illuminating the self through astral projection mastery

-The Unpublished Manuscript-

Currently, the teachers of astral traveling are few and far between, and most of the available books on the subject begin with such inane instructions as “just roll out of your body...” If a student of astral travel were capable of doing such etheric gymnastics he or she would not need a book in the first place. But this gem of a book before you by Joseph Kenneth Boettcher is much different. It leads the serious student of astral travel every step of the way, from providing basic meditation instructions to the most advanced astral travel techniques.

-Mark Amaru Pinkham

(Grand Prior of the International Order of Gnostic Templars)




Life is But a Dream is the Light Body Travelers complete Astral Projection Mastery and Self Illumination Curriculum. The contents of this book have been meticulously composed over the course of three years by both the authors, as well as Light Body Travelers around the world.

            It is our mission to share this book in the form of an unpublished manuscript, so that it is received by many thousands of readers in its true, untainted, essence. Direct communications and inspirations from within the astral realms have made this book the evolutionary treasure that it is today. Our work in Life is But a Dream has catapulted the spiritual evolution of individuals just like you all around the world.

            Life is But a Dream delivers a user-friendly, comprehensive curriculum that gives you not only an infallible method of achieving highly lucid astral projection, but also a beginning study into the three metaphysical systems of Yoga, Kabbalah, and Hermetics. This book is highly esteemed in that it is packed full of life-altering information and spiritual practices that literally allow you to cross the threshold into self-illumination and conscious immortality. This is not a figure of speech, here, are given the steps to exist beyond the third dimension and experience an entirely new and illuminated perspective of this life, and your souls own journey.

            Life is But a Dream is specifically designed to replace blind faith and underlying conditioned belief structures with your own personal experiences of reality. This is truly accomplished when your personal experiences within the astral and spiritual realms begin to unlock your greater existence. In the words of Sri Yukteswar, “Wisdom is not assimilated with the eyes, but with the atoms. When your conviction of a truth is not merely in your brain but in your being, you may diffidently vouch for its meaning.”

            Complete access to this book and much more is available to you through our Light Body Travelers Advanced and Unlimited Memberships. Our unlimited membership program includes private instructions at your request from the authors of this work. This means that you are able to develop your astral projection abilities while receiving direct   guidance from actual astral travelers as you go about your journey of learning. There are few astral projection books, if any, that deliver the amount of information covered in our curriculum, and none that provide authentic and private guidance from its authors.

You may also directly access this entire astral projection mastery and self-illumination curriculum here:

            We have placed the entire contents section here, that you might review the amount of information amalgamated into this one literary treasure.


An Introduction For The Initiate, To Prepare                                                                             

            Developing a Schedule to Commit to the Meditations and Practices      

            Developing a Proper Sleep Schedule                                                

            Developing a New Program Within Your Physical Brain                       

            The Psychology of Repetition                                                           

            Moving Beyond “Group Thinking”                                                     


Chapter I: A Broader View, to Awaken Desire                                                                

            The Great Arcanum and its Universal Mysteries                        

            Today’s Faith and Socially Accepted Practices, Understanding the Paradigm at

            The Human Need to Recapture Divinity                                     

            Ones Unique Experience With Astral Projection                          

             A Brief Examination Into Humanities Historical Awareness of
            Astral Projection                                                                                                                 

            The Taoists Documentations in the Out of Body State                                                 

            The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Amentet and Tuat                                              

            Yoga and the Hindu Philosophies of Lin'ga S'ari-ra                                                     

            The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Bardo                                                            

            Greek Philosophers, the Double Body and the Nous                                                   

            European Philosophical Traditions Regarding Astral Travel                                         

            Documentation From the Occult                                                                               

            From Within the New Testament, Out of Body States                                                 

            The Need For Religions and Governments, How to Properly Evolve
            Beyond Them                                                                                                                     

            The Great Catholic Mystics                                                                                       

Chapter II: Practical Conception, To Satisfy the Intellect                                                        

            Vibration Theory Of Astral Planes                                                   

            The Frequency of Tone                                                                  

            A Look Into Measurement of Frequency Through Science                  

            Non-Localized Reality, To Begin The Shift                                        

            Understanding the Function of the Brain                                          

            Capacity of Memory Recall Stored Within a Greater Matrix                

            The Holographic Universe                                                              

            The Astral Light Pertaining to the Collective Unconsciousness            

            Subtle Body Theory And Explanations                                             

            From The Bio Energetic Body to the Astral Body                              

            The Nadis, Energy Points Along the Grids and Meridians of the Energy Body

            The Seven Major Energetic Centers/ Chakras                                           

            Muladhara-“base/basic”/Root Chakra                                                       

            Svadisthana- “one’s own self”/Sacrum                                                     

            Manipura-“diamond city of precious stone”/Solar Plexus                            

            Anahata-”unstruck sound”/Heart Chakra                                                  

            Visuddha- “purity” /Throat Chakra                                                           

            Ajna-“order” “command”/Brow Chakra                                                    

            Sahasrara-“thousand pedaled lotus”/Crown Chakra                                  

            Overview of the Chakra System and the Shushumna Nadi                        

            A Word On Real-time Experiences And Astral Travel                                

            Binaural Beats, Brain Waves, The Cerebrum And The Cerebellum             

            Brainwave States as Measured in Hertz                                                  

            Locations of the Conscious and Unconscious Regions of the Human Brain  

            Dream Journaling                                                                                

            Building the Bridge of Emotional Links Between Dreaming and Waking

AND MEMORY                                                                                                                           

            Introduction to Part II                                                                     

            Preparation and Overview                                                               

            A Guide to Preparing for, and Following the Program                         

            Astral Projection Mastery And Self-Illumination Process Outline          

            Week One Outlined. Physical Relaxation, Guiding
            Awareness Into Surrender

            Week Two Outlined. Breath work, Opening The Gates Of Divinity                                

            Week Three Outlined. Energy Work, Entering The Microcosm
            To Know Thy Self                                                                                                              

            Week Four Outlined. Chakra Activation, Clearing Blockages
            So The Serpent May Ascend                                                                                              

            Week Five Outlined. Elemental Integration, To Balance The
            Astral Body Within Trance                                                                                                 

            Week Six Outlined. Shifting Awareness, To Awaken The Astral Body                         

            Week Seven Outlined. Developing Regular Astral Travels,
            Crossing The Threshold Into Illumination                                                                          

            Astral Projection Spiritual Practices, Awaken as a
            Light Body Traveler                                                                                                        

Chapter III: To Commence This Great Work                                                                           

            Week One. Physical Relaxation, Guiding Awareness Into Surrender   

            Week One Practices and the Hermetic Law of Mentalism                   

            Learning the Art of Complete and Total Relaxation                           

            Week One Meditation Guide, Part I physical Training                        

            Week One Meditation Guide, Part II Mental Training                         

            Daily Correlation Exercises of Week One                                         

            Week One Hermetic Principle Exercise, Mentalism                            

Chapter IV: To Cultivate the Will and Imagination                                                                

            Week Two. Breath Work, Opening the Gates of Divinity                   

            Week Two Practices and the Hermetic Law of Correspondence         

            The Sacred Aspects of the Breath                                                 

            Week Two Meditation Guide. Part I Breath-Work, Physical Training  

            Breathe Extension, Pranayama                                                    

            Week Two Meditation Guide. Pranayama Breath Extension             

            Week Two Meditation Guide. Part II Breath-Work, Mental Training  

            Daily Correlation Exercises of Week Two                                      

            Week Two Hermetic Exercise, Correspondence                             

Chapter V: To Know Thyself and Master its Facets                                                           

            Week Three. Entering the Microcosm to Know Thyself                   

            Week Three Practices and the Hermetic Law of Vibration               

            Entering the Microcosm, Ancient Spiritual Traditions Revealed        

            Understanding the Mechanics of Energy Work                               

            Developing this Energy Work Practice of the Spiraling Vortex         

            Week Three Meditation Guide, Energy-work, to Know and Master the Self

            Creating the First Spiraling Vortex in the Left Leg, Which Corresponds
            To Your Desire/Emotion                                                                                   

            Creating the Second Spiraling Vortex in the Right Leg, Which Corresponds
            To Your Reason/Intellect                                                                                 

            Creating the Third Spiraling Vortex in Your Left Arm, Which Corresponds
            To Your Memory                                                                                             

            Creating the Fourth Spiraling Vortex in Your Right Arm, Which Corresponds
            To Your Will                                                                                                                     

            Creating the Fifth Spiraling Vortex in the Spine, Which Corresponds
            To Your Imagination                                                                                                        

            Philosophy And Psychology of the Kabbalah as Related to Energy Work                   

            The Ruach, the Ein Sof, and the Creation of the Self, Through Kabbalistic

            Daily Correlation Exercises of Week Three                                                            

            Week Three Hermetic Principal Exercise, Vibration                                                

Chapter VI: Ascending the Serpent Through Chakra Activation                                         

            Week Four, Chakra Activation, Clearing Blockages So The Serpent May Ascend

            Week Four Practices and the Hermetic Law of Polarity                                    

            Examining the Mechanics of the Chakra System                                            

            Bridging the Ren and Du Channels Through the Tongue                                 

            Mula Bandha “Root Lock” Technique                                                            

            Week Four Meditation Guide. Chakra Activation                                            

            Root Chakra, Muladhara                                                                             

            Sacral Chakra, Svadisthana                                                                        

            Solar Plexus, Mainpura                                                                               

            Heart Chakra, Anahata                                                                               

            Throat Chakra, Visuddha                                                                            

            Brow Chakra, Ajna                                                                                    

            Crown Chakra, Sahasrara                                                                          

            Daily Correlation Exercises of Week Four                                                     

            Week Four Hermetic Principal Exercise, Polarity                                           

Chapter VII: To Awaken The Elements Within                                                                      

            Week Five, Elemental Integration, To Balance the Astral
            Body Within Trance                                                                                 

            Week Five Practices and the Hermetic Law of Rhythm                    

            The Elemental Tattva Symbols                                                     

            Hindu Significance and Teachings of the Tattvas                            

            Tattva Relationship to Sacred Geometries Platonic Solids               

            A Word on Self-Inducing Trance, and Brainwave Functions             

            Merging With the Elements Through Tattva Meditation                    

            Week Five Meditation Guide, Tattva Trance Meditation                   

            Akasha, of Ether                                                                        

            Vayu, of Air                                                                               

            Tejas, of Fire                                                                             

            Apas, of Water                                                                          

            Prithivi, of Earth                                                                        

            Daily Correlation Exercises of Week Five                                     

            Week Five Hermetic Principal Exercise, Rhythm                           

Chapter VIII: Shifting Beyond the Body, To Know Freedom                                             

            Week Six, Shifting Awareness, to Awaken the Astral Body           

            Week Six Practices and the Hermetic Law of Cause and Effect      

            Examining the Practice of Awareness Shifting                             

            Week Six Meditation Guide, Inducing Separation. Part I              

            Shifting Forward and Backwards With the Breath                        

            Shifting Left to Right With the Breath                                         

            Shifting Above and Below With the Breath                                 

            Week Six Meditation Guide, Inducing Separation. Part II            

            Shifting Forward                                                                     

            Shifting Backward                                                                  

            Shifting Left                                                                           

            Shifting Right                                                                         

            Shifting Above                                                                       

            Shifting Below                                                                       

            Allowing the Astral Body to Release, Embracing Vibrations        

            Energy Raising Technique, Additional Week Six Meditation Guide                              

            The Taoist Tradition and Microcosmic Orbits                                                            

            Daily Correlation Exercises of Week Six                                                                  

            Week Six Hermetic Principle Exercise, Cause and Effect,                                          

Chapter IX: Beyond The Body, To Know Immortality

            Week Seven, Developing Regular Astral Travels. Crossing The
Threshold Into Illumination                          

            Week Seven Practices and the Hermetic Law of Gender                                                

            Naturally Experiencing Theta Brainwave States                                                            

            Week Seven Meditation Guide, Early Morning Astral Projections                                  

            Elemental Integration, Tattva Meditation Guide.

            Developing Astral Sensory                                                                                      

            Prithivi, Astral Smell and Taste                                                                                

            Apas, Astral Feel and Sensory                                                                                 

            Vayu, Astral Hearing, Auditory                                                                                

            Tejas, Astral Sight, Visual                                                                                       

            Akasha, Astral Creation, Manifestation                                                                     

            Daily Correlation Exercises of Week Seven                                                              

            Week Seven, Hermetic Principal Exercise, Gender                                                    

Chapter X: Astral Projection Development, to Know Immortality                                       

            Developing the Astral Body                                                          

            Walking on Astral Legs                                                                

            Advanced Exits                                                                           

            Astral Flight                                                                                

            Developing Astral Sensory From Within the Astral Body                  

            Transference of Breath Into the Astral Body                                  

            Re-Entry Issues                                                                          

            Manifesting the Astral Environment                                               

            Tattva Applications Within the Astral                                             

Chapter XI: Advanced Astral Travels                                                                                    

            Understanding Affirmations                                                          

            Connection and Interaction With the Higher Self                             

            Reviewing the Ritualistic Approach                                                

            Safe Travels                                                                               

            Understanding and Accepting Each Astral Environment                   

            Symbols in Dealing With Negative Entities                                     

            Scribing The Flaming Pentagram and The Crucifix                          

            Continuous Awareness                                                                

            The Fully Awakened State                                                           

            Becoming the Totality of Creation                                                

Chapter XII: Extended Practices to Illuminate the Self                                                        

            Extended Practices                                                                    

            Yoga Applications in Astral Projection                                          

            The Gnostic Spiritual Traditions Linked                                        

            Gnostic Alchemy Examined                                                        

            Kabbalistic Applications in Astral Projection                                 

            Rising on the Planes                                                                 

            Hermetic Applications Within the Astral and Physical Experience   

            Becoming the Elements in a Perfect Co-existence
            With all Creation                                                                                  



Chapter XIII; To Conclude                                                                                                       

            Becoming a Wise Traveler                                                            

            Understanding your Relationships Within the Physical                      

            New Awareness                                                                           

            Understanding the Akashic Element                                               

            The State of Illuminated Awareness                                              

            The True Path of Ascension Through Love and Service                   


            Additional Energy Work Techniques                                              

            Additional Exit Techniques                                                           

            The Rope Technique                                                                   

            The Mirror Technique                                                                  

            The Vapor Technique                                                                  

            Ear Breathing Technique                                                             

            Yoga Stretches for Astral Projection and
            Meditation Preparation                                                                            

            Ritual Work, The Purification Of Your Environment Prior
            To Astral Projection                                                                                

            The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram