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dimensions and who has incarnated into a human body for a short period of time. Its next incarnation may be here again or in a much higher dimension or a lower one or maybe it will not incarnate again. The point here is that higher dimension does not mean better, it is just a different place to incarnate and leads to different experiences.

The plot gets thicker as although you are incarnated in the 3rd dimension, here you also have parts of yourself in many other dimensions at the same time. What you know of yourself is very limited due to a lack of incarnation and disconnection from interdimensional perception. You are a huge consciousness which has unlimited power to create whatever you want and you have parts of yourself in many dimensions simultaneously. You have only brought with you a portion of yourself and have left behind much of your consciousness in the dimensions above nine. The high dimensions of consciousness contain different levels of awareness and spiritual powers. You may have also incarnated in other bodies, other physical dimensions and on other planets at the same time. Parts of you are probably all over the Universe.

At a certain level of your consciousness you are aware of all of your lives and all of yourself. The part that has incarnated here is but a tiny piece of a much larger being.

The above information and much more is available firsthand to anybody who chooses to follow the path of spiritual awakening and inner alchemy. This website and the tools available here are to help you remember what and who you are, to transform your energy bodies and incarnate higher forces of consciousness into your 3rd- dimensional body.

The complexities of metaphysics throughout the Universe and all of the dimensions could fill an infinite number of books. The knowledge that we need now is only what is relevant to us and this life on Earth. What’re important are actual practices to awaken your spiritual senses, clear your energy and consciousness of past conditioning and incarnate higher-dimensional force.

By using the practices found at you will gain knowledge of metaphysics firsthand. You will experience for yourself and know for yourself and therefore you will not need to read numerous books on the subject. However, some knowledge on the various energies, forces, beings and phenomena that affect us


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