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into the brain. If this is possible it will take a lot of work and a full recovery may still not be possible.

Marijuana is also a very powerful drug, these days often made extremely potent with hydroponics. This drug can cause the same types of problems as the amphetamines but it will generally take longer and the threat is not as strong for some people. Depending on the make-up of your subtle bodies, marijuana may not be very dangerous or it could be quite a bad idea. If you become extremely paranoid it’s time to stop. If extreme negative symptoms occur with its use you can be sure that it is damaging you astral body and chitta which could lead to psychosis.

All street drugs have the potential to cause serious problems but the danger is far greater for certain people depending on how their subtle bodies are structured. Trying drugs is not necessarily a bad thing as they can certainly open your mind and show you other states of consciousness, possibly helping you to remember some of your higher and inter-dimensional aspects, but there is a risk that using a drug once could cause serious damage that cannot be fixed in this lifetime. It is a choice you make and you are responsible for it, whereever it might lead. To keep on using drugs is always bad for your subtle bodies and will not speed up your spiritual transformation. It is best not to use drugs at all, especially as you can reach higher consciousness without them and clear all the pain that you want to escape from. Drugs are not an escape but make things worse. With spiritual practices you can escape for real; ecstasy can be yours.



Psychosis is widely misunderstood throughout society. Even the so-called professionals of the psychological and psychiatric communities do not understand its genesis or what is actually occurring. As with all so-called mental problems, metaphysics is essential to a proper understanding. Without the knowledge of how consciousness incarnates into matter and the various subtle bodies and energies required there will always be confusion. Most psychiatrists and psychologists work from a framework of beliefs which state that consciousness cannot exist without the brain and therefore the brain is you. They will freely admit that there is no proof that this is the case but have decided to base their research and theories upon the


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