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At this point the patient can try to become normal again or begin the clearing process and try to reach higher consciousness for good and with clarity. For this the vibration of the etheric and physical must be gradually raised while the astral body is cleared of all past emotional conditioning. The decisions made will likely rest on what beliefs are held after the episode. Does the person believe that they simply had a psychotic episode which needs to be treated by anti-psychotic drugs or do they believe that they experienced a spiritual awakening which needs to be treated by further spiritual transformation and incarnation?



Schizophrenia is quite similar to psychosis but usually lasts for the entire life. Psychosis usually comes in short bursts and afterwards the individual goes back to a relatively normal state. Psychosis may or may not reoccur for someone who has had one episode. Schizophrenia on the other hand is seen as a disease which has no cure but which can be treated by drugs to reduce symptoms. Often schizophrenics keep on deteriorating as they grow older. Around 1-2% of the population of all cultures and races suffer from schizophrenia so it is a "disease" or condition that affects many people’s lives. The treatment for schizophrenia is anti-psychotic drugs which do reduce symptoms and can be useful. The older drugs used to treat schizophrenia had many side effects which almost outweighed the advantages but some of the recent drugs have fewer side effects. As psychiatrists can only look to the physical body for answers they do not understand the metaphysical aspect of the disease and so some possible methods of treatment are completely overlooked.

From a metaphysical point-of-view, schizophrenia has many of the same problems as psychosis. It is my belief that psychosis is the beginning of schizophrenia and if treated early enough with some new methods, schizophrenia could be averted. So if this is true then why do some people experience a psychotic episode and never progress to schizophrenia while others do? The reason lies in the subtle bodies of the individual and in how badly damaged they become during the psychosis. Keep in mind that a psychotic episode can also be brought on by drug use or abuse and that this type could also lead into schizophrenia.


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