1. Magnus Østrem
  2. Astral Projection Traing
  3. Monday, 07 July 2014
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Since embarking on my journey Ive matured and grown in different ways. When I just started out I was like an infant with no knowledge or guidelines how to behave in the other spheres of reality. I didn't know how to behave in the spiritual planes and with my western mindset I just barged in and behaved like I was at home. Since I had no one who could teach me how to conduct and behave myself, I have relied on trial and error. We are more lucky today to have access to a lot of information and to have communities like this where there are dedicated people who can guide us on our way.

I want to write this post, because I want to raise the awareness that there are certain spheres and places where we can end up, if we just go around and travel, where there are entities that might not want us good. I'm working as a healer and I feel affinity towards the Siberian shamans as I also sometimes need to travel to places, reclaim soul parts and also clean energies and entities of people. I have at one point interacted with a very malign entity who's energy came back with me and created difficulties in my energetic system. I recognize that it couldn't have attached itself if i had been more clean and whole, but never the less it came back with me. I haven't been through the self study course so please excuse me if this topic is dealt with there, but I would like to know what thoughts the more experienced of you have on this issue.

We as westerners often want to experience the out of body state, just because it is a new experience that gives us a kick of some sort. I truly and firmly believe that this mentality should be addressed before trying to separate. There is a reason why the old mystery schools have their training prior to trying to separate. To build energy, to purify ones energetic bodies and to learn the fundamentals of the different astral planes. The New Age mentality seems to just dive into everything and say that all is light and love, when from my experience this is not the case. There are lower planes and higher planes. As a healer Ive been tested by different entities from the lower planes, and they can be quite nasty. If we have this knowledge, we can access the higher planes that are filled with light.

I write this post so that the new members of this community, who aren't experienced in this type of work, can learn to have humility before entering into the astral planes. It will also greatly enhance your experience and you might also be shown some great gifts on your journeys:)

All the best!
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Fantastic words of wisdom here. You are really hitting the nail on the head so to speak. There really is a fundamental aspect to be established before we get too involved in the advanced practices. Its not always done in this order, and thats ok too, but you are most correct in your comments. I have an early morning session tomorrow, so i bid you good night.
My sincere thanks for your words here!
Sleep well, travel safe.
  Viña del Mar, Valparaíso Region, Chile
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