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directly can be very useful for your awakening, giving you a ground of information to play with and compare with your experience. For this reason you will find a fair amount of information on metaphysics but please keep in mind that the practices are most important.



While metaphysics refers to the study of multi-dimensional energies, forces and substances, alchemy refers to the use of this knowledge and certain practices designed to transform these energies, forces and substances to achieve a certain goal. Metaphysics and alchemy go hand-in-hand as to study metaphysics you need to begin alchemical processes to awaken your senses to multi-dimensional phenomena and to succeed in Alchemical Transformation you require some metaphysical understanding.

As the average human is currently set up, their subtle senses are in a state where this metaphysical exploration is not really possible. Everyone does have some degree of awakening and subtle sense of the non-physical but with the state of their emotional and mental make up being often very confused and in great conflict and flux, any real study of metaphysics is almost impossible.

The reason for this website is to give those who want alchemical transformation and spiritual awakening a very powerful way to achieve this in the shortest amount of time possible. The tools available here are for people who live in society and who desire to remain as a part of the World during and after their spiritual transformation. The time for running off to the temple to meditate, while renouncing earthly life has passed. In fact progress can be made more quickly and with more solid results by remaining in society. The reason for this is that by running away to meditate, many aspects of the subconscious may remain hidden as the life circumstances that would have provoked them into consciousness are absent and so they may never be cleared and resolved.

Previously it was often necessary for the few who desired real transformation to renounce the World because entering the required states of consciousness did take years of meditation and practice. Now we have Brainwave Entrainment Technology


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