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anti-depressant, anti-psychotic or anti-anxiety drugs. Of course to the doctor, they are simply fixing the chemical balance in the brain and thereby decreasing the discomfort for the individual, making it possible for them to integrate back into society.

Often the individual will now begin the process of trying to reintegrate their ego which has been exposed as a fraud during the psychosis and badly damaged by the high voltages. This is likely to be a very slow process and they will likely feel depressed, anxious and empty for a very long time. They have experienced firsthand some of the euphoria, power and love of their Higher Self and must accept that it was a delusion and that they will not feel it again in this life.

The best outcome of such an experience would be the knowledge that what they experienced was real, although at the time they were unable to handle or understand it, and that to incarnate these higher forces permanently they will need to work very hard with the appropriate spiritual practices. If this is the outcome their chance of permanent spiritual transformation and incarnation is very high.

Spiritual awakening, spiritual transformation and spiritual incarnation are not the same thing. During the process of spiritual transformation, which is achieved through the practices you will find here, you will have numerous spiritual awakenings. These awakenings will inevitably occur and each will lead to permanent change along with greater clearing of past conditioning and greater spiritual incarnation.

To achieve these ends you need to work on all aspects of your being. The information available here describes many of these aspects, the various energies and forces that make you up and what needs to be transformed. The practices available are for those who want spiritual experiences, awakening and transformation NOW.

Note: The risk of an awakening as described above is very low as you will be strengthening your energy at the same time as awakening and you will have the knowledge and practices needed. I have described the above scenario to give you a greater understanding of various phenomena and also for those who have experienced these things directly. These people are in need of real practices that work.


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