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assumption that the brain is where consciousness comes from. It is a shame that when you base a theory on something untrue that your theory cannot be accurate.

So the professionals who treat psychosis patients, as well as schizophrenics and other disorders, do not really understand what is happening to the patient and therefore do not know how to treat them. Often such patients are locked up in psych wards and seen by the doctor once a day (if that) for a few minutes. The treatment is basically a resume of anti-psychotic drugs which adjust the various neurochemicals within the brain. As well as these drugs the patient will be told that they are sick, they are experiencing delusions and hallucinations etc and that this means they are psychotic. The doctors do not delve into the patient’s subconscious with regression or hypnosis techniques as they themselves are not experienced in these areas. If a doctor has not thoroughly explored his/her own subconscious with such techniques and meditation then they are not qualified to perform them on others. They would be dealing with issues that they cannot understand and the technique could actually be dangerous if used by such a doctor.

The drugs used to treat psychosis affect the brain in such a way that the astral body and chitta are disconnected. This disconnects the patient from many of their Samskaras and also reduces the vibration of their etheric and physical bodies which slows down mental activity. A disconnection from the lower chakras also occurs, leading to a loss of sex drive and loss of feeling in the genitals. So in effect the drugs reduce all sensations coming from the subtle bodies of the patient. The extreme symptoms are therefore reduced and the patient seems much less chaotic. The problem is that the subtle bodies are still in chaos, they have simply been disconnected and so the chaos does not incarnate as strongly. The chaotic astral body and chitta have not been healed or cleared in any way and when the drugs are stopped there is a good chance that the psychosis will reoccur. For this reason it is often the case that once someone has a psychotic episode they are told by doctors to stay on the drugs for a long period possibly the entire life “just in case”.

So what is psychosis? To understand this we must look at the ego structure which is basically crystallization in the astral body and chitta. The crystallizations are formed in the first place to protect the individual from emotional pain coming from within (because of past traumas and disconnection from the person’s essence or spirit) and to keep negative outside influences at bay. On top of this there is further


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