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the goal is to purify the astral layer, clear and raise the vibration of the etheric and physical bodies, incarnate more of the light body and get its structures and energy centers balanced and functioning properly. Through this the spirit is able to incarnate into matter.


The original differentiation from the void or absolute into Forces of Consciousness and Material Forces was the beginning of spirit. The Forces of Consciousness begin as pure spirit. This can be seen as the highest dimension before the void. It is a dimension of pure consciousness. There is no light or material but only clear consciousness. What there is however is movement and the beginning of differentiation. While in the void there is no movement and no differentiation but as soon as the division into consciousness and material takes place, movement begins. The Material Forces become a fertile chaos waiting to be formed by consciousness and consciousness gains the movement of desire. Without the balance of the void, consciousness immediately desires to create and is full of inspiration.

So at the highest dimension there is conscious movement and an impulse to create. The consciousness here begins to differentiate between different impulses and this can be seen as the beginning of individual spirits. The next levels of dimensions are still a clear consciousness but movement is increasing along with differentiation along the lines of impulse. This differentiation into individual spirits is the birth of creators. These creators all receive their impulse to create from the highest dimension of one spirit but they are in a dimension where they are individuals (although still experiencing oneness). These creators first create the dimensions of light which literally come from their own consciousness. Within these dimensions of light each creator differentiates into many beings that again have more specific purposes and impulses. Every being created is also a creator but the powers, responsibilities and impulses change as lower dimensions are created. This type of differentiation occurs all the way down to the dimensions of dense Astral Substance.

Humans and all other sentient life are a part of this creation. We are impulsed from the dimensions above and receive all of our consciousness, power, love and wisdom from the creators above. We too are creators and our impulse is to incarnate into


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