing is created without structure and the same goes for human beings. The highest dimensions of pure consciousness do not have structure but are made of pure consciousness impulsed to create. All the dimensions of light are created by the structuring of this light. The lowest dimensions are ones of fertile chaos; all forces required to form the material dimensions are within these lowest dimensions but there is no structure at all. The forces are in complete chaos, ready to be formed by the structures created by the Forces of Consciousness. All physical structure begins as an idea or impulse within the higher dimensions of consciousness which is then imposed upon the forces of material in the lowest dimensions to create form.

The physical world is clearly made up of structure. Our bodies are formed by the idea found in our own DNA. The entire structure is present long before the body has been formed. The same goes for the metaphysical and multi-dimensional aspects of the human being. The light body, the astral body, the etheric, the chitta and the chakras are just a few of the structures that make us up. As physics is the study of physical structures and the laws of physical forces, metaphysics is the study of non-physical, multi-dimensional structures and the laws and forces that hold them together.

What we are concerned with here are some of the metaphysical structures found in the human being which are vital for our spiritual transformation. A brief understanding of these structures will help you enormously with your work on Inner Alchemy.


Chi/Etheric Body

The etheric body is made up of chi and forms a structure of meridians throughout the body. These meridians run through all the major organs, glands, nerves and energy centers. This system of etheric energy permeates the physical body, supporting and sustaining it.


All life forms including plants and animals have an etheric body. Nothing physical can be alive without the etheric body as it feeds the physical with energy which is vital for its health and survival. Astral forces interact with the etheric layer and thereby transform basic life-force chi into many other types. The astral actually grasps the etheric and this is how it incarnates and creates with the physical substances.

To explain how the interaction works I would like to talk about weeds and plants. Weeds, like all other life forms, have an etheric body. However, they have very little interaction with astral forces and this is the reason for their rapid growth. Without astral forces grasping the etheric of weeds their life force energy is allowed to expand easily. If unhindered they will grow and grow, taking over an entire area. Plants are different in that they have more interaction with astral forces. They do not have an astral body as such but there are astral beings like fairies or nature spirits that are involved with their growth. A fairy has an astral body but does not have an etheric or physical body. They do not incarnate like humans and animals but do interact with the etheric and physical planes. By the interaction of the fairies’ astrality with plants, the growth of the plants is slowed. The life-force chi is transformed by the interaction with the specific astral forces creating a different kind of chi specific to the particular plant. Flowers are a result of this astral interaction along with slower growth and a specific type of chi energy. This is the reason for plants having healing properties that may not be explainable through the actual physics of the plant. There may seem to be no interaction on a physical level but the chi of the plant can affect the chi of a person, which leads to healing. Understanding the astral forces and resulting chi energy of plants is where healers and medicine men of various tribes and civilizations gained their knowledge. It was not a trial-and- error science but one of feeling the essence of a plant and knowing what it may be used for.

This interaction between the astral and etheric is the same in humans and animals. The main difference is that humans and animals have their own astral body whereas plants receive astral forces from fairies and other beings as well as the astral fields surrounding the planet. A human’s astral body concentrates certain astral forces in various places throughout the body with the organs and glands being the main locations. By the interaction in these areas the chi is transformed into organs and glands chi which is then circulated throughout the meridian system. The health of the astral body directly relates to the health of the etheric body which in turn affects the


physical body. If any channels are blocked or there is poor circulation of chi the physical will suffer as well as the astral/mental and emotional state of the person. All disease and weakness of immunity comes down to the health and strength of the etheric body.

So basically you have a body of energy that permeates the physical body, giving it sustenance, health and vitality, without which the physical body could not be alive. All etheric energy comes from the lower dimensions.

The strengthening and clearing of blockages in the meridian system is extremely important for spiritual growth. Tantric sex techniques are vital in increasing the vibration of the etheric and with proper techniques is the most powerful way available to give it strength and vitality.


The Hara

Note: The Hara is sometimes called a chakra in certain metaphysical schools. Although similar to a chakra, the hara is fundamentally different, it's in a league of its own.

The Hara is located at the navel, about two inches inwards from the skin. It is the gateway into the etheric envelope surrounding the planet. This portal is called the Hara by the Taoists and is very often referred to in martial arts. Hara means ‘sea of energy’ and this is exactly what it is. The etheric envelope is like an infinite ocean of energy. It is no coincidence that as a fetus you were fed through the navel. In fact you could still feed (on energy) through the Hara if you were to open all energetic blockages in the belly.

When the umbilical cord was cut when you were first born you suffered a trauma due to the physical pain which caused your etheric body to close at this point. The physical body closed from the outside as the skin healed together forming the belly button and at the same time the etheric body closed from within, cutting off your connection to the Hara. The Hara is a gateway, opening into the planets’ etheric. It is a passive portal and does not force anything into you. To gain energy from the Hara it must be sucked out, so to speak. For example: as a fetus you were drawing


nutrients through the umbilical cord and at the same time drawing energy through the Hara. When the umbilical cord was cut you stopped drawing nutrients through the navel and also stopped drawing energy through the Hara. Because you stopped actively drawing energy through the Hara and because of the physical and emotional trauma, the energies around the Hara quickly closed over. As Samskaras formed and your energy bodies became more chaotic with age, the Hara was buried deeper still, cutting you off from its powers.

The Hara is the center of the etheric or chi body. It is about an inch in diameter and is the gateway into the ocean of chi. Around the Hara and with it as the center there is an envelope of energy called the ‘tan tien’. This tan tien is a ball of etheric energy about the size of a soccer ball. It is filled from the Hara and is often called ‘the cauldron’ in Taoist alchemical texts. This ball of energy interacts with all the organs and especially the intestines as it is where food is turned into energy. Energy is taken from the food and mixed in the tan tien or cauldron before being distributed throughout the body. Having the Hara open and a full tan tien is vital for real health and vitality. Unfortunately most people have many Samskaras and energetic blockages in this area and the fullness that should be felt in the tan tien is absent. This is the main cause of many addictions especially to food. Constantly eating and overeating are an attempt to feel full despite a blocked Hara and empty tan tien.

The Hara and tan tien are very important for the work of Inner Alchemy and especially with the work of Tantric Sex and Inner Power Cultivation. By following the tantric sex practices in Tantric Secrets you will quickly open the Hara and become aware of your tan tien.


Astral Body/ Emotional Body

The astral body is made up of astral forces and as discussed earlier it is gathered before each incarnation and will be different each time. When incarnating into the etheric body various astral forces are attracted to certain parts of the physical body. The organs each attract a certain astral force so depending on the astral body's makeup the organs will receive differing amounts of required astrality. For example: if the incarnating astral body has an abundance of Venus astral force, the kidneys will be overflowing and so they are likely to be very strong. As the Venus force goes


into the kidneys, the chi there will be transformed into kidney chi and will likely flow strongly throughout the meridians. If this astral body has very little Mars force the stomach will be weaker and so less Mars chi will be created to flow through the meridians. While young, the strong kidneys will likely be helping the weak stomach as it will draw energy from the kidneys to function properly, but as this person gets older, if no strengthening has been done, it will eventually put a strain on the kidneys and all other systems.

As the meridians are flowing with an excess of Venus and lack of Mars force they will become out of balance with some having very little flow and others very strong. As these two forces also relate to all the others, they will all be affected, leading to greater unbalance. The physical body will be affected by this unbalance leading to weakness in some areas and most definitely poor posture. Your mental and emotional aspects are situated in the astral body so any unbalance here will also show up in your psychology. The astral body is the main hindrance to spiritual awakening and is the most important body to be cleared before higher forces can be incarnated. If you have poor posture, a weakened etheric and weak physical parts as described above the only way for this to be cured at its root is by healing the astral body. You can work on your posture which will help, but as long as the imbalance resides in the astral body it will continually be reflected in the physical.

If you heal the astral body and do no work on the etheric which has been damaged by the years of unbalance, full healing of the physical and etheric are unlikely to occur. This is why work on all levels is essential for fast and steady progress. As the level of vibration of consciousness increases there is a corresponding need for the vibration of the etheric and physical to also increase so as to hold or maintain the higher consciousness. If not it becomes more difficult to stay at this new level of consciousness and will likely fluctuate between the higher states and lower ones.

Now that we are talking about the astral body it is important that we discuss Samskaras. Under Astral Substance I mentioned that due to emotional traumas the Astral Substance will crystallize. These crystallizations are called ‘Samskaras’.

An example: as a baby you were left alone and wanted your mother. She was not there and it left you feeling insecure and alone. You cried because of this feeling of aloneness and she still did not come. The feeling was very painful and felt very much


like heartbreak. In the area of your heart the Astral Substance was pulsating with emotion and because of this going on for an extended period the Astral Substance began to crystallize. This helped to reduce the pain. The emotion was actually condensed into a small ball and became hard. This ball is full of the emotion of heartbreak and aloneness but has been condensed and enclosed. When mother finally came to the rescue it was too late. The ball of emotion had been formed and was now crystallized. Although her presence was able to release the emotions that had not been crystallized it was not able to release the ball. Now that this ball was within your astral body the feeling of merging with your mother could not be as complete as before. You felt different. It is now a dull sense of being alone which lies in the background of consciousness whether she is there or not. Now when a similar instance occurs the intense emotions within the ball are released a little which causes the emotions to intensify and a further crystallization to occur. You grow older and have this feeling of being alone. It is not huge but it is there. When you are in a relationship the feelings inside the ball may be activated leading to a fear of being abandoned by your partner. If your partner does leave you the ball may certainly become larger still and the underlying sense of being alone may increase. This is called a Samskara and it can last a very long time if nothing is done about it. What is important to note about the formation of Samskaras is the intensity of the emotions at the time. The more intense the emotions the more likely it is that a crystallization will occur.

Samskaras can be caused by any emotional trauma whatsoever. They do not have to be large but the larger the trauma the larger the Samskara created. After a while the astral body is full of these Samskaras and they are the very root of mental and emotional conditioning.

The feeling of love and peace that accompanied your mother’s presence before the Samskara's creation was due to your own light. Your light would shine through your astral body and give you the feeling of love and peace. This is one of the characteristics of your light body and higher consciousness. The problem is that as a baby this part of your light body has not fully incarnated yet and so without the mother’s presence the light cannot ground and shine through. It seems to the baby that the love and peace come from the mother but in truth it actually comes from its own Higher Self or light body. Now once the Samskara has been formed this same light cannot shine through as it did before. The crystallized Astral Substance blocks


and distorts the light so the child can no longer feel it as it did before. Once the astral body is full of Samskaras, the light of the Higher Self may have trouble shining through at all.

Samskaras cause increased grasping of the etheric body which in turn leads to blockages in the etheric and tension in the physical body. So now we have a state where not only can the mix of astral forces affect the health of the etheric and physical, but Samskaras also affect this in very profound ways. The Samskaras formed will depend on the original astral body as well as the environment the child grows up in. The formation of the ego structure/astral crystallization is very complicated and has led to all the personalities and mental/emotional problems that the human race has seen.

Now with a little understanding of Samskaras we can explore what happens at death and how past lives can affect your present life. When someone dies with a crystallized astral body, most of it will shatter as mentioned in Astral Substance. The problem is that some of the very intense Samskaras have actually become attached to the light body of the individual. These Samskaras are like tiny seeds but they are very condensed and hold a huge amount of emotion. These seeds are stuck to the light body and so travel with it into the higher dimensions. While in these higher realms the Samskaras have little effect on the experience of bliss and love which is present in these dimensions. They are simply there but cannot really be felt. When the next incarnation on earth occurs, on the way through the astral dimensions the Samskaras do play a role in the collection of Astral Substance for the new astral body. This can be why an unbalanced astral body is formed in the first place.

Once on earth these Samskaras from previous lives gradually incarnate and begin to affect the new life just like they did in the past. As a baby not much of the astral body is incarnated (it takes 28 years for full incarnation) but if the baby has a trauma which resonates with one of these past life Samskaras it will be drawn in and activated. The present trauma will likely make the Samskara even more powerful. If this occurs the Samskara will have incarnated. It is much better that these large Samskaras are activated and incarnated later on, for if incarnated as a baby they will certainly cause much pain and many problems for the individual's entire life (unless cleared with the proper techniques). This is why a good upbringing with as much love and nurturance is so important. Think about a Samskara that was built over


lifetimes, it is huge and full of intense emotions. Many of the emotions within the Samskara would have been crystallized as an adult in a past life so when activated in a baby you have a situation where some very powerful adult emotions are within a little innocent baby. If you think about some of the extreme hate, anger and violence that has occurred on this planet you will certainly see that some adult emotions do not belong in a young child. This is where the term "bad seed" comes from. It is not a bad soul but just a large Samskara (seed) which incarnates too early.

So the astral body becomes crystallized through emotional traumas creating Samskaras which affect every aspect of a person’s life. They are ever-present in the background of experience and are the root of the earthly ego. The light of the Higher Self is blocked and distorted by this structure of Samskaras. At death the astral body shatters but some of the large Samskaras stick to the light body and continue to the next life. They will then gradually incarnate with the rest of the astral body and most likely form a core part of the new ego structure in the next life.


Chitta/Mental Body

Chitta is an envelope of subtle energies which surrounds the head and permeates the brain. The astral body is the emotional body; the chitta is the mental body. They are both intimately linked and operate together.

Ching is sexual energy and is a synthesis of the chi produced in the various glands and organs throughout the body (the etheric/chi body). Chitta is similar to ching as it is a synthesis of the various astral forces which make up the astral body. It is also a synthesis of the chi energies and ching. The brain is fed by the chi from the various organs and glands as well as ching (sexual energy). A very subtle envelope of chi is created through this process which is able to interact with the physical brain as well as the astral forces. The astral body interacts with this envelope of refined chi and as a baby grows up the structure of Astral Substance in this area grows more and more complex. When the baby is young the chitta is basically this refined chi and has not been filled with Astral Substance. At this time the higher light of the baby is reflected through the chitta and so the consciousness is very clear. The Astral Substances have not yet crystallized in the chitta so the light shines through.


As the baby grows up and the astral forces are impacting into the etheric body they are also impacting into the chitta (incarnating). As the chitta is such a refined and subtle form of chi the astral forces can interact with it better than the rest of the etheric body. Thought processes become more complex as more Astral Substance becomes a part of it. The Astral Substances begin to mix with the chi layer of the chitta, creating a synthesis of chi and astrality. Each belief or piece of knowledge the baby gathers is formed in the chitta as astral crystallizations. The more complex the structure formed by these crystallizations, the more complex the thought processes become. So eventually the chitta becomes a very subtle and refined but very complex structure of astral and chi energies. The more complex the structure the more it will block the light of the Higher Self just like the crystallized astral body. If the belief patterns formed are true and in line with the truth of the Higher Self the structure will not be as solid and so the light will not be blocked as much. False beliefs however, whether they are about yourself, others or the World around you need to be more solid. Because your higher light is sending the truth to you at all times, a false belief will require a more solid crystallization in the chitta. If the chitta is full of false beliefs it will block the higher light more.

The structure in the chitta is just like that of the astral body and can also be seen as being made up of Samskaras. The difference is that the Samskaras in the astral body are caused by intense emotions and tend to be much larger. As the chitta is such a refined substance, Samskaras can be created very easily and are much smaller. Large emotional Samskaras are also created in the chitta and these ones will again form a foundation of personality just like the astral bodies Samskaras. The two bodies interact with each other and any large Samskara in the astral body will be accompanied by a group of smaller ones in the chitta. The repression of the intense emotions in the astral body is helped along by the chitta and its increased structure. This structure can be very complicated and its purpose is to keep emotional pain under the surface.

The increased structure in the chitta and its repression of emotions in the astral body lead to a state of being stuck in your head. The thoughts will not stop and you have no control of them.

The chitta depends on ching for its health and optimum functioning. There is an intimate link between sexual energy and the chitta. When puberty is reached we


begin to lose sexual energy and so the chitta loses a large part of its nutrition. When girls begin menstruation and boys begin to ejaculate, a large amount of ching is lost. If this loss did not occur there would be far more energy for the chitta and it would be much healthier. When sexual energy is lost, the chitta will actually give some of its energy to the making of new ching which is used in the production of sperm and eggs. If this is then lost through further ejaculation or menstruation, the chitta will again give energy. If this loss of sexual energy is stopped through the proper tantric techniques, the chitta will instead be fed by the ching and will not have to give itself to produce more sexual energy. The cycle of loss is turned into enormous amounts of energy for the chitta which in turn will make the brain far healthier. The consequences of this interaction should not be overlooked, especially if you are on a spiritual path.


The Aura

The aura is created by the interaction of all the energies and inter-dimensional forces that make up the human being. All of the energies and forces that are in and around you are meshed together and extend outwards from the body. The etheric usually extends about one inch but can extend further under certain circumstances, the astral body and chitta extend outwards further, usually between 2-4 feet and the light body can extend a very long way - even hundreds of miles.

Depending on the state of your subtle bodies and your conscious control of them your aura can be very open or quite closed. In fact the state of the aura can vary very widely. On some planets the inhabitants leave their auras wide open as there is no negativity and they can allow themselves to merge with each other and their environment. For life on Earth the ideal aura is fairly closed with a solid border to block negative energies. This is needed here because there is a huge amount of negativity floating around, mainly in the astral realms and it is best not to be absorbing this into your subtle bodies. Some people’s auras are quite closed due to a very solid ego structure which protects them from outside energies while others may have holes and be open due to gaps and a generally weak ego structure. If the structure has gaps or is weak then it is a good idea to take control of your aura and learn to seal it. If the ego structure is solid then the need for this is not as great


unless you begin with spiritual work. At the beginning of spiritual work the ego structure must be dismantled. This can leave the aura open to external influences.

For this reason sealing the aura is a good idea for anybody doing spiritual work. A very effective technique is given in Past Life Regression.


The Light Body

The light body is a structure of light from higher dimensions. Like the physical body it is a vehicle for consciousness. As your physical body contains organs and other physical structures, your light body contains various structures of light. The chakras, the Column and the MerKaBa are all structures of the light body. Between lives you journey in the light body to various places and dimensions and it is the central vehicle used to incarnate into any of the nine dimensions. For incarnation into the 3rd dimension the light body needs an astral body which has been described earlier.

This astral body incarnates into the physical dimension through its interaction with the etheric body. The light body incarnates by shining through the astral body. It is much larger than the astral body and is around and above it. For light to incarnate into matter it needs something to ground in. A baby is too small to really hold the light body and give it a ground which is why nurturing is so important. When the baby is with the mother and she is open enough, the baby’s light body grounds with the help of her body. So while this is happening the baby can feel the love which is a part of itself (its light body). This is the beginning of looking for love outside of oneself. The baby believes that the love comes from its mother because she grounds it. Without her the baby cannot feel its light body in the same way because it lacks the ground necessary to hold it.

This effect will be apparent to anyone who has meditated alone and in a group. It is often much easier to meditate in a group because the others are helping to create a ground for light. The meditators’ light bodies, as well as angels and guides, can ground through all of the physical bodies which makes it much easier to have spiritual experiences and deeper meditation. This is commonly called a space. The space is created by the grounding of higher energies. When meditating alone it is more difficult to give these beings and your own light body a ground and so it can be


more difficult to enter into a space. Once a space has been established either alone or in a group, much metaphysical and alchemical work can be done. Your light body and the various other beings that come to help are essential to any real spiritual development and without them no progress could be made.

As a person grows up and the astral body incarnates into the physical, the Samskaras from past lives are activated along with new ones being created through emotional trauma. The astral body and chitta become far more structured and crystallized which blocks the light body from shining through. The light body is more grounded now but its light is blocked by ego structure. The light body remains in, around and above the physical body but depending on the person’s ego structure, it is not strongly felt and what is felt is distorted by the astral. While meditating or doing spiritual practices the light body is pulled into the astral body. A ground is created for the light, and as it intensifies, its incarnation into the astral samskaras begins to dissolve. The light raises the vibration of the astral body which causes Samskaras to break up and dissolve. The reason the Astral Substances are able to crystallize and stay that way is because of its slow vibration. By raising the vibration of the astral it will begin to break up the crystallization. Once the astral body has been cleared of crystallization in this way the light body can shine through it and ground into the physical.

The light body is very large and contains many structures. It is beyond our purposes to describe all of its parts and functions. The ones that are most important for our spiritual awakening now are the chakras, the Column and the MerKaBa.



Chakras are structures of spinning light. They are located within the light body and their purpose is to create a gateway into higher or lower dimensions of consciousness. The light body is made up of many dimensions of light but to incarnate higher consciousness (spirit) into this light body a certain type of vortex needs to be created. These vortexes are the chakras and each one is a gateway to a certain aspect of higher consciousness. As discussed earlier the highest dimensions do not contain light but only pure consciousness. From this consciousness the dimensions of light are created. The higher dimensions of consciousness are the


source of the dimensions of light. Now for an individual consciousness from the very high dimensions to explore through the dimensions of light, astrality and physicality it must do so through some kind of structure. The chakras are the main gateways through which consciousness incarnates into the light body.

The spinning light of the chakras form a vortex or dimensional gateway through which consciousness enters the light body. If the chakra stops spinning the aspect of consciousness that it opens to will be blocked. For instance if the Heart Chakra stops spinning, the aspect of love will be blocked. If all the other chakras continue to spin it will feel like a loss of a part of oneself (the loving part) while the rest of the person is still there as it was. However, when one chakra is blocked or not spinning properly all the others will be effected as well. The longer the Heart Chakra is not spinning the more the entire light body will be affected. Other chakras and structures of light are bound to break down and cause problems.

So the chakras are essentially structures of spinning light which form gateways into higher dimensions of consciousness or lower dimensions of material forces. It is important now to understand what happens to these structures during incarnation and between lives.

In between lives the chakras are spinning freely, allowing for the various aspects of consciousness to enter and come together in the light body. In this state the Higher Self is who you are with nothing to block its experience. The higher selves above are in clear communication through the chakras and other structures of the light body. Various large Samskaras from previous lives are contained in the light body but are not greatly felt. They do however affect the type of life chosen and how soon the next incarnation may occur among other things. The point here is that they do not affect you in the same way as while incarnated on Earth. On Earth they may become the center of your awareness, disconnecting you from your Higher Self but in between lives this is not possible. They are like a tiny speck or blemish on your being and do not have the power to affect consciousness to any great degree.

During earthly incarnation the chakras are drawn into the astral body and thereby into the etheric and physical bodies. It is not the entire chakra that is drawn into the astral body but a large part of it. It does take many years for this to occur and it is only complete at around the age of 28. As the astral body becomes crystallized and


at the same time the chakras and light body are being drawn in, the chakras are affected. They begin to spin more slowly and become chaotic as the crystallized astral impacts upon them. This leads to a state where they are not creating the dimensional gateways needed to incarnate higher consciousness and so various parts of your self become blocked or disconnected. This is the typical state of our chakras although the degree of chaos and slowness of the chakras differs among individuals.

The lower chakras (Base and Sex) are part of the light body but also open up gateways into the Lower Self which comes from the lower dimensions. The Lower Self includes the instincts which are more than most people assume. Most people think of instincts as automatic processes but they are actually more like a separate being that has a personality of its own (the Lower Self). The personality of this being is one of joy, playfulness and curiosity and it is one with the earth and all of nature. As a child we are all intimately tied with this being and indeed it makes up a large part of our early personality. All children are playful and curious and what they do is largely automatic. They do not think like adults, they have not structured their ego yet and are basically running on instinct. In fact the Lower Self is just like a child and always will be. If you have lost your childish playful nature you have been disconnected from your Lower Self. Some people when on a spiritual path may find their connection to the Lower Self and assume it is the Higher Self. Although high states of consciousness have been achieved it is not the Higher Self, but it is a necessary step on the way.

Most adults become very disconnected from this Lower Self as the astral body crystallizes and the lower chakras slow down and become blocked just like the higher chakras. We forget how to play and to simply be joyful with our surroundings as life has become complicated and the constant disapproval of our parents and shame of our sexuality has taken its toll on our lower chakras. The Lower Self has been disconnected. In times of need the instincts still kick in, such as adrenalin when we must run from a would-be attacker, the autonomic nervous system still works (food is digested, breathing occurs, the heart pumps etc) and we desire sex but our intimate connection with the Lower Self with all of its joy, enthusiasm and personality has been badly severed. Sex is one of the only times that some connection still exists and is the last playtime left for the emaciated adult. Sex is extremely important in reconnecting with the Lower Self and should always have a playful element. So many people are disconnected from their Lower Self that sexual


issues and dysfunctions have become epidemic. All sexual dysfunction comes down to the closure in the Sex and Base chakras due to emotional trauma and various Samskaras.

As the chakras incarnate through the astral body which in turn incarnates through the etheric, both of these bodies are affected by them. The astral body and etheric body both have centers of energy that correspond with the chakras, so it could be seen that the chakras have an astral and an etheric part. This is true to some extent as these corresponding astral and etheric centers must be free and open for the chakras to function properly and allow for their incarnation into the physical. The physical body also has counterparts to the chakras. It is very common for Samskaras to be in the area of the chakras as these astral centers have greater sensitivity. Because of these Samskaras the etheric energy points are also likely to be blocked at these points and so the physical counterparts are affected as well. A good example of such interaction is that of the pineal gland. This gland is the physical counterpart of the Crown Chakra and in most humans it begins to shrivel up to a pea sized gland at a very young age. It starts out as a very healthy gland producing many hormones needed for the growth and health of the body but as the crystallized chitta blocks the action of the crown chakra the pineal shrinks to a pathetic version of its former self. Only through a thorough clearing of the astral body and chitta, the raising of sexual energy into the brain and the activation and incarnation of the Crown Chakra can this physical gland become healthy again.


Base Chakra

The Base Chakra is located at the perineum, between the genitals and the anus. It is the base of the body and the entry point for kundalini energies and the Lower Self. The instincts that are a part of this chakra are to do with physical survival, safety and security. Any issues to do with fear of security, safety or survival which could be financial or to do with strength, confidence, status or power are related to the unbalanced functioning of this chakra. If the Base Chakra was in total harmony with no emotional issues impeding its function, the Lower Self would operate through it. The Lower Self naturally has no fear of security, safety or survival as it is intimately connected with Mother Earth herself. In fact the Lower Self is Mother Earth and she nurtures all of her beings. You would be nurtured by her and she would take care of your security, safety and survival perfectly.

Only when the Base Chakra is functioning properly can the kundalini flow and the Lower Self nurture your being. The Higher Self will not incarnate into a body that is not nurtured by the Lower Self. If there is any fear about physical survival, safety and security the Higher Self will not descend into the body. The Base Chakra is intimately tied with the Crown Chakra as the Crown will not open without the Base first activating kundalini to rush through the body and out the top of the head.

The Base Chakra is the most physical of all the chakras and is the gateway to the lowest and densest dimensions of material. The male sexual organs are a part of this chakra and so his sexuality is very physical. In the physical body the Base Chakra relates to the hips, legs, lower back and male sexual organs.


Sex Chakra

The Sex Chakra is located about 2 inches below the navel and is often called the Belly Chakra or the Sacral Chakra. Calling it the Sex Chakra is based on the fact that this word describes its function far better than belly or sacral. Indeed this chakra deals with sexuality which is far more than the process of procreation. The way you interact with others on a social level, your sense of self worth, your expression of


creativity and of course your sexuality are all based in this chakra. The female sexual organs are located here; giving her sexuality a more emotional feel than the male’s physically grounded sexuality. As children we are very in touch with the Sex Chakra and are in fact very sensual beings. Extremely creative, imaginative, loving and tactile, children love to touch everything and to hug those they love. They are free in their self expression and in touch with the Lower Self. As the Base Chakra brings the Lower Self's nurturance, safety and security into the body, the Sex Chakra brings in her love, sensuality, enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity and personality.

The Sex Chakra is intimately tied to the Throat Chakra which is linked to the Higher Self's creative impulses and powers. Without the Lower Self's creativity found in the Sex Chakra combined with the Higher Self's creativity found in the Throat Chakra there would be no creation. For material manifestation to occur, a combination or merging is required just like a man and a woman's sexual energy is required to create a baby. It is impossible to be oneself and spontaneously express your true nature without the Sex Chakra being fully awakened and uninhibited.

Unfortunately society’s rules and our parents’ attitudes towards acceptable behavior have often buried the Sex Chakra, and therefore the Lower Self, under emotional and sexual repression. A blocked Sex Chakra can lead a person to be emotionally unbalanced, manipulative, obsessed with sex, scared of sex, lacking in energy, enthusiasm and self-worth. As the Higher Self cannot and will not incarnate into a body with a blocked base chakra it will not incarnate if the Sex Chakra is blocked either. The Lower Self must have free rein of the lower centers of the body with no emotional repression or sexual inhibition for the Higher Self to enter the body. The awakened Base and Sex Chakras give the light body a ground which is essential for its incarnation.

In the physical body the Sex Chakra relates to the female sexual organs, kidneys, bladder, and large intestine.


Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is related to the will, personal power, strength and individuality. It is the meeting point of the higher and lower selves and therefore the juncture of compromise and decision. It is also the main gateway between the 9 physical dimensions and is the center of astral influence. It is the main opening into the astral realms around the planet and the easiest way out of the body for Astral Travel. Often you will see someone in a dispute or some other social situation cross their arms in a subconscious effort to block the receptivity of astral influences from another person or the environment. If the Solar Plexus is blocked, the ego and personal power of the individual is likely to be lacking in confidence, worried about what others think and possibly depressed. They usually lack willpower and have trouble making things happen in the World. Decisions will be difficult and they may just float through life with no real orientation or direction. They will likely take on negative energy from other people and the environment and may have trouble differentiating between their emotions and the emotions of others.

All of these problems are associated with a lack of will which is this chakra's main attribute. If you have the creativity from the Sex and Throat Chakras but lack willpower from the Solar Plexus, nothing will be achieved. The Solar Plexus becomes blocked when as a child we receive little encouragement, much negative feedback and cannot have what we want. When a child feels powerless and controlled, the Solar Plexus will become blocked by frustration and lack of personal power. On the flip side being spoiled and getting everything you want as a child will close the Solar Plexus due to lack of use.

If in balance, the Solar Plexus is a gateway to the powers of will from both the Higher Self and the Lower Self and will lead to high self respect, a strong sense of personal power, a cheerful positive attitude, outgoing personality and an enjoyment of challenge. In the physical body the Solar Plexus Chakra relates to the stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, and small intestine.


Heart Chakra

The heart is the vital organ that pumps blood throughout the entire body. The Heart Chakra is the metaphysical organ that pumps love throughout the entire light body. Humans have actually been disconnected from a huge amount of our heart energy for as long as we have been on Earth and actually long before. The most loving humans and the enlightened ones that have graced the Earth still only had a small amount of their heart energy. The enormous amount of love that is the core of our being is phenomenal but has not been accessible here. Gradually now we are being allowed more of our heart energy as our consciousness rises but still it is only a small portion that we can access. This doesn't matter all that much because most of us are in touch with far less than what is possible and to access what is possible would be pure ecstasy.

Indeed the heart is where we experience love and it is the gateway to our highest consciousness. The core of everything in the Universe is love and it is the ultimate truth. On other planets and dimensions where beings are in contact with their heart chakras with no obstruction there is no such thing as negativity. The very notion of pain does not exist. Here on Earth we have been involved with an experience which required us to forget who we are. To do this we had to have part of our heart energy isolated away from us. We chose to do this but when it was done, the part that chose to do it was disconnected. Really your Higher Self chose to do this, but to you your heart was taken. This was the first heartbreak and it was extremely painful to say the least. It felt as though your heart was literally ripped out and in a sense it was. You knew it was taken by someone, a being of great power, and you wanted it back. You hated that being and resented them greatly. To you in your disconnected state, that being was God. God had stolen your heart, kicked you out of heaven and left you. All humans have this heartbreak and resentment towards God deep within their subconscious. Slowly the trauma from this event was pushed into the subconscious just like with any Samskara and formed the original scar located in the heart chakra. From this scar many more have formed and through numerous lives on earth many people’s hearts have become blocked and filled with hatred, anger, jealousy, self pity, paranoia and fear. We still have love, devotion, empathy, compassion and friendship but the negative emotions often reside along side these in a Heart Chakra badly out of balance.


The clearing and opening of the Heart Chakra is vital for spiritual transformation. All negative emotions must be released and resolved so that the heart may open once again to the Higher Self. Now is the time to do this and this is the way to Nirvana. In the physical body the Heart Chakra relates to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back.


Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the center of higher creative energy. Like the Sex Chakra it governs self expression, creativity, self esteem and communication. Its creative energies are strongly linked with the Sex Chakra and if one is blocked it is very likely that the other will also have problems. While the Sex Chakra governs the self expression of the Lower Self which is a more physical and sensual type of expression such as with movement and connecting with nature and other people etc, the Throat governs the expression of the Higher Self which is more involved with mental and emotional expression through thought, speech and writing.

Being the center of creativity, the throat has immense powers of creation. In its fully active and awakened state this chakra would give you amazing powers over your reality and your future. If it was fully activated, when you spoke it would come true and so indeed you would speak the truth. In fact the inter-dimensional forces that connect with this chakra have the power to create anything and are the forces from which the Universe is created. Unfortunately we cannot access these deeper powers of the throat because in our current state these types of powers would destroy us very quickly. If what you said came true you would want to be very careful what you said as you could cause immense havoc very quickly while in a negative emotional state. Until we have transcended negativity and gained control of our desires and thoughts, the full powers of the throat will never be ours. This could be a long way off but even in our current state with very little creative power the Throat Chakra can be cultivated to give us more power over our lives. The throat also contains powers of healing, transformation and change that we all are in need of.


If the throat is especially blocked or unbalanced, it will often lead to feeling timid, quiet, weak, inhibited and unable to express thoughts clearly. In the physical body the Throat Chakra relates to the throat, lungs, neck, teeth, ears, and thyroid gland.


Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye is the center of spiritual and multi-dimensional vision. It is a structure of energy that works very much like the physical eyes but it sees into other realms. When awakened it is the center of psychic abilities, channeling, telepathy, higher intuition, non-physical vision and clear thinking. In humans the Third Eye is nearly always blocked by the chitta and its crystallizations. The structured chitta makes our thoughts slow and confused putting a cloud of energy over the Third Eye and blocking its clarity. Even when you begin to awaken the Third Eye, visions and perceptions will continue to be distorted by the chitta and so it can take a long time to gain clear vision and clear psychic abilities. Often psychics who have an awakened Third Eye have not cleared their astral body and chitta and so their perceptions are distorted by their own emotional make up and state of mind. When seeing a psychic it is up to you to recognize whether the psychic is clear or is subconsciously distorting their visions.

The Third Eye is essential for spiritual work as it is the key to the subtle bodies. It has the power to look inside your subconscious and is used for exploring your past lives and actively clearing the subconscious of past conditioning. It is also used to tune into various guides, angels and other non-physical beings who can help with our spiritual transformation. The Third Eye is closely tied with the Crown Chakra and when both are activated your higher wisdom can be interpreted into 3rd-dimensional reality. The Crown receives higher consciousness and communication and the Third Eye grounds it into the dimension of which you are a part.

Through the Third Eye you can enter states of remote viewing where you can see anything anywhere. The Third Eye's connections allow it to look at anything, anywhere and see its nature. You can tune into animals and see their spiritual connections or look into the astral realms and see fairies and nature spirits, the possibilities are endless.


In the physical body the Third Eye chakra relates to the eyes, face, brain, lymphatic and endocrine system.


Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is located just behind the top of the skull. It is the entry point for higher consciousness and for the Higher Self to incarnate into the body. This chakra is almost always blocked in humans for if it was not we would have conscious connection with our higher selves and cosmic consciousness. We would be able to make contact with many multi-dimensional beings and receive clear communication from higher dimensions. We could easily take our consciousness upwards through the Column into higher dimensions and become aware of our multi-dimensional nature.

The Crown Chakra is intimately tied with the pineal gland which releases large amounts of growth hormone among other chemicals when we are babies. As we grow up the pineal gland shrinks to a tiny shriveled up pea. This is due to the closure of the Crown Chakra after the chitta and ego structures do their work. Reactivating the pineal gland can only come along with the activation of the Crown Chakra which will indeed rejuvenate the entire body. All bodily systems would run smoother and we would live long and free of sickness. Of course the main benefit would be the ecstasy and grace acquired through the incarnation of higher consciousness. The Crown Chakra is intimately tied with the Base Chakra and will not open and become activated without the kundalini and sexual energy rising from the Base and Sex Chakras. These forces will activate the crown along with the pineal and lead to the actual incarnation of your Higher Self. All ego structures will be dissolved during this process and the spirit may finally dwell within the body.

The Crown Chakra is also the proper exit point for the soul at death. If the Crown is open enough the subtle bodies will leave through the crown and begin to ascend into higher dimensions. If on the other hand the Crown Chakra is very blocked (which does happen here on Earth) the soul may leave out another hole such as the eyes, ears, mouth or even the anus. If the soul leaves through one of these holes it may end up in some negative astral realms during afterlife wandering until the astral body


begins to shatter and the light body and spirit can be fully released and begin their ascension.

If someone has a very closed mind and will not listen to reason or is not open to others opinions there is a good chance that the Crown is blocked. Its main capacity is that of an open mind as it is indeed the opening of the mind into higher dimensions and realities. Those with closed minds prefer to be right than to find the truth and so are unlikely to experience higher consciousness as it can only come in through an open mind.


The Column

The Column is a structure of light which goes straight through the middle of your body from the top of the Crown to your perineum (the area between the genitals and the anus). This tube extends upwards from the crown through all the higher dimensions and downwards from the perineum through all the lower dimensions. The seven chakras previously described are situated along the Column within the body. There are numerous other chakras along the Column all the way up and down. Full explanations of these are beyond our purposes here but you should be aware of their existence.

The Column is the central channel of your light body. It is through this channel that your awareness can move between dimensions with ease. Of course this is the case while you are not incarnated but while here on Earth it isn't quite that simple. Because of the interaction between the astral body and the light body the Column is usually quite blocked and you may have trouble even feeling it. It is usually blocked at the top of the head and the perineum (as well as through the body) so it may be difficult to take your awareness up or down the Column at all. A large part of spiritual work involves clearing the Column and relearning to ascend it into higher dimensions or descend it into lower dimensions. Once this has been achieved it becomes easy to become aware of and communicate with many aspects of yourself from many different dimensions. The vastness of who you really are becomes known beyond a doubt as you have direct experience of metaphysical realities.


Besides communicating with parts of your self the column also opens up possibilities of communication with many non-physical and multi-dimensional beings throughout the Universe.



The MerKaBa is a spinning structure of light similar to the chakras. It is similar in that when spinning properly it works as an inter-dimensional gateway so that higher consciousness may incarnate into the physical body. The difference is that the MerKaBa is much larger, encompassing the entire body. In fact the MerKaBa is the structure of spinning light which allows for the incarnation of the light body itself. Without the MerKaBa being activated the other parts of the light body such as the chakras cannot incarnate properly and may not be stable.


The above diagram shows the foundation of the MerKaBa in its non-spinning state. We all have fields of light around us like in this picture. While in a non-spinning state they do not perform their function properly just like a chakra that does not spin. The gateway to higher consciousness is closed and so the rest of the light body has trouble grounding and incarnating.

When the MerKaBa is activated it forms a counter-rotating field of light which creates a dimensional gateway for the light body to stabilize within the physical body and for its other structures such as the chakras to activate and stabilize as well. This allows for the possibility of incarnating higher consciousness permanently as well as raising the vibration of the physical body. If successful it becomes possible to take the physical body into the fourth dimension. In Hebrew, MerKaBa is spelt MerKaVa which means ‘Chariot’ and indeed that’s exactly what it is. It is a vehicle which can take you and your body between dimensions. Once raised into the fourth dimension the physical body will become much more subtle and may live for much longer. The possibility is also there to rise into even higher dimensions.

When the MerKaBa spins at a certain speed, a disk of light shoots out from the Base Chakra, in the perfect centre of the spinning star tetrahedron, to around 50-60 feet in diameter (illustrated above). This is what your activated MerKaBa would look like and in fact this field of light has an electro-magnetic component that can be seen with the appropriate instruments on a computer monitor.

The chakras, The Column and the MerKaBa are only a small part of the light body but they are the main structures that we will be working with. For spiritual transformation to occur, it is practice that is needed. You can study anatomy and biology all you like but until you do physical exercise your body will not become fit. Similarly, studying the structures of the light body will not awaken them. Practice will.


Multi-Dimensional Being will go into detail about the light body and the practices needed for its activation.


Multi-Dimensional Beings

All beings are multi-dimensional, including humans. Our problem is that we have forgotten our multi-dimensional nature and have been disconnected from much of ourselves. The variety of beings out there which you will become aware of through awakening your Third Eye and spiritual transformation is truly amazing. From nature spirits to angels to Extraterrestrials to huge beings maintaining the dimensions to the tiny beings in particles, there are beings everywhere. An explanation of the infinite variety of beings in existence is beyond the scope of any book as it is truly infinite. By awakening your spiritual senses you will inevitably become aware of many different beings and you will be able to communicate directly with them. The communication used is telepathic although sometimes you may actually hear words. Generally telepathy involves the transmission of feelings which the receiver can then put into words much like a translation. There will always be information lost in translation just like when trying to explain to someone an experience you have had. Can they ever really know how you felt by your description alone? Can you know the taste of a piece of fruit by a description? You may get some idea but you can never know until you taste it. Indeed even with friends, loved ones and others here on Earth, telepathic communication could rid the World of so many misunderstandings.

When communicating with beings in other dimensions it is sometimes a good idea to save the translation for later. While communicating simply use the means available and wait until the end to try to put things into words. Telepathy and inter- dimensional communication is based on feelings. The reason most cannot communicate in this way is that they are not in touch with their feelings.

There are some beings that are working with humans here on Earth who are helping with our spiritual transformation. These include guides, angels and Extraterrestrials. There are other beings that can and do interact with us but these are the main ones that you will be in contact with and who will be helping with your spiritual awakening. For this reason I will give a brief description of these three types of beings.



Guides are usually other beings who have incarnated as humans before. They are just like us accept they are not incarnated while they are your guide. They may or may not incarnate again on Earth but generally they have incarnated at least once before. They are fit to help guide you because they know what it is like to be here and they are not currently incarnated. They are essentially residing in their light body in higher dimensions and so they have a much broader view of reality. They are not distorted by the astral body and chitta so they can communicate with many levels, beings and dimensions clearly and with ease.

They have agreed to help guide you from the other side for this life. They are in contact with your own Higher Self and they know your purpose for incarnating on Earth. They know a lot about you and your future and will help in whatever way they can for your highest good. However they cannot help you if you do not want them to or if what you ask is against your Higher Self's purpose. All beings in higher dimensions respect your free will and it is a rule that they may not impinge upon. If you ask them to help you they will certainly do all that they can (as long as what you ask for is within your highest good).



Angels are from higher dimensions and do not incarnate into matter. They are like creator’s messengers and healers. They will always come when asked and help to heal you and send you love. As they come from higher dimensions of love and light they are unable to really feel and understand what it is to be human. They can send us love and healing and help to guide us through certain periods of life. They are essential when it comes to spiritual work as they send vital light and love to help heal our energy bodies, activate the light body and repair its structures. Without their help spiritual transformation would be extremely slow if possible at all.

There are different types of angels with specific tasks. For example a certain group of angels play a huge role in pregnancy and birth. If you tune into a pregnant woman


with your Third Eye you will see and feel a huge amount of gold light around her which is the light of these angels. Incarnation into matter is a very hard process for the incoming spirit and these angels are vital for the process.

In the last 20 years a huge number of angels and other beings have begun to help with our spiritual awakening and transformation. Prior to this it was far more difficult to make real progress as the energies needed to transform and activate our energy bodies were not here for us. Twenty years ago it was extremely hard for an experienced meditator to have a past life experience. They would have to meditate away from the city for days and have the help of a connector before an experience could occur. Now with the help of so many angels and other beings it has become very easy for even a total beginner to have a past life experience first go. All that is needed are the simple techniques revealed in Past Life - Regression.

Through your practices you will quickly become aware of the presence of angels around you and you will be able to connect with them and communicate at any time. They are truly amazing beings...



Extraterrestrials are any beings incarnated in the 1st to the 9th dimension that come from a planet other than Earth. There is an amazing variety of life in this Universe and the number of life forms is nothing short of miraculous. There are civilizations and cultures living on and within many planets all over the Universe. They come in all shapes and sizes such as insect-like giants, dolphins or other humanoid beings. In all of the 9 material dimensions there is a birth and death experience as a being incarnates into the life form and eventually leaves. In higher dimensions it is not uncommon for beings to live for thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands. On these planets and in the dimensions inhabited by such long lived beings you would find places of amazing harmony and spiritual knowledge. To us these worlds would seem like heaven and in a sense they are. In fact compared to our lives on Earth almost the entire Universe is heaven from a dualistic point of view.


It is quite possible for humans to incarnate on other planets in between lives on Earth. It is also possible for ETs to incarnate here for a life and this has occurred many times throughout history. However there is a group of beings who make up the human race and these are the ones who make up the vast majority of people here.

Some people who have recently incarnated on other planets may have strange memories of such a place and know very well that it was another planet. They may be able to telepathically connect with beings from the other planet or may be visited in dreams by these beings. It is not just the angels and guides that are helping us but also many ETs from many different planets and dimensions. The connections formed through a few of us having lives on other planets were to help ground some of the forces from various planets and dimensions onto Earth.

There are many ETs around Earth at the moment in various spaceships and the like. Many are in higher dimensions and so cannot be seen but there are also ships that can become third-dimensional. These ETs are mostly here to help us to shift into the 4th dimension and to see what has been happening here. We have been involved in something never tried before and the results will affect the entire Universe (see A New Mythology). So we have aliens all around us and many of you will have connections with certain groups. These groups are here to help us and use what they know about healing to help heal our subtle bodies. During meditation and sleep you may be visited by various ETs, they will help heal you and speed up your spiritual transformation.

Although most ETs are good and are here to help us there are some that are not good. If an ET comes to you and you are not sure about its intentions simply ask it “Are you of the light and working for the divine plan?”. If it is not, or does not answer, tell it to go away and it will. There are rules about free will and even the seemingly bad ETs will respect your will.



Animals are far more than meets the eyes. Most come from other areas of the Universe and in a certain respect they are Extraterrestrials incarnated on Earth. The bodies they inhabit on their home planet may be completely different to their bodies here or may be very similar. As humans are involved in a reincarnational cycle on Earth; each group of beings throughout the Universe has their own reincarnational cycle. The beings of each cycle have a similar consciousness and have similar personalities. They are expressing a part of the Creator simply by being themselves. All life is evolving to a certain extent and so as each group continues its incarnations it gradually changes and becomes more of itself. Individuals can incarnate into different cycles for a life and return to their cycle or even leave their cycle and join another one if they desire to do so but generally groups tend to stay together. The reason for this is that the individuals in a group all have a connection to the same being of higher consciousness. For example all humans have higher selves which have higher selves which have higher selves which eventually meet up with each other. We are in fact the expression of a huge being that incarnates through all of us. The same goes for other civilizations and groups of beings.

The interesting thing about earth is that the human race has been doing something very unique which has never been done before (more on this in A New Mythology). Due to this, it was necessary to have connections to all areas of the Universe and to all types of consciousness. So the animals are beings from all over the Universe incarnating into life forms here. You can tune into any animal including insects, birds, mammals, fish, etc and you can follow the consciousness of the animal to wherever they come from. Of course awakening your Third Eye will make this much more vivid but anyone can look at an animal and get a feel of its consciousness.

It is important here to understand that the animal’s spirit or Higher Self comes through its light body which like ours does not shine through with perfect clarity. Like us, animals have an astral body which incarnates through the etheric and physical bodies. The light body only has a tiny part actually incarnated in the physical and this part is obstructed by the astral body. To see the being behind the animal (the Higher Self and the connections to higher consciousness) you must follow its column above its head. Animals are in fact in greater contact with their higher selves than


humans so they know where they come from. While asleep they dream of their home planet and maintain a conscious connection even while awake. The connections held by animals on Earth have been essential for the work we have been doing. They are like grounding rods for high spiritual forces of light and consciousness.

Animals may seem to be less evolved than humans but if you were to see them on their home planets and in their multidimensional bodies you may realize that they are in fact very advanced. They have incarnated here into bodies that are very restricted and very much controlled by the instincts of the Lower Self as we reside in the 3rd dimension where matter is extremely dense. Remember that it is only a small part of them that resides within the body and as the instincts take control of their body in most situations many conclude that they are of lower consciousness than us intelligent humans. This is an illusion which was important for our purposes on Earth.

Tuning into animals is probably the easiest way to awaken your spiritual senses and begin to feel the various higher forces that are a part of our World. All animals resonate with vast beings of higher consciousness and are but a part of these beings incarnating into the third dimension. They have come here to help us with our purposes and are all beings of infinite love and light.


Other Phenomena

The consequences of alchemy and the resultant metaphysical exploration are that nearly everything can be looked at from a wider perspective and explained from a metaphysical basis. This is an important part of each person’s awakening as you can begin to answer questions for yourself and to see many phenomena that were previously hidden. As you gain inter-dimensional vision, connections with your higher selves and begin to communicate with multi-dimensional beings you will be able to look to these sources to find answers for almost any question you can come up with. You will not need to read what the spiritual seers of old have said or follow the rules in religious books. You will have your own spiritual guidance, connections and multi- dimensional advisers. The reason for this website is to give you the practices needed to achieve this yourself in the shortest amount of time and with the greatest of ease possible.


There are numerous phenomena that could be explained here but there is no point in giving too much information. Also there are many other authors giving out much information which is very helpful. It is certainly a good idea to read a wide variety of authors and to keep an open mind. Remember that authors may use different words to describe things and their opinions may differ so keep an open mind and follow your own intuition. Ultimately it is you that must find the truth. It is not what you read that will transform you but what you experience for yourself.

Following are a few phenomena that are largely misunderstood.



Many people are unaware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions and also the atmosphere of places such as a house or room.

These energies and beings are actually rampant at the present time as clearing processes have become largely lost to the Western World. Growing materialism and fast-paced, complicated lives have shut down many people’s non-physical perceptions and this has led to society losing its knowledge of entities etc. In the past 2000 years there has been a decline in the clearing of entities to almost a complete stop, leading to a growing number, all looking for a person to latch onto. Even many of the priests of Western religions have lost their vision and know-how of clearing.

Where do entities come from?

Mainly these entities come from people’s astral bodies when they die, as the astral body breaks up without the physical and etheric body to hold it together. Conflicting parts of the astral body (mind/emotions) can no longer hold together and as its vibration rises it shatters mainly into astral dust which is reabsorbed into the astral planes. Unfortunately some chunks hold together and retain a consciousness of their own, becoming astral fragments/entities. These would be the most crystallized parts of the astral body.


These astral fragments need etheric energy (life-force) to hold them together or they will eventually break up into astral dust and be reabsorbed. The only place they can get enough energy to survive is from a person or animal but they certainly seem to prefer a human host.

When they find someone suitable often with similar emotional characteristics to itself, the entity will try to get into the person’s energy and live there. This will drain life-force (etheric energy) from the person and also impose emotions on them (astral energy).

Very large fragments with enough etheric energy may survive without a host and these may live in houses or public places. These large entities are usually referred to as ghosts. They may attach to a person with a cord of astral/etheric energy while remaining in these places and then affect the person similarly to a smaller fragment inside their energy.

Other entities that can parasitize people include nature spirits, elementals and others which are not so easily categorized.

Entities are actually quite a problem at present with most humans being the home for one or more. With our senses being so dull due to such crystallized astral and weak etheric bodies we can only feel the effects of the entity. Often these effects will be lack of energy, depression, anxiety and all types of other negative emotions. We assume that these emotions are our own and therefore have no idea that an entity is causing such problems. Actually the entity isn't the sole cause of the problems. To attract an entity you must first resonate with it to some degree. So you had some feelings of loneliness or whatever and so did the entity. This is what attracted it and so your initial negative emotions are amplified by the entity and it also drains your etheric energy making it harder to stay on top of such negative emotions.

An entity can only get into your energy if there is a weak spot or hole in your aura. Most people have some weak spots which become worse when under pressure or emotional stress. It is due to ego structure and astral crystallization that weak spots occur. In fact the very nature of Astral Substance attracts entities. When it comes to Astral Substance, like attracts like so you have a situation where different types of Astral Substance pool together and keep on attracting more. This is how the


negative astral planes have been created, basically all the negative energies have come together to create negative dimensions of Astral Substance, usually of a very low and chaotic vibration. Intoxication by alcohol or other drugs is a common way to resonate with these negative astral planes and attract entities into your energy. In pubs and clubs you will find a strong connection to such planes and an abundance of entities looking for a potential host.

At death, if you are experiencing extreme emotions such as anger and hate you will be taken straight to these negative astral planes as soon as you leave the body. This is because your astral body will be resonating with the negative planes and because like attracts like in the astral world you will suddenly find yourself in these realms. Once there you will likely see all kinds of hallucinations such as monsters and the like until your astral body begins to shatter (this is often referred to as ‘the afterlife wandering’ or ‘the Bardos’ in Tibetan Buddhism). At this point your light body will be released and you will continue up into higher dimensions but the part of your astral body that was attracted to the negative realms will likely break off as an entity. If the emotions felt at death were very common and very much a part of your personality while incarnated then the entity will be larger. Once separate the entity will first try for a host with someone or somewhere familiar such as your home or your friends and family. If it can't host on these people it will probably go for the nearest pub.

The lines along which the astral body shatters are along the lines of crystallization. The more crystallized your astral body and therefore the more rigid your personality was, the more entities will be created and the larger they will be.

The information here should not scare you as you have probably been living with entities for years. With the practices available in Past Life - Regression you will be able to find and explore entities and even begin clearing them. It is amazing what a difference it can make when a core entity is cleared. Emotional issues that have plagued people for years are sometimes cured almost immediately. The person must continue the work of clearing their own energy as well but the difference can be very tangible when an entity is thoroughly explored and cleared.

If you clear your own astral body while still alive you will not leave any entities behind for others to clean up. Through spiritual work your astral body is cleared of


Samskaras and merges with the light body. This merger transforms the astral body into a lighter and more malleable substance that does not shatter into pieces at death. This is referred to as the transformed astral body.



Cords are made of astral and etheric energy and connect two people’s subtle bodies. They stretch between two people very much like an umbilical cord and transfer emotional energy and chi between the two. It does not matter how far away the other person is, as the cord is not a physical substance and distance is irrelevant, so it is still effective from the other side of the planet.

All babies have a cord going from their belly to their mother after the physical umbilical cord is cut. Some may have extra cords going from the heart, solar plexus or even the head to various parts of the mother’s energy body. The cord or cords that exist during infancy last for a few years and gradually drop off as the child becomes more independent from the mother and does not need the connection any more. Well ideally this would be the case, but here on Earth so many people have emotional issues that very often the cords can last well into adulthood. The cord is supposed to be there to support the baby but in actuality many mothers are emotionally needy and actually use the cord to nourish themselves from the baby’s fresh and abundant energy. Of course this is subconscious and the mother is not really meaning to do this. The baby is usually quite aware of what is happening and will even give the mother extra energy and emotional support through the cord at will. The baby is a very pure and loving being at this stage with only a small amount of astral incarnation and very little ego structure so they want to do all they can for the mother.

Unfortunately as the baby grows up it gradually loses its perception of such metaphysical things and so forgets about the cord. The transfer of emotional energy becomes subconscious for the child as well as the mother and continues to operate for possibly a very long time. Cords between mother and child that last for prolonged periods often cause serious friction between the two parties leading to dysfunctional feelings toward each other. The relationship will suffer as there is bound to be


resentment and negative feelings. Imagine you have been drained of energy by your mother for 30 years through a cord that has become thick and gross with negative emotions and emotional neediness. You do not know exactly what is happening but you sense that somehow you are being drained by her. You move to another country to get away but wherever you go it almost feels like she is there with you - she is draining you from afar. This situation is just an example; there are many ways to interact through a cord.

Another common cord is between two lovers. Each wants to share their energy with the other and during sex this is amplified greatly. The feelings of love and sharing are often enough to build a cord. Often these cords are between the bellies but can be in other areas like the heart or solar plexus, etc. So when two people have been in an emotional relationship for a time there is a good chance that the two people have a cord. Depending on the emotional issues of the two, the cord can become gross or can stay fairly clean and be a good thing which helps the two with emotional nurturing. If one partner is needy it is likely that they will drain the other which could eventually lead to resentment by the drained partner. Some cords that become too gross can cause serious problems for a couple and could certainly lead to a break-up. Clearing a cord can help alleviate the emotional intensity so the couple can progress to a more balanced relationship. If a breakup does occur, the cord may stay for a long time and continue to operate, making it hard to let go and to move on with another partner. In this case clearing the cord can do wonders.

Cords can be created between any two people or even groups of people that have emotional relationships. Friends, workmates, enemies can all have cords. They can be used by entities and other dimensional beings to connect with us and drain our energy. It is possible to send a cord to someone you don't know if you really want to get to know them. For example say you fall in love with someone but have not yet talked to them. It is possible that your desire to have them may send a cord into their energy. It is also possible to consciously create a cord to another person but this is in the domain of black magic. You should never use psychic means to purposely control or affect another’s energy without their permission. There are no exemptions from this rule and the karmic repercussions are enormous!


There are many types but whatever the case a cord is basically a connection between the astral and etheric bodies of two or more beings which allows for an exchange of emotional and/or etheric energy.

Fortunately all cords can be cleared fairly easily. It only takes one of the people to clear the cord and it will be cleared from the other. Through the practices learned in Past Life - Regression you can become aware of all your cords and learn to clear them. Interestingly while exploring a cord you can remember when and how it was created, how you felt about it and how it has been operating while it was there. Often cords can be seen and felt very tangibly and their effects become very apparent. As you enter the subconscious through the Third Eye you can actually remember what was happening in your subconscious during any part of your life. These can be excellent lessons in self exploration. See www.pastlife


Drug Abuse

Drugs are a very interesting topic when looked at from a metaphysical point of view. While they impact on the nervous system in a profound way, they also affect subtle bodies and states of consciousness immensely. The changes in states of consciousness caused by drugs are the reason for their widespread recreational use and provide many users with different perspectives on the World. Many of the feelings encountered through drug use are very similar to states of consciousness achieved by spiritual seekers and meditators throughout the World. States that we feel in between lives while exploring higher dimensions can be synthetically created with the right mixture of chemicals.

Although the states of consciousness achieved through drug use may feel similar to these higher dimensional states they are not the same because the ego is still playing a large part in the user’s orientation. It is possible to have real spiritual awakenings as a result of drugs but sometimes these actually lead to a further solidification of the ego. As the states are achieved through drugs and not by clearing and raising the vibration of the subtle bodies, the end result is a more chaotic and crystallized astral body which can even become cracked or begin to shatter as a result of the sudden raise in vibration caused by the drug. The possible


dangers of drug use are damage to the astral body, loss of large amounts of jing, a weakening of the etheric, disorganization and damage to the chitta, spontaneous kundalini bursts and sudden incarnation of parts of the light body which have very high vibration. These dangers run along side the physical damage that can be caused to the brain, nervous system, internal organs and glands.

The most dangerous drugs in terms of damage to the astral body and chitta are hallucinogens like LSD or Magic Mushrooms. The states of consciousness induced by these drugs can be very high and can cause the light body to strongly incarnate into the astral body. As it does so the much higher vibration of the light body with its various structures of spinning light impacts into the astral and thereby increases its vibration very suddenly. If the astral body has weak spots or holes the light body will impact further and if it also has dense crystallizations it can crack and begin to shatter. As a result the individual may have an amazing spiritual awakening but when the drug wares off the light body will move back out and the astral will slow down again. If broken the astral body will never again be the way it was before the trip. Repair could take a very long time even with the right practices.

Other drugs such as ecstasy, other amphetamines and cocaine can cause the same type of problem but it's not as likely to be so sudden. The raise in vibration will not be as high with these drugs but when continually used the astral body can become very disorganized leading to a psychotic episode which may have the same results. These drugs when used repeatedly can cause holes and weak spots to become worse and crystallizations to become more brittle. This combination opens the ego structure up to possible psychosis.

Ecstasy is probably the worst drug of all when it comes to physical brain damage. As it releases huge amounts of serotonin from serotonin neurons it actually destroys the neurons. This destruction can be very quick and the implications are massive. Keep on taking ecstasy and pretty soon you will have very few serotonin circuits left and you are destined for depression. The lack of serotonin will prevent parts of the chitta from incarnating into the brain and so a disconnection from parts of your personality (located in the chitta) can occur. Repair of such brain damage is usually seen as impossible so if you do nothing it will not repair. I believe however that a regeneration of brain cells is possible through meditation and raising sexual energy


into the brain. If this is possible it will take a lot of work and a full recovery may still not be possible.

Marijuana is also a very powerful drug, these days often made extremely potent with hydroponics. This drug can cause the same types of problems as the amphetamines but it will generally take longer and the threat is not as strong for some people. Depending on the make-up of your subtle bodies, marijuana may not be very dangerous or it could be quite a bad idea. If you become extremely paranoid it’s time to stop. If extreme negative symptoms occur with its use you can be sure that it is damaging you astral body and chitta which could lead to psychosis.

All street drugs have the potential to cause serious problems but the danger is far greater for certain people depending on how their subtle bodies are structured. Trying drugs is not necessarily a bad thing as they can certainly open your mind and show you other states of consciousness, possibly helping you to remember some of your higher and inter-dimensional aspects, but there is a risk that using a drug once could cause serious damage that cannot be fixed in this lifetime. It is a choice you make and you are responsible for it, whereever it might lead. To keep on using drugs is always bad for your subtle bodies and will not speed up your spiritual transformation. It is best not to use drugs at all, especially as you can reach higher consciousness without them and clear all the pain that you want to escape from. Drugs are not an escape but make things worse. With spiritual practices you can escape for real; ecstasy can be yours.



Psychosis is widely misunderstood throughout society. Even the so-called professionals of the psychological and psychiatric communities do not understand its genesis or what is actually occurring. As with all so-called mental problems, metaphysics is essential to a proper understanding. Without the knowledge of how consciousness incarnates into matter and the various subtle bodies and energies required there will always be confusion. Most psychiatrists and psychologists work from a framework of beliefs which state that consciousness cannot exist without the brain and therefore the brain is you. They will freely admit that there is no proof that this is the case but have decided to base their research and theories upon the


assumption that the brain is where consciousness comes from. It is a shame that when you base a theory on something untrue that your theory cannot be accurate.

So the professionals who treat psychosis patients, as well as schizophrenics and other disorders, do not really understand what is happening to the patient and therefore do not know how to treat them. Often such patients are locked up in psych wards and seen by the doctor once a day (if that) for a few minutes. The treatment is basically a resume of anti-psychotic drugs which adjust the various neurochemicals within the brain. As well as these drugs the patient will be told that they are sick, they are experiencing delusions and hallucinations etc and that this means they are psychotic. The doctors do not delve into the patient’s subconscious with regression or hypnosis techniques as they themselves are not experienced in these areas. If a doctor has not thoroughly explored his/her own subconscious with such techniques and meditation then they are not qualified to perform them on others. They would be dealing with issues that they cannot understand and the technique could actually be dangerous if used by such a doctor.

The drugs used to treat psychosis affect the brain in such a way that the astral body and chitta are disconnected. This disconnects the patient from many of their Samskaras and also reduces the vibration of their etheric and physical bodies which slows down mental activity. A disconnection from the lower chakras also occurs, leading to a loss of sex drive and loss of feeling in the genitals. So in effect the drugs reduce all sensations coming from the subtle bodies of the patient. The extreme symptoms are therefore reduced and the patient seems much less chaotic. The problem is that the subtle bodies are still in chaos, they have simply been disconnected and so the chaos does not incarnate as strongly. The chaotic astral body and chitta have not been healed or cleared in any way and when the drugs are stopped there is a good chance that the psychosis will reoccur. For this reason it is often the case that once someone has a psychotic episode they are told by doctors to stay on the drugs for a long period possibly the entire life “just in case”.

So what is psychosis? To understand this we must look at the ego structure which is basically crystallization in the astral body and chitta. The crystallizations are formed in the first place to protect the individual from emotional pain coming from within (because of past traumas and disconnection from the person’s essence or spirit) and to keep negative outside influences at bay. On top of this there is further


conditioning which are learned responses to the outside world and how to navigate through society. The successful ego structure keeps internal emotional pain to a minimum and successfully deals with the outside world with a minimum of anxiety. The very successful structure will fulfill its desires through interaction with the World. An unsuccessful structure can be seen as one that fails to keep internal emotional pain to a minimum, and/or cannot deal with everyday life effectively and without high levels of anxiety. Of course the actual ego can be anywhere between these two extremes.

If the ego structure fails to keep internal emotional pain at bay, the structure is not solid and may be in a state of flux. Similarly if the environment is hard to negotiate, the anxiety from outside could lead to the instability of the ego structure. So for whatever reason, if the ego structure is unstable it is possible for parts of it to change suddenly. For example a major Samskara could suddenly come to the surface and release the emotions locked within, causing a part of the crystallized astral to open. When this occurs, higher vibrating parts of the light body may enter into the astral body which may raise its vibration and make it even more unstable. So the astral body becomes chaotic very suddenly and at the same time higher energies have entered into the person’s consciousness. The person experiences the higher energies and feels invincible, spiritually awakened and extremely special. To a psychiatrist these symptoms are called grandiose delusions. As the person still has a very chaotic astral body or ego structure they misunderstand what is happening. The ego feels these forces of higher consciousness and comes to its own conclusions such as "I am Jesus reincarnated", "I have reached Enlightenment", "I can fly" etc. The forces that the individual feels are of higher consciousness and feel so powerful. It feels so real because it is real. Spiritual realities are far more real than life on Earth and when experienced through the ego the person cannot help believing its truth. As they have no foundation or true knowledge to put the experience into context they interpret the spiritual forces they are experiencing and create delusions like "I am Jesus".

To a psychiatrist, who also has no basis for conceptualizing such experiences and who has not had the experience themselves, it is simply delusion but what use is it to tell someone they are completely delusional when they feel as though the experience is more real than anything they have ever felt before? Part of the experience is completely real; the feelings of grandeur are exactly how the spirit


feels. Do you think God does not feel grand? It is only the interpretation that is a delusion.

Because of the higher consciousness, the person will likely see the falseness of others egos, society’s norms and values and indeed the fakeness of themselves. Their own ego is exposed as a fraud very suddenly by their experience of higher consciousness. Seeing yourself as a fraud is not easy but while the higher forces are incarnating it feels great and it can be seen clearly. Unfortunately the very same ego that has been seen as a fraud is the one that is creating the delusions. Also if the person’s Third Eye is activated sufficiently there will be hallucinations. Even though the Third Eye is seeing into other realities and the hallucinations are based on this actual vision, they will often be distorted by the ego. With the activated Third Eye and chaotic chitta the imagination of the psychotic can be so vivid that it seems real. Indeed some of what the psychotic may see is actual hallucination.

Because the astral body’s vibration has been raised by the influx of light and possible activation of chakras and other structures, it becomes extremely chaotic. All the crystallization and ego structure that kept certain thoughts and emotions separate and kept things running smoothly is thrown into absolute chaos. The chitta is whirling around at amazing speeds and the person can think very fast. Their IQ has probably risen significantly as a result but there are so many thoughts running around that they cannot stay sane or focused. The past merges with the present, hallucinations with delusions of grandeur, and the person has gone insane. The person can no longer grasp reality, cannot read other people and may think that the whole world is against them. Paranoia becomes amplified and the types of delusions created become worldlier: “Mum wants to lock me up in a mental hospital”, “my girlfriend wants to kill me”, “everyone is out to get me”, “the FBI is watching me”.

After a while the astral body will calm down and the higher forces will disconnect gradually. The extreme delusions will reduce and thoughts slow down. The astral body and chitta's vibration will slow down to normal but they will have been affected greatly by the episode. The realization that your ego is a fraud is far more painful when you end up right back in it and lose the grandeur of higher consciousness. The astral has been shaken up by higher consciousness and will take a long lime to settle down. Depression and anxiety are very likely and a slow process of rebuilding the sense of self will begin.


At this point the patient can try to become normal again or begin the clearing process and try to reach higher consciousness for good and with clarity. For this the vibration of the etheric and physical must be gradually raised while the astral body is cleared of all past emotional conditioning. The decisions made will likely rest on what beliefs are held after the episode. Does the person believe that they simply had a psychotic episode which needs to be treated by anti-psychotic drugs or do they believe that they experienced a spiritual awakening which needs to be treated by further spiritual transformation and incarnation?



Schizophrenia is quite similar to psychosis but usually lasts for the entire life. Psychosis usually comes in short bursts and afterwards the individual goes back to a relatively normal state. Psychosis may or may not reoccur for someone who has had one episode. Schizophrenia on the other hand is seen as a disease which has no cure but which can be treated by drugs to reduce symptoms. Often schizophrenics keep on deteriorating as they grow older. Around 1-2% of the population of all cultures and races suffer from schizophrenia so it is a "disease" or condition that affects many people’s lives. The treatment for schizophrenia is anti-psychotic drugs which do reduce symptoms and can be useful. The older drugs used to treat schizophrenia had many side effects which almost outweighed the advantages but some of the recent drugs have fewer side effects. As psychiatrists can only look to the physical body for answers they do not understand the metaphysical aspect of the disease and so some possible methods of treatment are completely overlooked.

From a metaphysical point-of-view, schizophrenia has many of the same problems as psychosis. It is my belief that psychosis is the beginning of schizophrenia and if treated early enough with some new methods, schizophrenia could be averted. So if this is true then why do some people experience a psychotic episode and never progress to schizophrenia while others do? The reason lies in the subtle bodies of the individual and in how badly damaged they become during the psychosis. Keep in mind that a psychotic episode can also be brought on by drug use or abuse and that this type could also lead into schizophrenia.


Basically if a psychotic episode is intense enough and the astral body has very rigid crystallizations, it can be cracked by the sudden raise in vibration. If the damage is not too bad and the astral body is fairly well balanced the person may be able to heal. The support network of family and friends will be vital in the healing process. A much greater chance of recovery will exist with good social supports. If the astral body is cracked or damaged severely it will not work well enough after the episode for adequate healing to take place. The person may be left very confused and with hallucinations and delusions continuing for longer periods because the astral body never slows down enough. With large cracks present, some higher frequency forces may continue to shake up the astral body which leads to continued confusion. Another problem is that this state can lead to a very open aura with holes and weak spots. Malevolent non-physical beings and entities will be able to disrupt the subtle bodies and the person will easily resonate with negative astral planes. Hallucinations and delusions may continue, especially if the Third Eye remains activated while other chakras are blocked and the chitta is unclear and unstable.

During prolonged episodes of psychosis such as those experienced by schizophrenics, there is a possibility that some astral shattering may occur. This usually happens at death but in advanced Alzheimer's and schizophrenia it can occur while in the body. If shattering does occur, the parts of astral body lost cannot be replaced. When this occurs the patient will seem to have lost large portions of their personality and will become even more confused and lost. When this type of damage is done to the astral body, the etheric body and nervous system will also suffer greatly. The brain loses its contact with astral forces in the chitta which make its cognitive functions work. This leads to loss of brain tissue and brain damage as the physical brain needs the chitta to keep it healthy and functioning. Many doctors and scientists assume that the brain damage is the cause of the symptoms and that therefore the disease is based in biology. I believe that the truth of the matter is that the mental and emotional disharmony and chaos (in the astral body and chitta) lead to the physical brain damage. If you could stop the deterioration in the astral body and chitta the brain damage would not occur.

One of the physical consequences of advanced schizophrenia is that the three brain ventricles become enlarged as the tissue around them deteriorates. The ventricles are located roughly in the middle of the brain and are filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Nobody really knows what they are for or what they do because they do not study


metaphysics. The ventricles are actually essential parts of the brain which work kind of like a mirror for consciousness. They are a physical counterpart of the Third Eye and are essential when it comes to spiritual vision, dreams and even imagination. The ventricles are like mirrors that reflect pictures, images and colors into the physical consciousness of the brain. If you had no ventricles you would not be able to dream or imagine anything and you would not be able to use your Third Eye at all. For all the chakras there are physical organs which incarnate their various inter- dimensional aspects into the physical body. The ventricles are one part of the Third Eye's physical structure that incarnates non-physical vision. When a schizophrenic reaches advanced stages of deterioration their ventricles become enlarged which leads to more vivid hallucinations as well as intensifying other symptoms.

Unfortunately once schizophrenia gets to the advanced stages there is not much that can be done. The new anti-psychotic drugs are an important part of slowing down the progress of schizophrenia as they do reduce the pressure on the patient’s subtle bodies. I believe that with the proper techniques of clearing the astral body, strengthening the etheric body and eventually incarnating the Light Body that schizophrenia could be averted. It would have to be caught in its early stages and it would require much effort by the individual themselves as well as someone experienced enough in the required metaphysical techniques. If extreme damage had already been done to the astral body it may never be healed completely but with the right techniques and required effort the outcome would probably be much better than not doing anything. In mental hospitals around the World schizophrenics are sedated, locked up in rooms with no pictures, treated like they are crazy and dehumanized by staff. No credence is given to their experience which is often multi- dimensional in nature and their perceptions are labeled as hallucinations. What chance of recovery do these people have?


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