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into the kidneys, the chi there will be transformed into kidney chi and will likely flow strongly throughout the meridians. If this astral body has very little Mars force the stomach will be weaker and so less Mars chi will be created to flow through the meridians. While young, the strong kidneys will likely be helping the weak stomach as it will draw energy from the kidneys to function properly, but as this person gets older, if no strengthening has been done, it will eventually put a strain on the kidneys and all other systems.

As the meridians are flowing with an excess of Venus and lack of Mars force they will become out of balance with some having very little flow and others very strong. As these two forces also relate to all the others, they will all be affected, leading to greater unbalance. The physical body will be affected by this unbalance leading to weakness in some areas and most definitely poor posture. Your mental and emotional aspects are situated in the astral body so any unbalance here will also show up in your psychology. The astral body is the main hindrance to spiritual awakening and is the most important body to be cleared before higher forces can be incarnated. If you have poor posture, a weakened etheric and weak physical parts as described above the only way for this to be cured at its root is by healing the astral body. You can work on your posture which will help, but as long as the imbalance resides in the astral body it will continually be reflected in the physical.

If you heal the astral body and do no work on the etheric which has been damaged by the years of unbalance, full healing of the physical and etheric are unlikely to occur. This is why work on all levels is essential for fast and steady progress. As the level of vibration of consciousness increases there is a corresponding need for the vibration of the etheric and physical to also increase so as to hold or maintain the higher consciousness. If not it becomes more difficult to stay at this new level of consciousness and will likely fluctuate between the higher states and lower ones.

Now that we are talking about the astral body it is important that we discuss Samskaras. Under Astral Substance I mentioned that due to emotional traumas the Astral Substance will crystallize. These crystallizations are called ‘Samskaras’.

An example: as a baby you were left alone and wanted your mother. She was not there and it left you feeling insecure and alone. You cried because of this feeling of aloneness and she still did not come. The feeling was very painful and felt very much


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