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significantly so that the consciousness from the highest dimensions may incarnate into matter which vibrates slower. The dimensions of light come from the higher dimensions of consciousness and so this light is an actual expression of the higher consciousness (it’s just a slower vibration).

Earth is situated with surrounding planets which all have an astral body which is an expression of the being that has incarnated into the planet. These beings are sometimes called gods and the Ancient Greek, Roman and Hindu mythologies of the gods do well in depicting their personalities and interactions. As the human’s astral body is made up of the Astral Substance from each of these so-called gods, the interactions occur both within the individual human and between individuals and groups. The human-being collects Astral Substance from these so-called gods on the way through the lower dimensions of Astral Substance before incarnation. Depending on the positions of the planets in relation to Earth and each other the Astral Substances acquired will differ and hence the science of the horoscope.

So a consciousness (spirit) which has a high dimensional light body gradually descends into lower vibrations and gathers Astral Substance around the light body and then incarnates into the physical and energy bodies of the baby. The actual incarnation occurs at birth as this is when the being is brought into the 3rd dimension. During the pregnancy the spirit has a connection to the fetus and so is partially incarnated but its main substance is waiting in the higher dimensions. It is when the baby is born that the spirit has really begun its incarnation into the 3rd dimension. Although birth is indeed the beginning of the incarnated life it takes time for the various Astral Substances, light and consciousness to merge with the physical body. It takes a normal person about 28 years to incarnate all of the astral energies they have brought with them. In fact the incarnation process does keep on going for the entire life but it seems that 28 is the critical point. Before 28 years is reached it is almost impossible for a being to have incarnated all that it has intended to.

The spirit does not incarnate all of itself into the 3rd dimension and much of its higher energies and substance stay in the higher dimensions. The higher selves of all individuals reside in these higher dimensions and will never incarnate during earthly life. An exception to this rule is for the spiritual seekers who spend many years meditating, purifying and incarnating higher energies. In the past these beings have been few and far between because the purpose of life on earth has not been to


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