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As the baby grows up and the astral forces are impacting into the etheric body they are also impacting into the chitta (incarnating). As the chitta is such a refined and subtle form of chi the astral forces can interact with it better than the rest of the etheric body. Thought processes become more complex as more Astral Substance becomes a part of it. The Astral Substances begin to mix with the chi layer of the chitta, creating a synthesis of chi and astrality. Each belief or piece of knowledge the baby gathers is formed in the chitta as astral crystallizations. The more complex the structure formed by these crystallizations, the more complex the thought processes become. So eventually the chitta becomes a very subtle and refined but very complex structure of astral and chi energies. The more complex the structure the more it will block the light of the Higher Self just like the crystallized astral body. If the belief patterns formed are true and in line with the truth of the Higher Self the structure will not be as solid and so the light will not be blocked as much. False beliefs however, whether they are about yourself, others or the World around you need to be more solid. Because your higher light is sending the truth to you at all times, a false belief will require a more solid crystallization in the chitta. If the chitta is full of false beliefs it will block the higher light more.

The structure in the chitta is just like that of the astral body and can also be seen as being made up of Samskaras. The difference is that the Samskaras in the astral body are caused by intense emotions and tend to be much larger. As the chitta is such a refined substance, Samskaras can be created very easily and are much smaller. Large emotional Samskaras are also created in the chitta and these ones will again form a foundation of personality just like the astral bodies Samskaras. The two bodies interact with each other and any large Samskara in the astral body will be accompanied by a group of smaller ones in the chitta. The repression of the intense emotions in the astral body is helped along by the chitta and its increased structure. This structure can be very complicated and its purpose is to keep emotional pain under the surface.

The increased structure in the chitta and its repression of emotions in the astral body lead to a state of being stuck in your head. The thoughts will not stop and you have no control of them.

The chitta depends on ching for its health and optimum functioning. There is an intimate link between sexual energy and the chitta. When puberty is reached we


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