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want to negate the spirituality of the Material Forces we will use the word Consciousness.

The 9 physical dimensions previously described are places made up of Conscious Forces and Material Forces. Matter has been formed by Consciousness into certain frequencies of vibration. For instance the 9th dimensional material vibrates at a much faster rate than the 2nd. The slower the vibration of the matter, the more dense the physicality of the dimension will be. As Consciousness vibrates very fast it is much harder for it to incarnate into the lower dimensions and it has less control of the physical substance there. In the 3rd dimension we need to eat food and drink water to gain energy for our physical bodies’ survival and hence the need for the food chain. In some higher dimensions, energy and sustenance for the physical body can be obtained directly from the atmosphere.

The 9 dimensions are separated from one another by certain structures of energy but physically they can be in the same place. For example the Earth has an expression of itself in each dimension. These different dimensional expressions of Earth are all in the same place and are all a part of the same Earth. A multi-dimensional being could go to and explore Earth in all of the dimensions but humans can only see and explore her 3rd dimensional aspect because we have a 3rd dimensional body. We could experience these other levels while in our physical body by cultivating our subtle perception. If we could raise our body’s vibration to a high enough level we could then enter the 4th dimension and explore there. Although the dimensions are somewhat separate, they do interact and are all vital for each other. It's like a tower - without the foundations you cannot have a first level and without the first level you cannot have the second. So the dimensions are places where beings can incarnate into matter and live a life in the particular dimension that the chosen body is made for. Many Extra-Terrestrials have bodies that can move through dimensions such as from the 4th to the 6th. The 5th would be this ET's natural resting place but they have the ability to densify or lighten their body to move up or down to the 6th or 4th dimensions at will.

Because a being is able to move between dimensions does not mean they are more evolved than a human. Their body is certainly more versatile and can do many amazing things that a human cannot but this is due to their incarnation into a multi- dimensional body. The human is a being of consciousness which transcends all


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