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source of the dimensions of light. Now for an individual consciousness from the very high dimensions to explore through the dimensions of light, astrality and physicality it must do so through some kind of structure. The chakras are the main gateways through which consciousness incarnates into the light body.

The spinning light of the chakras form a vortex or dimensional gateway through which consciousness enters the light body. If the chakra stops spinning the aspect of consciousness that it opens to will be blocked. For instance if the Heart Chakra stops spinning, the aspect of love will be blocked. If all the other chakras continue to spin it will feel like a loss of a part of oneself (the loving part) while the rest of the person is still there as it was. However, when one chakra is blocked or not spinning properly all the others will be effected as well. The longer the Heart Chakra is not spinning the more the entire light body will be affected. Other chakras and structures of light are bound to break down and cause problems.

So the chakras are essentially structures of spinning light which form gateways into higher dimensions of consciousness or lower dimensions of material forces. It is important now to understand what happens to these structures during incarnation and between lives.

In between lives the chakras are spinning freely, allowing for the various aspects of consciousness to enter and come together in the light body. In this state the Higher Self is who you are with nothing to block its experience. The higher selves above are in clear communication through the chakras and other structures of the light body. Various large Samskaras from previous lives are contained in the light body but are not greatly felt. They do however affect the type of life chosen and how soon the next incarnation may occur among other things. The point here is that they do not affect you in the same way as while incarnated on Earth. On Earth they may become the center of your awareness, disconnecting you from your Higher Self but in between lives this is not possible. They are like a tiny speck or blemish on your being and do not have the power to affect consciousness to any great degree.

During earthly incarnation the chakras are drawn into the astral body and thereby into the etheric and physical bodies. It is not the entire chakra that is drawn into the astral body but a large part of it. It does take many years for this to occur and it is only complete at around the age of 28. As the astral body becomes crystallized and


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