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obvious at the time the child begins speaking. Their is a huge leap from the baby who cannot yet talk to the one that can, and it does not take very much perception to see that a part of the individual that was previously not there has suddenly (maybe over a few day, weeks or months) incarnated. You can actually feel that the weight of the child's energy has increased immensely and now their personality is beginning to bloom.

As well as the incarnation of higher energies in this way, the person’s past-life Samskaras (mental and emotional issues which are a part of the astral body) will begin to incarnate. As the child experiences life there are bound to be many traumas. When a trauma occurs that brings similar feelings to a past life trauma, the negative astral energy associated with the past life will be activated and incarnated into the body. For more information about this please read Astral Substance and The Astral Body. The point here is that both higher Forces of Consciousness as well as negative astral energies incarnate gradually as the child grows up. This incarnation continues for the entire life but for many it slows down immensely at the age of 28. For most people the incarnation of the negative astral energies will have been completed by this time and a solid ego structure formed. For those who do not follow any spiritual practice or meditation technique, their energy will stay much the same after this point. Twenty-eight is said to be the youngest age a person can achieve Enlightenment as before this time the required forces have not yet fully incarnated.

A spontaneous awakening simply means that a part of a person's energy has been awakened or incarnated. This awakening will certainly lead to a leap in consciousness and more spiritual awareness but on its own will not lead to spiritual transformation and incarnation. The energy body of the individual is often left in much the same state and they continue to be enshrouded by the ego. Many people can have an enlightening experience but this doesn’t mean they are Enlightened...a huge awakening and realization yes, but there is still a lot of diligent work to do. Often with an awakening the realization follows that to enjoy higher consciousness and ground your higher aspects is going to require a lot of work to clear all past conditioning and emotional imprints so that the spirit may dwell within the body. In fact, following a spiritual experience there is often a comedown effect. As the higher energies enter the body, the entire energy body's vibration is increased which leads to many subconscious memories and conditioning being dislodged and allowed into


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