An Advanced Course in Daily Hermetics

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(Excerpts from the Light Body Travelers Astral Projection Mastery and Self Illumination Curriculum,

Life is But a Dream- Illuminating the Self Through Astral Projection Mastery”)


            The following is designed to elevate the student to a plane of moral high ground and spiritual maturity within both the physical and astral experience, through daily Hermetic Exercises. This is a seven-week course that is not intended for everyone, so as you engage in these practices, ask yourself if these exercises and perspectives agree with where you are in your spiritual journey.



By exploring this level of information, you are touching the tip of a tremendous iceberg. The process of illumination is not something reserved for select adept human beings. Rather, it is a privilege set aside for any true seeker. Join us and experience the miracle of this existence, and discover your eternal, multidimensional reality. (This is not a cliché new age figure of speech) You are standing at the threshold of a life-changing doorway.

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Week one


Hermetic Principle Exercise



For six consecutive days, meditate twice daily upon the following Hermetic Law. Meditate for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time you reflect upon the following words.  (Recommended, Monday to Saturday)

1. The Law of Mentalism: The Universe is mental. We exist in the mind of the All. That part of us which is deity makes up the world and everything in it.

''The All Is Mind; The Universe Is Mental.''



On the seventh day of the week, refrain from the meditation schedule you followed in the previous six days. The seventh day has been set apart from the other days to mark the completion of one learning phase, and the transition into the next. This first week, you will use your seventh day to contemplate and experience the first Hermetic principle, the Law of Mentalism, as you go about your regular daily activities.

            To understand this concept initially, we will be using a simple analogy. In our dreams, we recognize ourselves as existing within a landscape of mind. Everything in a dream is your mind, and you are the mind dreaming that world. You understand that when you dream by night, you are creating the environment and its inhabitants, as well as all interactions that you have with it. In order to understand the concept of the first principle, we are going to imagine that this is true, even in our waking state. Note: you do not have to accept this as a true belief, but instead will be imagining what it would mean if it were true. It is merely an exercise to help you develop a new understanding that will be of great import for navigating the astral planes effectively.

            From the moment you wake up on this day, open your eyes in the morning and imagine that you are now entering a dream. Literally accept your reality as a waking dream, and imagine that it is just like your nightly dreams. This is a very familiar dream indeed. You have been in this place so many times before. All things are familiar to you: your environment, your name, your relationships, your occupation, and all your personal history. Everything is just the way it should be, all of the detailed memories from your self’s past are in place.

            Throughout the day, notice that just like in a sleeping dream, all aspects of this waking dream are a part of you, and that everything you encounter is an extension of your mind. The concept of experiencing the waking day as a dream may seem difficult at first, as it challenges the conscious mind to shift its fundamental belief structure and perception of reality. It is okay if you are caught up in the reality around you on occasion and forget you are experiencing a dream. That can happen in any dream, just remind yourself when you notice it happening and think about yourself as the dreamer once more. Be clear to yourself and your unconscious that you are not being asked to accept this belief as true. You are simply allowing yourself to perceive the world as if it were a dream for today.

            By doing this accurately, you will begin to comprehend the principle of Mentalism, even if you are not fully conscious of its meaning or value. As you proceed in your day, do not behave strangely or alter any actions. Make the same decisions you would always make. Go about each activity naturally and with confidence, even as you are imagining this day is a dream and your entire creation. Observe all the things you experience and perceive during this day as you maintain the role of the creator. You might even start to notice things you had not expected that seem to correlate to this belief. Or you may just become aware of how experiences around you seem to reflect your internal experiences. Whatever you come to notice, just observe it and accept it as a genuine perception.

            Realize that, as the dreamer, it is your thoughts, emotions, and deepest desires that are ultimately manifesting the reality that appears to be unfolding before your consciousness. It is by your consciousness alone that observation and experience are possible. For without your consciousness, there would be no universe to observe. As you consider those thoughts, notice the world around you and thank yourself for making it so wonderful in so many ways. Experience the joy of being the one who dreams all of this, and notice that the world is just a reflection of your mind. Tomorrow, you can choose to believe as you always have, but today you should celebrate within this wonderful new experience, and enjoy just what it means to you right now.

            At the end of the day as you lie in your bed, make the decision to bring an end to the waking dream you experienced. While maintaining the perspective of the creator, bring closure to this experience in conscious observation. Just before your consciousness drifts off into a light sleep state, send a feeling of gratitude to yourself for having accomplished this awareness exercise, recognizing that it required not only a shift in perception, but also a strong act of will. Sleep well, and when you awake reflect upon your dream.





Week Two

Hermetic Principle Exercise



For six consecutive days, meditate twice daily upon the following Hermetic Law. Meditate for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time you reflect upon the following words. (Recommended, Monday to Saturday)


2. The Law of Correspondence: We exist in all planes, astral as well as physical. Or rather planes independent of the physical.  

''As Above, So Below;As Below, So Above."


We have already discussed a great many concepts related to the law of correspondence earlier in this work, but it is still difficult to grasp the concept. While we may recognize, cognitively, the holographic paradigm of the universe, in which every piece is equivalent to the whole, it does not mean we are able to recognize it as true in our actual experience. This week, however, the initiate is asked to engage in an experience, which will allow a much fuller and more direct interaction with this concept. Again, as in the first week, it is not required that one believes in the reality of the concept, it is merely an exercise designed to familiarize the mind with a particular type of experience. Even more, these exercises allow the mind to gain a facility with new experiences of the world, which is an important consideration when beginning your astral journey. Realize that there will be many new perceptions, and that the realities you are beginning to encounter in your meditative practice will present experiences well outside the paradigm of ordinary experience. It is, as you may have begun to realize, worthwhile to prepare your mind for encounters with experiences outside the realm of your typical paradigm. This exercise will allow you to begin opening your mind to a new dimension of experience, even while you remain within the familiar settings and experiences of your everyday reality. It is not about adopting a new belief, nor about changing permanently to a new way of thinking; instead it is about allowing yourself the freedom to experience your world in a new way, which engages a perspective of the world useful in the non-physical realities of astral experience.
            On the final day of this week, you will forgo your ordinary meditative practice to engage in an experiment, which will encourage you to perceive the world through the lens of the Principle of Correspondence. For the whole of the day, whenever you experience a strong emotion, idea, or other internal energy, take a moment to notice that energy inside yourself. Once you are familiar with that energy, ask yourself, "Where in the universe outside my body does this energy manifest?"  As well, when you encounter a particularly striking or powerful experience in your external reality, notice it and think about where that same experience is manifesting inside yourself. This may seem less than obvious, at first, so it might be useful to break this down into a more explicit process. Whenever you encounter a particularly experience, either within or outside of yourself, consider what energy you would associate with that experience. For example, you might feel an emotion, and might imagine that emotion as energy inside your body. You might see a particularly striking image as you walk down the street and might ask yourself what energy in the world that image associates with. Next, imagine that energy and notice where it exists both inside and outside of you. This makes the process far simpler to understand, and will help cultivate an experience of the universe that is extremely educational for those seeking to enter the deeper mysteries of astral experience and non-physical reality. You are not being asked to adopt this belief, but are encouraged to exercise your mind to see the world this way, if only for just one day. The experience itself will teach you many things, and will enable capacities in your mind you may never have noticed before.

            As your day continues, you should not be too surprised to notice that this process of noticing the energy you encounter as both inside yourself and outside in the world becomes almost automatic. As this happens, allow yourself to notice that both the outside and the inside contain all the same elements, and you may even begin to experience the recognition that they can be seen as one thing from two perspectives. Throughout this experience, you are reminded to maintain your normal daily schedule, and to be yourself as always. You will find, as you go through the day this way, that you encounter each person as being an entire universe, just as you are, and being a representation of a specific energy as well, just as you are to others. Over the course of your day, pay attention to what you begin to notice. More important than the specifics of what energy goes where, is the recognition of the experience of connecting with those correlations. As you gain experience with this process, you will start to notice that you experience a duality, where you are experiencing the energy outside yourself and inside yourself at once, and yet they are not separate experiences. As you experience this, relax and recognize that it is only one way of looking at things, and that it can be useful. Thank yourself for taking the opportunity to view the world in this new way, and let the experience teach you. Have gratitude to your mind for letting you have such a new experience, and enjoy the unique perspective that comes with that experience. As well, notice that you gain a new level of detail in connection with every experience. Your memories this day may be particularly vivid, as each detail becomes enhanced with additional layers. The depth of these details comes from the fact that they reflect both internal and external experiences, not merely one or the other.

            Of course, this particular way of looking at the world is not always the way every one of us likes to experience the world all the time, so, as your day ends, and you prepare for bed, take a few moments to reflect back on your day from this new perspective. Notice anything you have learnt. Are there any learning’s you have gained that would be impossible to communicate from outside this particular viewpoint?  Make sure to take the time to understand your experience, to make note of any particularly striking observations you wish to take with you, and to thank yourself for the experience, not only as a whole, but also in terms of any specific portions of your day that were especially impactful for you. Once you have done that and are in your bed, ready for sleep, close your eyes and allow yourself to hold on to this unique experience until you drift from conscious awareness. Know that in the morning, you will have the choice to use this new perspective when you wish, but will be able to experience the world as you always have as well. Allow yourself to dream beautiful dreams, and let yourself awaken refreshed and prepared to begin yet another exciting, beautiful day.



Week Three

Hermetic Principle Exercise



For six consecutive days, meditate twice daily upon the following Hermetic Law. Meditate for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time you reflect upon the following words. (Recommended, Monday to Saturday)


3. The Law of Vibration: Everything is in motion and vibrates with its own rate of the vibration. ''Nothing Rests; Everything Moves; Everything Vibrates''


On the seventh day of this third week, once again refrain from the meditation schedule you have been following for the previous six days. Today, you will be directly affecting and experiencing the principle of vibration.

            On this seventh day, as you awaken, enter a tranquil breath awareness state, preparing to once more observe your thoughts and emotions throughout the day. As you begin to observe these two aspects of your inner workings, visualize them interacting with the entirety of creation as tiny vibrations radiating outward from your presence.

First begin with your immediate surroundings as you go about your daily routines and rituals. Begin to create an intense and specific emotion. Then combine it with the power of thought. Clearly watch with your eyes wide open as these tiny yet intense vibrations impregnate your immediate vicinity. Naturally, this begins as completely imaginary, as the astral vision has not yet been fully developed. As you interact with others today, listen to them speak as you create an intense state of thought and emotion. Direct these powerful vibrations out into the environment and know that you are now beginning to have an effect on the vibratory frequency of your surroundings. Realize that millions upon millions of vibratory frequencies are constantly in motion from atoms, electrons and molecules to entire worlds, suns and universes. In the process of mastering your environment both in the physical world, and soon enough in the astral planes, you will be working with your individual vibratory frequencies. It goes without necessary comment that one should cast intense positive and helpful thoughts and emotions to progress in the proper direction of this exercise.

            As you work with resonating the frequencies of your thoughts and emotions outward today, know that you are taking a major step in training your astral abilities. Understandably, this process is imaginary at its onset for the majority of individuals. This however, matters not. It is vital to realize that within the astral planes, every thought and emotional frequency you create will bring immediate results to manifest the environment. The finer frequencies of the astral planes do not require days, months and years to manifest a desire such as the physical realms do. Today’s exercise can make a drastic difference in your astral explorations and train your ability in travel to direct destinations without emotional and thought distractions.

            Continue your day of creating intense and well-directed emotional states while sending the thought vibrations out into your environment. As you advance with this ability of seeing your vibrations radiating outward with focus, begin to realize that you are making a larger ripple, or energy current, within the entire matrix of creation. The true power of your thought and emotional vibrations begins to pierce deeply into the extended planes of reality as you begin to empower their presence with your will. Work with this spiritual exercise rigorously today knowing that at a much deeper level of reality, you are beginning to create the frequency of your surroundings.

            As you lay in bed at night, spend a few moments in quiet reflection to consider the impact you have consciously made not only in your physical world, but within the astral and spiritual realms as well. Give sincere thanks to yourself for having practiced and accomplished something that most people still do not fully recognize or accept. Repeat your weekly affirmation as you calmly cross over into sleep states.



Week Four

Hermetic Principle Exercise



For six consecutive days, meditate twice daily upon the following Hermetic Law. Meditate for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time you reflect upon the following words. (Recommended, Monday to Saturday)

4. The Law of Polarity: Polarity = Power. All things are dual, everything contains its opposite.  ''Everything Is Dual; Everything Has Its Pair Of Opposites; Like And Unlike

Are The Same; Opposites Are Identical In Nature, But Different In Degree;

“Extremes Meet; All Truths Are But Half Truths ; All Paradoxes May Be Reconciled.''


On the seventh day of this week, just as in the previous weeks, refrain from your regular meditation schedule. Instead, on this seventh day, you will be working with, experiencing, and integrating the principle of polarity, as it exists within your exterior environment, and within yourself. The principle of polarity is merely the awareness that all things have a duality, and that all opposites are merely halves of a greater whole. Today, you will become aware of this truth, and will become adept at recognizing this duality. To begin this process, as you awake in bed on this day, even before you open your eyes, focus your awareness on your breath.

            As you breath realize the following: on all planes of existence (whether physical, astral, or spiritual), creation cannot occur without polarity. In physics and chemistry, we see this literally, when we note that a change relies upon the balancing of physical charges. Within any environment, the ecosystem is a careful balance of opposing forces; for instance, we can look at predators and prey, at forces that encourage life and those that feed upon it, and we can recognize that if life and death are not balanced, the system will not remain stable and functional. The cells of your body grow and die within you, a careful balance that recreates your body, piece by piece, and which continues each moment of the day.

            Before you open your eyes, think upon how you are a balance of polarities. Recognize your breath as a movement from one pole, where your lungs are empty, to its opposite, where the lungs are full. Attempt, for a moment to feel the exact instant when it reaches each pole, and notice the two energies of those extremes. Allow this awareness of your breath to fill you, as you begin to remember that your physical brain is composed of the right and left hemispheres, and that your reality is experienced physically through this polarized mechanism. Feel the energy at each pole of your breath, and realize that both of those states are the results of one energy. Breathe for a few moments, feeling the energy as it transforms between these two poles.

            Now, as you open your eyes, allow your awareness of polarities to expand. Notice the world as a balance between opposing, yet united, forces. Feel your breath and recognize the existence of these polarities within yourself. As you maintain this awareness throughout the day, you will find it enriches and deepens your experiences. Though you will follow your normal daily routine, and go about your regular daily life, allow yourself to experience the polarities that exist within you and the world you inhabit, and to see them as opposingly united.

            As you go about your day, observe polarities in everything. Consider, amongst your thoughts, the following: male/female, hot/cold, light/dark, positive/negative, left/right, pleasure/pain, sad/joyous, and lies/truth. These are basic examples, of course, but use them to stimulate your awareness of polarities, but remember that you will be noticing far deeper and more intriguing polarities for yourself. Consider every experience you have, and ask yourself, “What are the opposites that created this?”  Ask, “What the opposites are within me that create my response?”  This is just as valid for simple things, like a bowl of cereal, as for complex events, like an argument with a loved one. As you experience your day, view it through the lens of opposites, and recognize the hermetic wisdom that each new pole is, in reality, but one half of a whole, with its opposite at the other end.

            At first, it may seem unrealistic to think that the opposites and extremes that exist within you, are, in fact, unified as a greater whole. To a child, hot and cold, are so different it can be hard to see them as one thing. But we learn from science that the temperature in an object is related to the amount of energy within the particles. Indeed, heat reflects the actual vibration rate of the atoms within an object. It is either a lot, or a little energy within; if it is a lot, it is hot, a little, it is cold. We learn that what we saw as two extremes are merely two extremes demonstrating the same thing.

            Within the human body, there reside both male and female energies, which complement one another. Begin to think of them, not as two varying different energies, but as varying degrees of one whole and greater energy. Consider that, just as hot and cold are merely two extremes of the same state, male and female energies, in reality, are polarized degrees of one energy. Consider, even, how physical gender is a manifestation of this. Think of how male can be seen as a one extreme of a continuum with female at the other end, and how a single energy creates these two poles, and their physical manifestations in our world. Imagine that each of the elements, which are the composition of your physical environment, carries an electric (male) energy or a magnetic (female) energy. Both of which have been polarized in this same way, reduced in frequency from one etheric energy, to allow physical manifestation in a polarized plane.

            Once more, you are only required to adopt this perspective for the duration of one entire day and no more. Understandably, not all of the Hermetic principles will resonate immediately with all individuals. You are only required to observe and ponder your existence from this alternative perspective on this day and let it reside in your awareness wherever it may in the days and years to follow.

            As you listen to others speak, understanding that whether they speak the truth or lie is nothing more than your polarized brain analyzing and categorizing these varying degrees of the same thing into what you understand intellectually, or through conditioned opinions, to be true or false.

            Observe and analyze your inner feelings of sadness and joy as you react to events and obstacles throughout the day. Begin to realize that these emotions, which feel to be extremes in experience, are solely dependent upon the brain’s response to be real little lone opposites.

            Pay close attention to every detail of your day and detect what the polarized counterpart of it exists. Begin to view the entire manifested cosmos as a polarized body, which in reality, only contains varying degrees of one greater and unified source.

            Today's exercise is no small task. Be grateful for any and all accomplishments in this task of observing polarity and shifting your minds perception to understand this phenomenon of unity, which exists beyond what your brain has been continuously conditioned to perceive.

            As you lay in bed at night, drop into a light meditative state and simply give thanks to yourself for having accomplished not only this task of observing polarity, but for all you have accomplished thus far in your journey into astral projection mastery and self-illumination. Continue into your weekly affirmation as you calmly cross over into sleeping states.



Week Five

Hermetic Principle Exercise



For six consecutive days, meditate twice daily upon the following Hermetic Law. Meditate for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time you reflect upon the following words. (Recommended, Monday to Saturday)


5. The Law of Rhythm: All things are in some way circular, spiral, cyclic, and in order to function the best way, you must adapt to live in harmony with natural rhythms. ''Everything Flows Out And In; Everything Has Its Tides; All Things Rise And

Fall; The Pendulum Swing Manifests In Everything. The Measure Of The Swing


“To The Right Is The Measure Of The Swing To The Left; Rhythm Compensates''

On the seventh day of this week, refrain from the meditation schedule you have followed for the previous six days. Instead, from the moment you wake in bed, make a conscious decision to observe all situations and receive all information from a truly neutral perspective. This begins with an absolute acceptance of all things, exactly as they are. Think about the things that are around you and notice them, without any judgment. As you find yourself judging, or even categorizing, simply remind yourself that for today, you are setting aside those thoughts.

            Once you are in this state of neutrality, allow yourself to begin contemplating the universe and its rhythms. Everything within creation moves through rhythmic cycles. All things move through cycles, consider the moon and the seasons. Think of how much these cycles do, how the moon controls the tides on Earth, and the seasons shape the flow of life for so much of what lives upon the planet. The human mind and body have their rhythms, as do societies and communities. The rise and fall of a nation embodies the same principle observed in the universal movements of heavenly bodies. Every cell in your body has its own rhythms and cycles, just as throughout your day you can observe rhythms and cycles in the situations and circumstances you encounter. Consider, right now, the rhythms you can feel in your body, the beat of your heart, the cycle of your mind from alert to asleep. Notice the cycles of the world around you: the daily cycle of work, play, and rest that our society is engaged in. Think of what lies behind these cycles: it is the movement through, from one state to another, in a steady and balanced way, which creates that rhythmic pattern. Today, you will strive to notice these patterns, even in yourself. Noticing that your emotions are another pattern, you will accept them as part of that rhythm, without being affected. Notice the feeling, whether positive or negative, but do not allow yourself to be affected by it, or any of these rhythms. You are simply the neutral center point observing the tides as they rise and fall. Today, you will allow yourself to be at the center point observing the pendulum swing of this universal rhythm. Notice those patterns, but allow yourself to remain still outside of them, as a neutral observer.

            As with each of these Hermetic exercises, you are only being asked to adopt this perspective for the duration of a day. Understandably, this is not the simplest of tasks, as most all of us have spent a lifetime developing likes and dislikes, opinions based in perceived facts, and other personal preferences, but sincerely engaging this practice for just one day, even with occasional emotional reactions, brings amazing benefits to facilitate the process of spiritual growth. Consider that by adopting this viewpoint for today, you will find that literally everything around you offers opportunity to you. As you maintain a neutral observance and reaction to the stimuli in your life, you will promote your own mental and spiritual evolution. Even more, you will find that, perhaps, some of those embedded responses have clouded your awareness, and you will see things with new eyes.

            Of course, it is only natural that, now and again, you might have a response that bubbles up without thought. Do not ignore it, but instead notice it, and acknowledge it. Observe it as another example of these rhythms. You can remain neutral, even in observing that part of you that is responding, and can notice how that emotion is a rhythm within you. Once you have observed that feeling, thank that part of you for teaching you this lesson and let it go. As you go through your day, you will likely find that these interruptions become less and less frequent, especially if you truly accept it from this neutral space of thankful awareness. If you find it particularly difficult to maintain this neutrality, close your eyes for a moment and speak to that part of you which is judging. Let it know that you appreciate its work, and tell it that today you are attempting to learn a special lesson. Remind it that tomorrow, all of your opinions and preferences will return and ask it to allow you this experience just for today. Thank it, again, for this help and let it know how much you appreciate it, for carrying all the elements of who you are into your daily life.

            As the day progresses, you will discover that you have begun to gradually neutralize the very tides and rhythms within your own self. Realize that he ability to do this is what has separated masters from the struggling masses throughout human history. Most people are easily swayed, both individually and collectively, as the tides of society rise and fall. Those whose state is evolved towards this neutral perspective recognize that by acceptance of all that exists, they remain nearly unaffected by these fluctuations. Throughout your day check your mental state to gauge your progress towards neutral observance. No matter how you are progressing, continue with the full intent of your will with dedication to that which is greater within you.

            By engaging in this practice today, you are creating a foundation in spiritual security that will be of great use within the astral realms. Learning to maintain a truly neutral perspective makes you far less likely to be emotionally affected by experiences in the astral realms that you might otherwise find emotionally unsettling or even frightening. The nonphysical planes are quick to react to the emotional state of the astral traveler, meaning that a strong emotional state can rapidly spin your experience out of control or in a negative direction. Realize that minimizing the emotional rhythms within your psyche develops mastery over all of your environments, whether physical or otherwise.

            As you lay in bed, review your day, remembering situations in which you maintained your neutrality and observe those where you may have fallen short in this exercise. No matter the results, maintain a neutral response. Even in reviewing your own actions, do not judge, neither boo your failures nor applaud your successes. Sincerely thank yourself for having remained fully dedicated to this exercise throughout your day. Take a few deep breaths, realizing that, at any time, you can choose to be liberated from much of life's drama simply by accepting your experiences and observing the world with neutrality. Begin your evening affirmations as you rest, and prepare to awaken into your nightly dream activities.



Week Six

Hermetic Principle Exercise

Cause and Effect


For six consecutive days, meditate twice daily upon the following Hermetic Law. Meditate for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time you reflect upon the following words. (Recommended, Monday to Saturday)


6. The Law of Cause and Effect: There are no coincidences, nothing happens by chance. Everything is a cycle. For every effect, there is a cause, and every cause is an effect in something else. ''Every Cause Has Its Effect; Every Effect Has Its Cause; Everything Happens According To The Law; Chance Is A Name For The Law Not Recognized; The Are

“Many Planes Of Causation, But Nothing Escapes The Law.''


On the seventh day of this week, just as with each previous week, refrain from your regular meditation schedule. Instead, on this day, you will be working with, and experiencing the hermetic principle of cause and effect.

            As you awake in bed, prepare to analyze your personal habits and decisions throughout the day. Ask yourself, what makes your personality unique?  What habitual patterns guide your personal choices? These are the aspects that make you behave and respond in a specific way to situations and circumstances. These are the patterns that repeat to form habits, which ultimately shape your life's circumstances. As you begin to identify your habits and personal aspects, go deeper, and ask yourself where they derive from. Trace them to their source. Ask yourself why, and notice just what caused certain responses within you, shaping who you are. Why do you feel or behave a certain way in a certain situation, and just what was it that taught you that response? Why do you make specific decisions and follow specific paths?  As you do this, begin to take notice of the effects of your decisions and actions. Consider not only the immediate effects of what you do today, but also the long-term effects of your decisions and actions over the years. How have they led you to your current state of being? Consider that your decisions have laid the foundation for your current lifestyle and environment.

            Begin to realize that each of your decisions is a cause that has created an energetically proportional effect on your life. For each decision you've made, for each action you've taken, there has been an energetic effect equal to its output. Understand that in this sense, you alone, through both conscious and unconscious decisions and actions, have been the creator of the circumstances in your environment. Even luck and chance, so to speak, are merely the effects, with causes of equal energetic proportion. Naturally, this principle resonates deeply in all the planes of existence, both astral and physical. Be aware that your special and unique personality constantly resonates into all planes of frequency, as well.

             As you go about your daily activities and rituals today, continue this personal analysis. Notice how your environment is affected by you, responding to your actions. Notice how each thing in your environment has a cause, and notice and acknowledge that cause within yourself. As you communicate with others, take notice of what you are causing with your words, your attitude and your very presence. Realize that an entire reality of circumstances has come into being around you, caused by you, through each decision, through each action, and through your habits. You are not to judge yourself on this day. You are simply asked to observe what you have caused, and continue to cause. Recognize that these causes extend from you through all the frequencies of the universe, as your energy reverberates throughout all of creation. Do not judge these effects, you are only asked to observe. For everything you encounter today, ask how it is the result of your own doing. Even things that your conscious mind says, “I am not in control of that,” ask that part of you deeper down to find that cause within yourself. Remember that you are a microcosm of the universe, so anything that has a cause in the universe reflects that cause within you. The universe is a reflection of you, and within you each element of the universe can be observed. So too, each cause in the universe is a cause within you. As you observe that which is outside you, notice how it is caused, and notice that part of you that is that cause.

            As you dedicate to this honest observation of yourself today, recognize that you are also developing an understanding of your ability to create, or manifest, an effect through cause, or decision. You are beginning to consciously construct a new foundation for your experiences of the world. This foundation is not based upon the perspective of a victim who often blames others for the circumstances they experience, but rather, from the perspective of a creator who recognizes and accepts the power and ability to consciously create, or cause, an entire reality.

            In practicing this, you are also developing a strong ability to work with this principle within the astral realms, where these effects are often far more direct. As you begin to understand the equal interplay between cause and effect, you will engage in the out of body adventures of the days to come with spiritual balance. An awareness of the almost immediate effects of thoughts within the astral planes and the control you are developing today will combine to create an experience that is well guided and governed by your own will.

            As you end your day, lie in bed and completely relax your mind. Allow all thoughts to simply melt away, replacing them with a sense of internal gratitude. Thank yourself, sincerely, for having been honest in all you observed today. You have sincerely observed yourself in a way that people do not find entirely comfortable. Thank yourself for creating your reality, as it exists, and for allowing you to live and learn the lessons of the life you are leading, and thank yourself for letting you be aware that you have created these experiences for yourself. Feel the warmth of that gratitude as you allow your breathing rhythm to deepen and begin your affirmation in preparation for your nightly activities.



Week Seven

Hermetic Principle Exercise



For six consecutive days, meditate twice daily upon the following Hermetic Law. Meditate for at least 15 to 30 minutes each time you reflect upon the following words. (Recommended, Monday to Saturday)

7. The Law of Gender: The law of polarity, applied. Everything has both masculine and feminine components and energies. ''Gender Is In Everything;

“ Everything Has Its Masculine And Feminine Principle; ''Gender Manifests On All Planes.”


On the seventh day of this week, refrain from your regular astral projection training meditations. Today, you will instead be working with the hermetic principle of gender. As with the principle of polarity, this principle applies to all opposites. Today’s focus will be placed specifically on your inner polarities and how they move within you. It is important to note, as well, that gender is not the same as polarity: the two concepts have been separate within Hermetics since its origins in the ancient world. This subtle distinction is one you will learn and notice through today’s exercise. Too understand it, consider for a moment any of the polarities in your life and notice that each of those poles has a masculine and feminine embodiment itself. As you open your eyes to wake in the morning, prepare to begin a profound observation of the male and female energetic currents that create your individual personality. Remember that all creation carries with it an electric (male) or magnetic (female) current. Today you will recognize both of these currents moving throughout your being, ultimately bring them into an androgynous, balanced force. As you go through your daily routines and rituals, begin to feel your inner energies stirring with your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Ask yourself, where do these energies originate? Are they passive or active? Do they burst from the element of fire, as an active force, which expands and overtakes, or do they find origin in the element of water, as a passive force that gives way? Recognize both the public and private aspects of your personality from this perspective. Which aspects of you originate in masculine energy, and which in feminine?  How do your inner energies react with your environment? Feel them moving, noticing both the electric, male forces and magnetic, female currents.

            Allow yourself to extend this exercise by observing the sexual desires and fantasies that naturally pass through the mind in the course of a day. Observe these male or female sexual impulses, realizing they are literally electric and magnetic energy currents, energies that are constantly seeking reunion with their counterpart through sexual intercourse. Recognize that these feelings result from these energies having been separated by the physical incarnation process. The sexual currents are what ultimately lead to intercourse, the first step in the very process that incarnates us as physical beings, maintaining the solidity of this physical realm by providing conscious beings to collectively observe its reality with their physical brains and bodies.

            As you observe those aspects of you and recognize the gender energy they embody, recognize that you should not be afraid to express both of these aspects. While we are either male or female, physically, energetically, we all contain male and female aspects. Indeed, at this point, we can begin to work towards not merely recognizing these energies, but also unifying them into a new, balanced and androgynous energy. Do this by allowing yourself to acknowledge, first, that male and female are part of a greater whole. Recognize that every male energy has a female counterpart and so too does every female energy have its male counterpart. Notice that you can balance both these energies together, unifying them into a single energy.

            Today, express both sides of yourself: passive and active, electric and magnetic. Be the teacher and student, leader and follower. Take on the role of creator, then that of participant. Today, show compassion as well as strength. Embody both the sun and the moon; be the fire and the water. Do not be concerned with overanalyzing yourself now; simply begin to flow within these energetic currents as they work in unison balancing your inner polarities. Realize that you can allow the male and female to exist as extremes within you, without unifying them, and yet still remain in a balanced state between them. Observe the ebb and flow of these energies, and recognize that beneath both of them remains constant and even though the change.

            In simply observing these energies with dedication for one day will do more to balance you polarities than may be realized. The recognition of these inner energies and the origin of their polarity bring with it the ability to combine the masculine and feminine into a single unified androgynous energy, a requirement for spiritual ascension. Additionally, by recognizing that you have both of these aspects within yourself, you learn to recognize a deeper self, one that exists unchanging beneath all the changes you experience, which already exists within a state of balance and unity. By noticing that deeper aspect of your being, you gain an understanding of yourself as solid and unchanging, providing the ground sense of self that is so vital for positive and conscious astral experiences.

            Realize that as you work towards the balancing of your inner polarities, you are in turn balancing the outer polarities of your universe as well. As mentioned in previous weeks, the core of hermetic practice recognizes the self as a microcosm of the universe. By creating the desired states within this microcosm, there is an equivalent response within the macrocosm. As the self-changes, the world around the self reflects that change. It is also known that within all planes of manifestation, gender plays the role of creation. Just as it takes male and female to create a child on this physical plane, so too, it is the male and female energies that give birth to all creation, throughout the planes. As you balance your internal energies so they express the totality of yourself, both male and female, and you prepare yourself for spiritually advanced participation at all planes of creation.

            As you retire to fall asleep on this day, spend a few moments in silent reflection, recalling the magnitude of your experiences with this practice. Your dedication to this inner observation of polarized energy currents has activated an important internal process that will continue to unfold, even as you allow yourself to return to your normal experience in the morning. As with each day, give thanks and gratitude to yourself for continuing to grow in your spiritual practices, and specifically to those parts of you that allowed you to gain and learn from today’s experiences. Thank the male and female aspects of yourself, and thank the parts of you that were skeptical or worried about this exercise for stepping aside. Thank the deeper you that exists beneath all of these changes, for allowing you to enter this reality and experience the male and female energies of creation. As you take a nice deep breath, begin to repeat your weekly affirmation as you calmly drift into the world of sleep.



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