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that can induce the very deep states of meditation required. Also we have the combination of ancient and modern techniques of Regression, Tantric Sex, Inner Power Cultivation and Advanced Alchemical Processes which until very recently were very secret or non-existent. Add to these techniques and technology the huge number of spiritual beings working with us for our spiritual transformation, and you have a time where true spiritual transformation has never been so accessible.

Real alchemical change requires work on all levels of our make up. The techniques here should all be used as each one works on a different aspect of you and your energy. It is essential that all of these areas are worked on. Many other paths offer a way to work on one area and neglect others such as meditation teachers who teach only a way to clear the astral body but neglect the necessity of raising and cultivating sexual energy, transforming the physical and raising its vibration through inner power cultivation, and awakening spiritual vision and sentience, to connect with various angels, guides etc who are necessary to help in clearing and healing your energy as well as building structures to hold connections with higher- dimensional forces and consciousness. The technology used in The Meditation Solution is another important tool that many teachers do not use or advocate. The reality is that while living in the World where life has become very complicated and with the Astral Pollution surrounding us it can be very hard if possible at all, to reach the deep states of consciousness necessary for real transformation to occur. This tool should not be overlooked as it represents the most powerful and easiest way to reach these necessary states with ease.

The information given freely here relates to metaphysics. A basic rundown of the energies and forces that surround us is given so that those who desire to begin on alchemical processes may have an idea of what they are dealing with before they begin. Many who find this site are probably already involved in their own spiritual growth and will have a good idea of these phenomena already. Still it is a good idea to read the information before continuing on to the practices.

Please keep in mind that other authors may use slightly different definitions for certain words and some ideas may differ. This is often due to the fact that the secret teachings were often held by sects that did not converse with each other directly, or the languages used by different cultures to describe these realities were not directly translatable. Therefore, although describing the same thing, different words were


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