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vibrating slowly, consciousness must gradually slow its vibration by entering light and then Astral Substance before incarnating into the physical world.

As the human is a part of a much larger being which has parts of itself in many different dimensions it is possible for the human to become aware of these other parts during meditation. By taking your consciousness upwards through the Column you may become aware of yourself in higher dimensions. The higher you go up the Column, the higher the dimension you will become aware of. The chakras each connect with other dimensions which contain parts of you. By clearing and awakening your chakras you make it possible to bring the Forces of Consciousness from their respective dimensions into your body for use in the physical world. The goal of the spiritual practices and alchemical processes here is to clear your subtle bodies, and activate your energy centers to incarnate these higher dimensions of yourself into the physical world. When this is done you can experience your higher dimensional aspects while in ordinary consciousness and not only while in a deep meditative state or while taking your consciousness up the Column.

Some of the different forces will now be described, including ‘Astral Substance’, ‘ka’ (light) and ‘spirit’.


Astral Substance

Astral Substance is what makes up your astral body. Before incarnating into the physical body, the consciousness of the descending soul passes through the astral layers around Earth and collects various astral forces to build the astral body that will be used as a vehicle to incarnate into matter. The specific astral forces collected depend on the soul itself and its chosen life on Earth.

The Astral Substances or forces around Earth come from the surrounding planets. The planets are the physical bodies of some very large beings that have incarnated as planets. These beings have an astral body which is an expression of them in Astral Substance.

As stated earlier, consciousness expresses itself through various dimensions of light with Astral Substance being the lowest dimension of this light. While the light of the higher dimensions vibrates very fast, the astral light has been slowed down


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