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Being a primordial substance means that the jing can actually expand enormously by reconnecting with the primordial source from whence it came. At the moment of conception this occurs, therefore expanding the jing given by the parents enormously (only a tiny amount of the mother and father’s jing is given in the sperm and egg so it must expand to give the baby a full store of its own jing). This will never happen again for the given life and this original amount of jing created at conception will last for the whole lifetime. It can then only be strengthened and stored, or expelled and exhausted.

The lower dimensions are the background of all matter in the physical dimensions and hold all things together. It is the ultimate yin energy being totally passive and ready to be formed into anything. It is important to realize that the expansion of jing at conception is an expansion of the combined jing of the sperm and egg. If the jing of either of these is weak or depleted then the expansion will not be as complete and so the life form created will not be as strong and healthy. (Down’s Syndrome is a problem with the DNA and is actually caused by weak jing as this is the force which animates DNA and holds it together).

Jing is extremely precious and should be looked after to the utmost. By strengthening the jing your physical body can become amazingly strong and vitalized. A long and disease-free life can be had with energy to do with as you wish. Your creative powers will not diminish and your brain will stay vigilant to the end. gives some important practices for strengthening the jing and also shows how to use the power it can make available. Smashing large river stones with a light slap of the bare hand is just one demonstration of the possible powers of the cultivated jing. In the martial arts chi may be sent into an opponent causing damage to the chi body but to cause internal physical damage or to damage physical objects it is the jing that is used. Jing is the force that can smash material by splitting the actual force that holds that object together. When this is done you do not lose any jing at all. If you were to send chi into an opponent you would lose this chi. When jing is used in the martial arts, your jing simply smashes the jing of the object or opponent.

Another interesting point is that of morning sickness in newly-pregnant women. On a metaphysical level it is caused by the sudden huge expansion of jing in the new life form. As it is inside the mother this force will play havoc with the organs, especially


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