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and distorts the light so the child can no longer feel it as it did before. Once the astral body is full of Samskaras, the light of the Higher Self may have trouble shining through at all.

Samskaras cause increased grasping of the etheric body which in turn leads to blockages in the etheric and tension in the physical body. So now we have a state where not only can the mix of astral forces affect the health of the etheric and physical, but Samskaras also affect this in very profound ways. The Samskaras formed will depend on the original astral body as well as the environment the child grows up in. The formation of the ego structure/astral crystallization is very complicated and has led to all the personalities and mental/emotional problems that the human race has seen.

Now with a little understanding of Samskaras we can explore what happens at death and how past lives can affect your present life. When someone dies with a crystallized astral body, most of it will shatter as mentioned in Astral Substance. The problem is that some of the very intense Samskaras have actually become attached to the light body of the individual. These Samskaras are like tiny seeds but they are very condensed and hold a huge amount of emotion. These seeds are stuck to the light body and so travel with it into the higher dimensions. While in these higher realms the Samskaras have little effect on the experience of bliss and love which is present in these dimensions. They are simply there but cannot really be felt. When the next incarnation on earth occurs, on the way through the astral dimensions the Samskaras do play a role in the collection of Astral Substance for the new astral body. This can be why an unbalanced astral body is formed in the first place.

Once on earth these Samskaras from previous lives gradually incarnate and begin to affect the new life just like they did in the past. As a baby not much of the astral body is incarnated (it takes 28 years for full incarnation) but if the baby has a trauma which resonates with one of these past life Samskaras it will be drawn in and activated. The present trauma will likely make the Samskara even more powerful. If this occurs the Samskara will have incarnated. It is much better that these large Samskaras are activated and incarnated later on, for if incarnated as a baby they will certainly cause much pain and many problems for the individual's entire life (unless cleared with the proper techniques). This is why a good upbringing with as much love and nurturance is so important. Think about a Samskara that was built over


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