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nutrients through the umbilical cord and at the same time drawing energy through the Hara. When the umbilical cord was cut you stopped drawing nutrients through the navel and also stopped drawing energy through the Hara. Because you stopped actively drawing energy through the Hara and because of the physical and emotional trauma, the energies around the Hara quickly closed over. As Samskaras formed and your energy bodies became more chaotic with age, the Hara was buried deeper still, cutting you off from its powers.

The Hara is the center of the etheric or chi body. It is about an inch in diameter and is the gateway into the ocean of chi. Around the Hara and with it as the center there is an envelope of energy called the ‘tan tien’. This tan tien is a ball of etheric energy about the size of a soccer ball. It is filled from the Hara and is often called ‘the cauldron’ in Taoist alchemical texts. This ball of energy interacts with all the organs and especially the intestines as it is where food is turned into energy. Energy is taken from the food and mixed in the tan tien or cauldron before being distributed throughout the body. Having the Hara open and a full tan tien is vital for real health and vitality. Unfortunately most people have many Samskaras and energetic blockages in this area and the fullness that should be felt in the tan tien is absent. This is the main cause of many addictions especially to food. Constantly eating and overeating are an attempt to feel full despite a blocked Hara and empty tan tien.

The Hara and tan tien are very important for the work of Inner Alchemy and especially with the work of Tantric Sex and Inner Power Cultivation. By following the tantric sex practices in Tantric Secrets you will quickly open the Hara and become aware of your tan tien.


Astral Body/ Emotional Body

The astral body is made up of astral forces and as discussed earlier it is gathered before each incarnation and will be different each time. When incarnating into the etheric body various astral forces are attracted to certain parts of the physical body. The organs each attract a certain astral force so depending on the astral body's makeup the organs will receive differing amounts of required astrality. For example: if the incarnating astral body has an abundance of Venus astral force, the kidneys will be overflowing and so they are likely to be very strong. As the Venus force goes


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