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(Excerpts from the Light Body Travelers Astral Projection Mastery and Self Illumination Curriculum,

Life is But a Dream- Illuminating the Self Through Astral Projection Mastery”)



By exploring this level of information, you are touching the tip of a tremendous iceberg. The process of illumination is not something reserved for select adept human beings. Rather, it is a privilege set aside for any true seeker. Join us and experience the miracle of this existence, and discover your eternal, multidimensional reality. (This is not a cliché new age figure of speech) You are standing at the threshold of a life-changing doorway.

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"Gnostic Alchemy is the process of transforming a human being into a divine being, a god or a goddess. This alchemy can occur with or without the aid of a physical substance, an elixir or pill. Most commonly, it occurs through observing yogic practices that awaken the inner, alchemical force at the base of the spine, the Kundalini, which is the same power that a physical pill or elixir is designed to awaken. When this evolutionary force is awakened it accomplishes all the processes needed to transform a human being into a perfected human being, with all of his and her innate spiritual wisdom and abilities fully developed and intact.


            The basic principle involved in alchemy is to unite the polar opposite male-female principles into the fiery Kundalini, which is the form matter assumed at the beginning of time. When the Infinite Spirit was moved to create the universe it first came to a point of finite density. This original density was the fiery life force known as Kundalini. It has also been known as the Primal Goddess or Primal Son, because it was composed of both the male and female polarities. This primal force moved in a spiral, so it has also been known as the Primal Serpent or Dragon. Eventually this force split into its male and female components as proton and electron, light and darkness, and all other manifestations of the male-female polarity. Without the balance created by the polarity all matter in the universe would revert back to its original shape as the “androgynous” life force.

            Thus, all material shapes and forms that hardened within the universe have at their core the polarity. They were made of the polarity—generated atom, and they manifest the polarity through their gender specific and innate properties (fluidity is female, fieriness is male, etc..) Eventually, however, all polarities reunite. At the end of creation all polarities reunite as Prana or Kundalini, the form they existed in at the beginning. Thus, the end of evolution marks a return to the “androgynous” force.

            To end the evolution of a metal means to turn it into the most evolved metal, gold. To achieve this alchemically the Philosopher’s Stone, which is a physical manifestation of polarity union, must be created in a lab and then held or sprinkled on a base metal. The Philosopher’s Stone is created through the union of two polar-opposite substances, known as Philosophical Mercury and Philosophical Sulphur. The red-colored Stone is fiery, like the primal soup at the beginning of time, and can transmute a metal through the intense heat it produces.

            Similarly, to end the evolution of a human being a fiery “androgynous” force must be created or awakened in the human body. This is the fiery Kundalini power at the base of the spine. The Kundalini exists where two channels, the Ida and Pingala Nadis, the vehicles of the polar opposite energies in the body, unite to become the Sushumna, the central channel or Nadi. It is through this channel that the Kundalini rises up the spine to the crown of the head, awakening and purifying the seven centers or power, or chakras, along its path. With its intense heat, the Kundalini not only clears out the chakras but also the 72,000 Nadis within the body through which the life force flows. Over lifetimes this network of channels becomes congested with toxins, blocked emotions, limiting concepts, etc. Such blockages keep us bound until they are burned away by the Kundalini. When it finally arrives at the head this power awakens the remaining two-thirds of the brain that are normally dormant in a human being and bestows upon a person all his or her divine powers and abilities.”


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