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unpleasant emotions the astral body crystallizes further to block out the pain. Eventually the astral body has become a crystallized structure which successfully blocks out the pain of the spirit’s disconnection from its source.

Once the astral body has become crystallized to this point it is a fully fledged ego structure. This structure reacts to the World depending on its inherent astral forces or horoscope and the way its structure was formed as everything that is experienced becomes shadowed by emotional traumas and conditioning. The more emotional pain felt by the individual and the less nurturance, security and love received during infancy the more crystallized will be the ego structure and therefore the more distorted and blocked the incoming higher light from the Higher Self.

The astral body incarnates into the physical body through the chi body and the ‘chitta’ (explained later under Chitta) which are both greatly involved with the CNS (Central Nervous System) which includes the brain, spinal cord and all nerves running throughout the body. You feel emotions throughout the body because of this interaction. Your Heart Chakra is in the middle of your chest (within the Light Body); the emotions felt here in the astral body transfer into the chi/etheric body and then into the physical body through the nerves. When you feel broken-hearted you feel physical pain in the area even though the emotion is located in the astral body because of this interaction. The structure in the astral body can be seen and felt in the physical body as tension because the crystallized astral grasps the etheric which in turn affects the nerves in the area. The ego structure in the astral body always effects the flow of etheric/chi energy which in turn causes stress/tension in the physical body which leads to poor health, weakness and rapid aging of the physical body.

In ordinary individuals the ego structure created during infancy remains until death, being the base of personality through which life is experienced. At death the astral body leaves the physical and etheric bodies and begins to rise into higher dimensions. As this occurs the crystallized parts shatter under the pressure of higher vibration. Much of the shattered astral body goes back to where it came from and becomes as it was before the incarnation but some very crystallized chunks remain intact and stay on earth where they become etheric/astral parasites. This will be covered in detail under Entities.


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