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Animals are far more than meets the eyes. Most come from other areas of the Universe and in a certain respect they are Extraterrestrials incarnated on Earth. The bodies they inhabit on their home planet may be completely different to their bodies here or may be very similar. As humans are involved in a reincarnational cycle on Earth; each group of beings throughout the Universe has their own reincarnational cycle. The beings of each cycle have a similar consciousness and have similar personalities. They are expressing a part of the Creator simply by being themselves. All life is evolving to a certain extent and so as each group continues its incarnations it gradually changes and becomes more of itself. Individuals can incarnate into different cycles for a life and return to their cycle or even leave their cycle and join another one if they desire to do so but generally groups tend to stay together. The reason for this is that the individuals in a group all have a connection to the same being of higher consciousness. For example all humans have higher selves which have higher selves which have higher selves which eventually meet up with each other. We are in fact the expression of a huge being that incarnates through all of us. The same goes for other civilizations and groups of beings.

The interesting thing about earth is that the human race has been doing something very unique which has never been done before (more on this in A New Mythology). Due to this, it was necessary to have connections to all areas of the Universe and to all types of consciousness. So the animals are beings from all over the Universe incarnating into life forms here. You can tune into any animal including insects, birds, mammals, fish, etc and you can follow the consciousness of the animal to wherever they come from. Of course awakening your Third Eye will make this much more vivid but anyone can look at an animal and get a feel of its consciousness.

It is important here to understand that the animal’s spirit or Higher Self comes through its light body which like ours does not shine through with perfect clarity. Like us, animals have an astral body which incarnates through the etheric and physical bodies. The light body only has a tiny part actually incarnated in the physical and this part is obstructed by the astral body. To see the being behind the animal (the Higher Self and the connections to higher consciousness) you must follow its column above its head. Animals are in fact in greater contact with their higher selves than


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