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matter and create within it. The only way for consciousness to create with the Material Forces from the dimensions below, is to enter into it. The incarnation of spirit into matter is the way the entire Universe is created. Everything in the Universe has a consciousness associated with it. All the planets are conscious beings incarnating into matter. They each form the Material Forces around themselves to create whatever it is they desire. All incarnating beings are simply the part of a larger being that is merging with the forces from below. In nearly the entire Universe, for anyone who has incarnated into anything, they remain aware of their higher parts and are truly multi-dimensional beings. They are aware of the many dimensions around them and of their higher and lower parts, and of the oneness of all that is. They are aware of their source as well as the universes around them. They are aware of their spirit which is nothing less than a part of the Great Spirit at the highest dimension. All spirits are a differentiation of this one spirit, as is yours and every other life form's.

Humans are different. We have come to Earth with a very specific purpose which required a disconnection from our own spirit and a veiling of our higher and lower aspects. Our memory of where we come from, whom and what we are and the metaphysical nature of ourselves is disconnected and we are left in a state of isolation from the oneness of the Universe. The reasons for this will be explained in A New Mythology. For now it is important to understand that we are not in a natural state of being but have joined in an experiment which has made us what we are for a very specific purpose. We have been cut off from our own powers of creation and we did choose to do this. Fortunately we have come to the end of this experiment and its time to clean up and reconnect. The veils are being lifted and the techniques and knowledge available here and from many other authors are becoming available now because the time has come to remember who we are and our true purpose.

Spiritual awakening, transformation and incarnation have never been so accessible, fast and easy. You will become aware of your own spirit very soon and the need to read about these things will disappear as you begin to experience and remember for yourself.


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