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Ching/ Sexual Energy

Ching is sexual energy which is produced and stored in the testicles or ovaries. It is a synthesis of all other types of chi as all of the organs and glands, including the brain, give some of their chi to the reproductive organs for the production of sexual energy. The testicles/ovaries are unique in that if you lose the physical organs you cannot create ching; it is a very special energy that requires the physical organs for its production.

The production of this highly refined energy is very taxing on the energy body as it takes a large amount of organs, glands, brain and life force chi to produce just a small amount of ching. Thirty to forty percent of your daily chi energy goes into the production of sexual energy and this energy is then put to use in the production of sperm or eggs (the eggs are already there from the female’s birth but a massive amount of ching goes into the eggs that are becoming ready to be released through the menstrual cycle. These eggs are brought to fruition and made ready for fertilization through their interaction with the ching). Sperm and eggs are overflowing with ching. It is the substance that can recreate life, a fully potent creative energy. Our bodies are basically factories for the production of this vital power.

Ching is far denser than life-force chi or the various organs and glands’ chi and has a much stronger vibration. In fact everyone has felt this energy as it is so dense and has such a strong vibration. When you have an orgasm, the sensations you feel are simply the release of ching from the testicles or ovaries. The ching is so dense and strongly vibrating that your physical nerve endings are stimulated by it and this is where the orgasmic feelings come from. When the ching is aroused, which is basically whenever you are sexually aroused, it expands enormously and begins to vibrate more strongly. Most people have some serious energetic blockages in the lower abdomen, anus, genitals and perineum so the ching (sexual energy) cannot rise up the body and is restricted to these lower areas. Because of this the pressure can build very quickly and then it must be released. In men the release of this pressure comes through ejaculation where the ching, along with the sperm, is released into the Universe. In females the built-up pressure is released through orgasm also but for them the ching is simply released into the genitals and the


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