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like heartbreak. In the area of your heart the Astral Substance was pulsating with emotion and because of this going on for an extended period the Astral Substance began to crystallize. This helped to reduce the pain. The emotion was actually condensed into a small ball and became hard. This ball is full of the emotion of heartbreak and aloneness but has been condensed and enclosed. When mother finally came to the rescue it was too late. The ball of emotion had been formed and was now crystallized. Although her presence was able to release the emotions that had not been crystallized it was not able to release the ball. Now that this ball was within your astral body the feeling of merging with your mother could not be as complete as before. You felt different. It is now a dull sense of being alone which lies in the background of consciousness whether she is there or not. Now when a similar instance occurs the intense emotions within the ball are released a little which causes the emotions to intensify and a further crystallization to occur. You grow older and have this feeling of being alone. It is not huge but it is there. When you are in a relationship the feelings inside the ball may be activated leading to a fear of being abandoned by your partner. If your partner does leave you the ball may certainly become larger still and the underlying sense of being alone may increase. This is called a Samskara and it can last a very long time if nothing is done about it. What is important to note about the formation of Samskaras is the intensity of the emotions at the time. The more intense the emotions the more likely it is that a crystallization will occur.

Samskaras can be caused by any emotional trauma whatsoever. They do not have to be large but the larger the trauma the larger the Samskara created. After a while the astral body is full of these Samskaras and they are the very root of mental and emotional conditioning.

The feeling of love and peace that accompanied your mother’s presence before the Samskara's creation was due to your own light. Your light would shine through your astral body and give you the feeling of love and peace. This is one of the characteristics of your light body and higher consciousness. The problem is that as a baby this part of your light body has not fully incarnated yet and so without the mother’s presence the light cannot ground and shine through. It seems to the baby that the love and peace come from the mother but in truth it actually comes from its own Higher Self or light body. Now once the Samskara has been formed this same light cannot shine through as it did before. The crystallized Astral Substance blocks


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