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incarnate these parts. Earth has had a very specific purpose which will be explained in detail in A New Mythology. Now however this purpose has been fulfilled and many are joining these spiritual seekers to raise the consciousness of the planet and to actually raise humanity into the 4th dimension. This is the reason for these websites and many other writings and spiritual teachings which have become available in the last 10-20 years.

When the baby is born, the astral body is very clear as the substances which make it up have come straight from the higher/more pure astral layers. The Astral Substances have characteristics as they are an expression of the beings which they belong to. The consciousness and higher-dimensional Light Body which has incarnated is therefore experienced through this astral body. If you shine a light through a colored lens, the light that comes out and is experienced on the other side is distorted by this lens as the color has been changed. This is how the baby experiences its higher light, through the astral body. It is still very clear and the higher light is still very clearly experienced albeit through the lens of the astral body. All the innocence, love and positive virtues of a baby are a result of the higher light shining through the astral body and into the 3rd dimension. The more specific personality characteristics are a result of the Astral Substances which make up the astral body. So the personality of the baby is a mixture of its Higher Self and the astral body (horoscope) as well as the instincts that are a part of the physical body and the forces from lower dimensions.

The Higher Self of the baby is an extremely sensitive and loving being. It has come from a place of absolute love, safety, wisdom, intelligence and sensitivity. Life on Earth is very different to the place of its origin. As soon as it is born a huge disconnection from its home occurs, leading to immense heartbreak, fear and need of nurturance. When the being feels nurtured and secure you can clearly see the higher aspects of its spirit. When it does not feel these things from its environment you will clearly see the pain and grief that the baby feels. Whenever this pain is felt by the baby the disconnection from the spirit’s essence (home) is increasing. The only treatment for this pain is for the astral body of the infant to begin to crystallize to shut out the pain which in effect shuts out the higher energies as well. When the baby was first born the astral body was like a colored lens but as parts begin to crystallize its like putting scratches on the lens which further distorts and blocks out the higher light. This is the formation of the ego. Every time the baby feels


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