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feels. Do you think God does not feel grand? It is only the interpretation that is a delusion.

Because of the higher consciousness, the person will likely see the falseness of others egos, society’s norms and values and indeed the fakeness of themselves. Their own ego is exposed as a fraud very suddenly by their experience of higher consciousness. Seeing yourself as a fraud is not easy but while the higher forces are incarnating it feels great and it can be seen clearly. Unfortunately the very same ego that has been seen as a fraud is the one that is creating the delusions. Also if the person’s Third Eye is activated sufficiently there will be hallucinations. Even though the Third Eye is seeing into other realities and the hallucinations are based on this actual vision, they will often be distorted by the ego. With the activated Third Eye and chaotic chitta the imagination of the psychotic can be so vivid that it seems real. Indeed some of what the psychotic may see is actual hallucination.

Because the astral body’s vibration has been raised by the influx of light and possible activation of chakras and other structures, it becomes extremely chaotic. All the crystallization and ego structure that kept certain thoughts and emotions separate and kept things running smoothly is thrown into absolute chaos. The chitta is whirling around at amazing speeds and the person can think very fast. Their IQ has probably risen significantly as a result but there are so many thoughts running around that they cannot stay sane or focused. The past merges with the present, hallucinations with delusions of grandeur, and the person has gone insane. The person can no longer grasp reality, cannot read other people and may think that the whole world is against them. Paranoia becomes amplified and the types of delusions created become worldlier: “Mum wants to lock me up in a mental hospital”, “my girlfriend wants to kill me”, “everyone is out to get me”, “the FBI is watching me”.

After a while the astral body will calm down and the higher forces will disconnect gradually. The extreme delusions will reduce and thoughts slow down. The astral body and chitta's vibration will slow down to normal but they will have been affected greatly by the episode. The realization that your ego is a fraud is far more painful when you end up right back in it and lose the grandeur of higher consciousness. The astral has been shaken up by higher consciousness and will take a long lime to settle down. Depression and anxiety are very likely and a slow process of rebuilding the sense of self will begin.


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