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consciousness. This can be quite unpleasant. Generally the greater the experience of awakening, the greater the come-down as more subconscious energies are released into consciousness. These released energies need to be cleared and transformed by spiritual practices but often the individual does not have the knowledge to succeed with this.

Sometimes an individual will have a very powerful awakening that they cannot handle. With little knowledge of what is happening to them, and as it is the ego that is experiencing the raise in consciousness, they may enter into psychosis. The individual is feeling immense power and often feels invincible; they feel like they have reached heaven or Enlightenment and often see visions of things like angels and ascended beings. The ego of these individuals does not understand what is happening and can only do its best to understand the various phenomena that they are experiencing. The ego has been “cracked” and as the ego is based in the material world it denies the existence of the spiritual world and has no way to process the experience. As the raise in vibration also dislodges much subconscious material the confusion increases and they end up in a state of psychosis. This type of occurrence usually only happens to someone whose energy is quite open. The ego is likely to have very weak parts and so the energy body and aura have holes or weak spots. With this type of make up a spontaneous awakening can cause far too much voltage to enter the energy bodies leading to the above scenario.

Another way for this type of experience to occur is through drug abuse. As the drugs continually weaken the person’s energy, opening it up to all kinds of forces as well as raising their vibration and connection to higher energies, the possibility of a large scale awakening is greatly increased. The risk of drugs inducing a psychosis such as this is greatly increased with someone who is young (the ego is not yet solid) or if their make-up is like that described above.

The problems faced by people who have these spontaneous awakenings are quite considerable. As the experience was so great, the comedown is going to be massive, often too much to handle and it can go on for many years. Unfortunately after the experience many of these people are convinced by doctors that they were simply having a psychotic episode, everything they experienced was either an illusion or a delusion and that there is no such thing as spiritual awakening. The remedy is to now sedate them and disconnect them from their energetic and physical bodies with


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