Anahata-”unstruck sound”/Heart Chakra Located in the center of the chest, the heart Chakra is one of the easiest to locate physically, as its energy does center in the same region of the body as the physical heart itself. Similarly, while the physical heart is the vital organ pumping blood throughout the entire physical body, the heart Chakra is the metaphysical organ that pumps love throughout the entire light body. As it is brought into balance with the lower Chakras, it will begin to move that vital energy of love through them as well, reinforcing the work done up to this point. While the extreme amounts of love that exist at the core of the heart Chakra are truly phenomenal, and will provide positive support to the grounded and centered self, they are not entirely accessible to the self when incarnated within the physical body. Indeed, the love energy that the heart Chakra accesses is not entirely from (what we commonly identify as) the self, but can be thought of as a field of unconditional love that emanates the universe and is being channeled through the heart Chakra. As one enters the subtle bodies, the amount of this energy that one can experience grows vastly, with the finer bodies having the highest capacity for that emotion. It seems obvious that activation of the Heart Chakra, the center that provides and distributes this energy of love, is vital for any spiritual transformation, or indeed any major growth of the self, whether spiritually attributed or otherwise. It is also, however, the point in the Chakra system when we begin to enter an energetic relationship with the higher self and with universal energy systems, as the Heart Chakra is responsible for the flow of this energy throughout the entire system, and thus when it is balanced, circulates energies from all the centers, bringing energy from the highest Chakras into contact with those of the lower ones. With these energies flowing smoothly, and once the clearing of all emotional blockages within the heart center has occurred, the Kundalini “serpent” may continue to ascend, and begin its reunion with cosmic influences and energies. While the energy of Kundalini has already been awakened within the movement of energy through the lower Chakras, it is the influx of unconditional love provided by the heart center that allows the ascension of the serpent and it’s interaction with universal forces.


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