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conditioning which are learned responses to the outside world and how to navigate through society. The successful ego structure keeps internal emotional pain to a minimum and successfully deals with the outside world with a minimum of anxiety. The very successful structure will fulfill its desires through interaction with the World. An unsuccessful structure can be seen as one that fails to keep internal emotional pain to a minimum, and/or cannot deal with everyday life effectively and without high levels of anxiety. Of course the actual ego can be anywhere between these two extremes.

If the ego structure fails to keep internal emotional pain at bay, the structure is not solid and may be in a state of flux. Similarly if the environment is hard to negotiate, the anxiety from outside could lead to the instability of the ego structure. So for whatever reason, if the ego structure is unstable it is possible for parts of it to change suddenly. For example a major Samskara could suddenly come to the surface and release the emotions locked within, causing a part of the crystallized astral to open. When this occurs, higher vibrating parts of the light body may enter into the astral body which may raise its vibration and make it even more unstable. So the astral body becomes chaotic very suddenly and at the same time higher energies have entered into the person’s consciousness. The person experiences the higher energies and feels invincible, spiritually awakened and extremely special. To a psychiatrist these symptoms are called grandiose delusions. As the person still has a very chaotic astral body or ego structure they misunderstand what is happening. The ego feels these forces of higher consciousness and comes to its own conclusions such as "I am Jesus reincarnated", "I have reached Enlightenment", "I can fly" etc. The forces that the individual feels are of higher consciousness and feel so powerful. It feels so real because it is real. Spiritual realities are far more real than life on Earth and when experienced through the ego the person cannot help believing its truth. As they have no foundation or true knowledge to put the experience into context they interpret the spiritual forces they are experiencing and create delusions like "I am Jesus".

To a psychiatrist, who also has no basis for conceptualizing such experiences and who has not had the experience themselves, it is simply delusion but what use is it to tell someone they are completely delusional when they feel as though the experience is more real than anything they have ever felt before? Part of the experience is completely real; the feelings of grandeur are exactly how the spirit


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