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 “We believe self-illumination is every human’s birthright. It's our privilege providing the tools.”


Welcome to The Light Body Travelers Society website. Here, your presence and interaction are both treasures, as every visitor to this website conveys their own unique beauty.


The Light Body Travelers Society is an international community of spiritual practitioners, evolutionary enthusiasts, and astral travelers. Our organization began in South Florida in 2011. Our objective was, (and is) to share spiritual techniques and wisdom rooted in Gnostic traditions to assist humanity in experiencing its deeper reality. Through the years, we gathered regularly to discover, experience, and practice advanced spirituality.

Through the work of our founding members, we have expanded our community into various parts of the world, becoming internationally united. Today, we remain an open society of spiritual explorers dedicated to teaching and experiencing our deeper reality. We are not a religious group, and there are neither rules, nor judgments casted within our member body. We are simply an establishment of international spiritualists who place conscious evolution and unconditional love above all things. Our message to all who visit this website is the following:


We believe self-illumination is every human’s birthright. Its our privilege providing the tools. No matter where you are right now, take one amazingly deep breath,...clear your mind,...and give thanks to yourself, and this great universe for the miracle of your existence. You are perfect just as you are; you are a living, breathing, miracle, each day you walk upon this earth, and your purpose here is of great importance to the entire body of humanity. You are not a mistake, you are not a victim, and you were not manifested here for anything other than reaching your greatest potentials through love alone. You are a child of the Earth, the immortal vehicle of Spirit, and the light made manifest in this great Universe.”



Light Body Travelers Society Website Mission:

Our primary objective in creating this cyber destination was to provide a deep fountain of spiritual wisdom and practices for each member. We have methodically composed a library of highly advanced philosophical studies, and ancient text from a variety of spiritual traditions, all of which continue to withstand the tests of time. We realize that the cyber surfing process today is a very fast-pace process, where the average person will brows up to ten websites in less than a minutes time, however, this website was brought into existence for an entirely different intellect and purpose.

We strive to deliver life altering spiritual wisdom and practices to those who are devoted to receiving and understanding information at a deeper level. As you enter further into the menus and pages that are the underlying architecture of this website, you will most certainly uncover many answers to your most profound internal questions.

Our web destination is dedicated to all individuals who are not satisfied with marveling at Divinity from a sheltered distance, and to all who are driven to personally experience the immensity of their reality and own greatness. If you are here, you are already aware that we can no longer search for God and the Divine outside of ourselves, and we can no longer stand by idle, wondering who we are, why we are here, where we will go, and where we came from. The Light Body Travelers Society is most serious in it’s labors of directly providing all of these answers and much more, to those prepared to openly embracing the spiritual wisdom and practices given to humanity by the ascended masters throughout time.


Light Body Travelers.com is most importantly YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE. Each visitor is invited and encouraged to set up their own profile and openly interact through the community forums and discussions. Our site is specifically designed so that each member can set up a profile and openly share with our entire society around the world.  There are no limitations here, and no topics left uncovered. Your thoughts and input are literally of the highest value to us. Please express your own unique inner beauty here, because we are all each other’s teachers, as well as students. This means that each time you share here, you are teaching someone else. And each time you read, you stand to learn something new.


Spiritualist International Magazine:

Light Body Travelers.com is the also the home of Spiritualists International Magazine. Our magazine is dedicated to advanced, authentic, and interactive spiritual learning.

It is our mission through this magazine to connect spiritual practitioners and explorers around the world. Each week we deliver fresh new articles and streaming materials from advanced spiritual guides, noted healers, and international spiritual institutions. This is a place to interact by sharing your own thoughts and questions with our writers through direct communications. Through Spiritualists International Magazine, we bring you fresh insights by exploring topics that not only encourage you to think in new ways, but also share comprehensive techniques that empower you to take the necessary steps to reach your highest potentials.


Astral Projection:

You will find a large section of this website dedicated to the learning and practice of astral projection. (Consciously separating from your physical body, and traveling within your etheric body) The Light Body Travelers Society was founded on this initial spiritual practice in that the amount of personal evolution resulting from astral projection is hardly matched by any physical event or experience. This initial phase of spiritual initiation is a tradition that stems directly from the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Once the spiritual seeker has physically left his or her body, the psyche undergoes an evolutionary process, and the understanding of life here on Earth is never again viewed in quite the same way. The fear and uncertainties of death are abolished, the universal connection in all things is realized, and detachment from physical vices begins from an awakened state of existence. We have labored intensely to bring you the most accurate methods in achieving this phenomenon within our Astral Projection Training section.


You may access our entire seven-week astral projection mastery and self-illumination curriculum here:


Or support your community as an Advanced or Unlimited member to gain access to our entire hidden library of video training and texts materials. Please peruse our entire benefit detail here: http://www.lightbodytravelers.com/sign-up.html


The Light Body Travelers Society extends our warmest welcome, our deepest blessings, and highest love to you, and look forward to your interactions with us through this website.