Tattva Applications within the Astral


(Excerpts from the Light Body Travelers Astral Projection Mastery and Self Illumination Curriculum, “Life is But a Dream- Illuminating the Self Through Astral Projection Mastery”)



            There has been much attention placed on the elemental Tattva symbols in this learning process. This was not only to assist in inducing altered states of consciousness and energetic integration with the elements, but also to create a working system of symbolism to now be used from within the astral light.

            Realize that within the physical realm, as well as the astral, each element holds a magnetic or electrical charge. Maintain that the elements of air and fire are electrically charged, while the elements of water and earth are magnetically charged. Realize the energetic field around and within each element is in accordance with this principle of electric or magnetic charge. Naturally then, the combination of these electric and magnetic elements can be understood as the cause of manifestation creating this electromagnetic field of observation. This field of observation is of course, as examined within the opening pages of this work, the scope of reality observed through the basic five senses, giving tangibility to a seemingly real third dimension.

            In the application of these Tattva symbols now within the astral realms, you have the ability to actively elect which of these elements, to include Akasha of spirit, you wish to manifest or call before your presence. To begin utilizing elemental symbols for direct spiritual guidance and evolution within the astral planes, begin scribing them with the hand, or simply manifest them before you with clear intention. Apply and work individually with one Tattva symbol at a time. It is the authors’ recommendation to work with and evolve in this path of exploration in the order of ascension in the path of the Kundalini beginning with Prithivi, and continuing in order to finally enter the into the realm of Akasha. This is not however mandatory, only a recommendation. It is of greater importance to focus upon an individual Tattva with clarity no matter which it may be.

            Just as in the Tattva trance meditation exercises in the preceding weeks, allow each symbol to appear before you while feeling its presence. Calmly shift your presence towards the symbol, only now, within this astral state, it may be passed through, and used as a gateway into each elemental realm. Within these elemental realms, a great place of higher learning exists for the seeker of self-knowledge and universal truths. Beings of both familiar and unfamiliar nature shall be present, all of which are eager to communicate. Maintain the emotional status of respect, confidence and unconditional love, knowing with absolute certainty that all beings are an integral part of yourself as you now explore the realms of the five elements. A great and vast amount of information is to be absorbed within these planes and personal experience will serve as the primary means of knowledge.

            Maintain that each Tattva corresponds to a specific element. Therefore, within each realm, you may encounter a race of beings dedicated to the preservation and function of the very elemental realm they inhabit. The Gnomes of the earth may be present within Prithivi. The Undines of the water may be at work deep within the realms of Apas. The Salamanders of fire may occupy the fiery realms behind the symbol of Tejas. The Slyphs of air may be present within the realm of Vayu maintaining the elemental properties of air for all life to breathe. It is stated again, only personal experience can guide and develop the astral traveler here, and little if any elaboration is necessary from the authors’ pen. One may also be certain that within these elemental realms entered into through Tattva gateways, beings of all nature, angelic and mystical alike wait eagerly to share and educate astral traveler who has worked diligently to deserve this ultimate schooling.

            Naturally, the details of all these events must be accurately recorded in the greatest detail each time upon reentry. Just as the utmost attention to detail in rehearsal has been placed throughout the processes previously learned, do so with the growth and exploration of the astral planes in a similar fashion. Document the entire experience from beginning to end from all exit techniques applied, to all feelings, experiences, personal and spiritual growth as well as all spiritual goals and interactions. As a tool to create more accurate separations, record with great detail all physical positions used to generate the exit of the astral body, (which positions and techniques allowed greater separation success and so forth.) Record detailed notes of the destinations reached as well as all entities, beings and interactions therein.


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