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You have higher selves in many dimensions with many different perspectives and views of the Universe and even of your life here on earth.

Most people when referring to the Higher Self are talking about the lowest one. I would like to clarify that by higher I do not mean better. All of creation is equal, nothing more holy than anything else. Higher just refers to the dimension where the consciousness resides. The higher the dimension, the more expansive the consciousness, the larger the view and the greater the powers of vision, knowledge, wisdom and love. Your own Higher Self in the very high dimensions is nothing short of a god. It has many parts of itself incarnated all over the Universe, including you. Well if you go high enough you'll probably find that there is only one Higher Self at the top and it is all that is. The point here is that the parts of yourself that you are aware of are only a tiny portion of who you really are.

The work of spiritual transformation and incarnation is basically the clearing of what is not you (astral crystallization or ego structure) and the incarnation of more and more of your self (higher dimensional forces of light and consciousness). Another important part is the strengthening of the physical and etheric body’s vibration. For your body to be able to incarnate higher forces the physical vibration must be increased. The raising of sexual energy is essential here along with the clearing of the meridian system.

Back to the ka; quite simply ka is higher-dimensional light. The body of light is somewhat like the astral body in that it contains different types of light which are mixed in together. The mixture is determined by your spirit (higher consciousness) and is put together in accordance with what the spirit wants to do. Just like choosing the astral mixture before incarnating on Earth your spirit chose a mixture of light in the formation of its light body. This Light Body was formed for the spirit's purposes in this Universe. I will talk about spirit further in the next section.

The light body includes the chakras, Column and the MerKaBa along with other structures of light which will be described later. The Light Body is partly here and incarnated but it is very blocked and is not functioning properly which leads to the state of consciousness of the normal individual. Because of the way we have incarnated into such dense matter, the dualistic nature of the 3rd dimension and the purposes for which we have done this, our bodies are all out-of-whack. In a nutshell


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