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lifetimes, it is huge and full of intense emotions. Many of the emotions within the Samskara would have been crystallized as an adult in a past life so when activated in a baby you have a situation where some very powerful adult emotions are within a little innocent baby. If you think about some of the extreme hate, anger and violence that has occurred on this planet you will certainly see that some adult emotions do not belong in a young child. This is where the term "bad seed" comes from. It is not a bad soul but just a large Samskara (seed) which incarnates too early.

So the astral body becomes crystallized through emotional traumas creating Samskaras which affect every aspect of a person’s life. They are ever-present in the background of experience and are the root of the earthly ego. The light of the Higher Self is blocked and distorted by this structure of Samskaras. At death the astral body shatters but some of the large Samskaras stick to the light body and continue to the next life. They will then gradually incarnate with the rest of the astral body and most likely form a core part of the new ego structure in the next life.


Chitta/Mental Body

Chitta is an envelope of subtle energies which surrounds the head and permeates the brain. The astral body is the emotional body; the chitta is the mental body. They are both intimately linked and operate together.

Ching is sexual energy and is a synthesis of the chi produced in the various glands and organs throughout the body (the etheric/chi body). Chitta is similar to ching as it is a synthesis of the various astral forces which make up the astral body. It is also a synthesis of the chi energies and ching. The brain is fed by the chi from the various organs and glands as well as ching (sexual energy). A very subtle envelope of chi is created through this process which is able to interact with the physical brain as well as the astral forces. The astral body interacts with this envelope of refined chi and as a baby grows up the structure of Astral Substance in this area grows more and more complex. When the baby is young the chitta is basically this refined chi and has not been filled with Astral Substance. At this time the higher light of the baby is reflected through the chitta and so the consciousness is very clear. The Astral Substances have not yet crystallized in the chitta so the light shines through.


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