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used and ideas differed slightly between groups. Also some groups concentrated more on a particular aspect and were involved with a different group of non-physical beings so they may have a very in depth knowledge in one area but fairly vague understanding in another.

Reading and believing will never get you where you want to be. It is Awakening and Transformation that are required. Only actual experience will give you true understanding. You should not believe one author but read many and combine this knowledge with your experience to create your own understanding. Certainly you may feel more connected with certain authors and its fine to follow your intuition as to which one seems to know what they are talking about or which one makes most sense to you but it is a good idea to keep an open mind all the way.


Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening can refer to quite a few phenomena and there are varying degrees of awakening. It is possible for a person who has done no spiritual work to have a spontaneous awakening. This type of awakening occurs as a result of a raise in consciousness where the individual becomes aware of realities and parts of themselves that were previously hidden from consciousness. This raise in consciousness can be due to things such as reading something of a spiritual nature that reminds the person of something they have forgotten or have been disconnected from. When something is read that resonates with a person’s soul and their higher knowledge, this higher part can be activated and incarnated. For example, some forces which were previously located outside of the body (not yet incarnated) suddenly enter the person’s energy, thereby raising their consciousness and awakening awareness of this new force. This type of spontaneous incarnation of higher energies can occur due to various life circumstances or occurrences that open the person’s current energy to these higher forces.

Another possibility is that as the person grows up their physical and energetic bodies are naturally becoming ready for this incarnation and it was predestined that at a particular time the energies would incarnate. This type of phenomena actually occurs throughout the lifetime and is the reason for the immense changes in consciousness that occur for everybody as they grow up. For those with children this will be very


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