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at the same time the chakras and light body are being drawn in, the chakras are affected. They begin to spin more slowly and become chaotic as the crystallized astral impacts upon them. This leads to a state where they are not creating the dimensional gateways needed to incarnate higher consciousness and so various parts of your self become blocked or disconnected. This is the typical state of our chakras although the degree of chaos and slowness of the chakras differs among individuals.

The lower chakras (Base and Sex) are part of the light body but also open up gateways into the Lower Self which comes from the lower dimensions. The Lower Self includes the instincts which are more than most people assume. Most people think of instincts as automatic processes but they are actually more like a separate being that has a personality of its own (the Lower Self). The personality of this being is one of joy, playfulness and curiosity and it is one with the earth and all of nature. As a child we are all intimately tied with this being and indeed it makes up a large part of our early personality. All children are playful and curious and what they do is largely automatic. They do not think like adults, they have not structured their ego yet and are basically running on instinct. In fact the Lower Self is just like a child and always will be. If you have lost your childish playful nature you have been disconnected from your Lower Self. Some people when on a spiritual path may find their connection to the Lower Self and assume it is the Higher Self. Although high states of consciousness have been achieved it is not the Higher Self, but it is a necessary step on the way.

Most adults become very disconnected from this Lower Self as the astral body crystallizes and the lower chakras slow down and become blocked just like the higher chakras. We forget how to play and to simply be joyful with our surroundings as life has become complicated and the constant disapproval of our parents and shame of our sexuality has taken its toll on our lower chakras. The Lower Self has been disconnected. In times of need the instincts still kick in, such as adrenalin when we must run from a would-be attacker, the autonomic nervous system still works (food is digested, breathing occurs, the heart pumps etc) and we desire sex but our intimate connection with the Lower Self with all of its joy, enthusiasm and personality has been badly severed. Sex is one of the only times that some connection still exists and is the last playtime left for the emaciated adult. Sex is extremely important in reconnecting with the Lower Self and should always have a playful element. So many people are disconnected from their Lower Self that sexual


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