Additional Exit Techniques

(Excerpts from the Light Body Travelers Astral Projection Mastery and Self Illumination Curriculum,

Life is But a Dream- Illuminating the Self Through Astral Projection Mastery”)

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Given here are a variety of additional exit techniques to self inducing the separation of your astral body. Rehearsing and mastering these additional techniques serves well in training the conscious mind to alternate techniques and avoid repetition. By having more than one technique readily available to you, there is a greater chance of exiting each time you desire to astral project. All exit techniques are fundamentally similar in that awareness must be shifted elsewhere and the imaginative faculty must be utilized, however creating different exit “scenarios” allows the mind to remain creative in producing an exit. Each of these techniques is highly effective.


The Rope Technique

This rather classic and highly functional exit technique works flawlessly and rather fleetingly if the proper trance state has been reached. Simply place the image of a thick rope above the chest. See the rope with clarity using the strength of your imaginative faculty. Know without any doubt that it is really there within the astral vicinity. Without moving your arms physically, see one arm at a time reach up to grab the rope. Begin to pull your entire body upward by climbing the rope with focus. Observe closely on the hands and fingers each time they grip the rope allowing no break in mental concentration. Encourage all energy movements flowing up your back and throughout your body knowing that your astral body is separating. Hold your focus and feel yourself rising above the physical body.



The Mirror Technique

The use of mirrors is highly effective to induce astral projections. Simply place the image of a mirror two meters in front of your physical body. Observe your reflection in all details within the mirror while your eyes remain closed. Continuing to see yourself inside of this mirror with great clarity. Know that the mirror is really there within the astral vicinity. Allow yourself to become the reflection in the mirror by slowly transferring your awareness into the body of your reflection. Hold your new awareness position with dedication, will, and focus, encouraging all energy movements flowing up your back and throughout your entire body. Maintain your focus and feel yourself softly slipping out of the physical body. You may continue the practice of this specific technique by bouncing your awareness between both your physical position and your reflection’s position. When properly performed, both locations will feel equally real.


Vapor Technique

Become aware of your body as a whole from head to toe. See and feel your entire body with clarity and deep focus. With each exhale; send all of your etheric energy out through every pore of your physical being. See this etheric vapor forming your astral body just above your physical position. With a few slow exhales, the complete structure of your subtle body will be completely formed overhead. See this vaporous body of ether clearly above you and begin to slowly shift your awareness into it with great focus. Hold your new position of awareness firmly, exercising the entirety of your will. Encourage all energy movements bursting up your back and throughout your entire body. With all of these exit techniques, you may try to generate more energy flow by triggering your third eye center. Do this by gently flexing the eyeballs up and into the brow center. Should soft energy currents begin to flow, but you are unable to separate completely, engage a few full body circuit energy rising passes as explained earlier in this program (the Taoist microcosmic orbit exercise.) With this added energy, a smooth separation can take place.


Ear Breathing Technique

From a deep and focused trance state, place your awareness in both ears. As you inhale and exhale, see the air passing in and out of your ears as if breathing only through these two orifices. Now, begin to actually feel the air passing in and out of your ears as you hold your awareness here. Encourage all energy movements flowing up your back and throughout your entire body. Hold your focus and feel yourself falling out of the physical body. It has been said by many that by simply holding focus on the ringing tones in the ears for two minutes without interruption, the onset of separation will trigger automatically.


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