Thirty Two Paths

Affirmations upon the Thirty-Two Paths


Exercises from Isael Regardie’s “A Garden of Pomegranates, Skrying on the Tree of Life:


Edited by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero


As practiced in the L*B*T


The daily affirmations given below should be meditated on daily and frequently- one affirmation for each week of the thirty-two periods in which the thirty-two paths are worked. At this time, the seeker may begin “The Middle Pillar Meditation” found in this same menu.


These affirmations are given here as a way to keep focus on the deeper meaning of our existence throughout daily life, and provide a working knowledge of the paths within the tree of life, as well as within your own psyche. It is recommended to visualize the exact location of each path upon the tree as you recite each affirmation. In this way, you are literally “climbing” the tree through meditative affirmation. Do not underestimate the advantages that this exercise unlocks within the spiritual realms, as well as within your own existence.

We have taken the time to place the image of each path’s position next to its affirmation so that you might reflect upon the position and function.


MALKUTH: I am made in the image of the Divine.

32nd Path: I am the end, and I am just the beginning. (Tav)


YESOD: I will uphold the Universe.

31st Path: The Divine flame burns within my soul. (Shin)     

30th Path: My thoughts are focused on the awareness of God. (Resh)


HOD: I seek to know.

29th Path: I will evolve to become a worthy vessel of God. (Qoph)

28th Path: Meditation brings clarity. (Tzaddi)

27th Path: The word of God will sustain me. (Peh)


NETZACH: All adorations to God are my songs.

26th Path: I will distinguish between truth and illusion. (Ayin)

25th Path: I will overcome all adversaries. (Samech)

24th Path: Change brings growth. (Nun)


TIPHARETH: Balance is key.

23rd Path: I am willing to make sacrifices for what I believe in. (Mem)

22nd Path: I will strive to be just and fair. (Lamed)


GEBURAH: Through the strength of God I shall prevail.

21st. Path: Perseverance in the great work shall be rewarded. (Caph)

20th Path: The path of the mystic is lonely, but God will provide. (Yod)

19th.Path: The Union of opposite powers the Universe. (Teth)


CHESED: The first duty of a king is to serve.

18th Path: The spirit of God dwells within me. (Heh)

17th Path: Separateness is an Illusion. (Zayin)


BINAH: There is truth in silence

16th Path: The Higher Self is the great initiator. (Daleth)

15th Path: The Divine energy brings growth, light, and order. (Cheth)

14th Path: Love and awareness provide the door to initiation. (Vav)


CHOKMAH: Wisdom is a gift given to the wise.

13th Path: A unified consciousness reflects the unity of God. (Gimel)

12th Path: Those who dwell in the house of God see with clarity. (Beth)

11th Path: Gods thoughts shine with perfection.  (Aleph)


KETHER: There is no part of me that is not God.


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