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issues and dysfunctions have become epidemic. All sexual dysfunction comes down to the closure in the Sex and Base chakras due to emotional trauma and various Samskaras.

As the chakras incarnate through the astral body which in turn incarnates through the etheric, both of these bodies are affected by them. The astral body and etheric body both have centers of energy that correspond with the chakras, so it could be seen that the chakras have an astral and an etheric part. This is true to some extent as these corresponding astral and etheric centers must be free and open for the chakras to function properly and allow for their incarnation into the physical. The physical body also has counterparts to the chakras. It is very common for Samskaras to be in the area of the chakras as these astral centers have greater sensitivity. Because of these Samskaras the etheric energy points are also likely to be blocked at these points and so the physical counterparts are affected as well. A good example of such interaction is that of the pineal gland. This gland is the physical counterpart of the Crown Chakra and in most humans it begins to shrivel up to a pea sized gland at a very young age. It starts out as a very healthy gland producing many hormones needed for the growth and health of the body but as the crystallized chitta blocks the action of the crown chakra the pineal shrinks to a pathetic version of its former self. Only through a thorough clearing of the astral body and chitta, the raising of sexual energy into the brain and the activation and incarnation of the Crown Chakra can this physical gland become healthy again.


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