Hermetic Applications Within The Astral And Physical Experience


(Excerpts from the Light Body Travelers Astral Projection Mastery and Self Illumination Curriculum, “Life is But a Dream- Illuminating the Self Through Astral Projection Mastery”)


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A meaningful application of Hermetic principles and practices has been integrated into your astral projection for a variety of reasons.

            The first is that Hermetic study and practice serve as a most direct method of creating inner realizations in respect to the greater universe. By working with and experiencing each of the seven Hermetic principles in the preceding weeks, a noticeable shift in awareness has occurred, bringing you to a place of elevated spiritual maturity. In understanding your abilities and true power within all planes of existence, a strong and crucial foundation in spirituality has developed at a deeper level within your psyche.

            Secondly, the direct usage of the elemental principles within yourself to bring balance to the astral body has also marked a noticeable shift in your existence. Be reminded that all aspects of creation are elemental in nature and therefore, carry an electric or magnetic energy current. As previously discussed, the elements of fire and air are electrically charged, while the elements of water and earth are magnetically charged. Your human body, manifested into this third dimensional plane is a complex combination of these elements. You have now learned that each of these elements corresponds to a specific region of your body. (As covered in Elemental integration Tattva Meditation/ Developing Astral sensoryin week seven.) By remaining connected to your deeper elemental existence your abilities to manifest within all planes with greater accuracy will continuously develop.

            As you continue to travel the astral and spiritual planes with regularity, you may function as an elementally balanced spirit, fully aware of your capabilities. You are no longer startled by what may seem unsightly or shocking to the masses. For the truly advanced individual knows that all aspects of creation, whether positive or negative, (electric or magnetic), are simply a part of the extended self. You are capable of accepting each of these aspects with the same frequency of unconditional love.

            Whether you walk in the physical, or fly within the astral, you comprehend the manifestation of the elements as they create what appears to be in front of you. You also realize now that as an elementally balanced spirit, you are capable of remaining closely connected to each aspect of existence, as well as have a direct effect upon its nature.

            Within the discourses of the Corpus Hermetica there is written what is debatably the foundation of Hermetic philosophy and practice. May you now read as deeply into the following quote as your consciousness allows. And may you continuously absorb them into your spirit.


“See what power you have, what quickness. If you can do these things, can God not do them? So you must think of God in this way, as having everything- the cosmos, himself, the universe- like thoughts within himself. Thus, unless you make yourself equal to God, you cannot understand God; like is understood by like. Make yourself grow to immeasurable immensity, out leap all body, outstrip all time, become eternity and you will understand God. Having conceived that nothing is impossible to you, consider yourself immortal and able to understand everything, all art, all learning, the temper of every living thing. Go higher than every height, and lower than every depth. Collect in yourself all the sensations of what has been made, of fire and water, dry and wet; by everywhere at once, on land, in the sea, in heaven; be not yet born, be in the womb, be young, old, dead, beyond death. And when you have understood all these at once - times, places, things, qualities, quantities - then you can understand God.”

            “ But if you shut your soul up in the body and abase it and say, I understand nothing, I can do nothing; I fear the sea, I cannot go up to heaven; I do not know what I was, I do not know what I will be, then what do you have to do with God? While you are evil and a lover of the body, you can understand none of the things that are beautiful and good. To be ignorant of the divine is the ultimate vice, but to be able to know, to will and to hope is the straight and easy way leading to the good. As you journey, the good will meet you everywhere and will be seen everywhere, where and when you least expect it, as you lie awake, as you fall asleep, sailing or walking, by night or by day, as you speak or keep silent, for there is nothing that it is not.”












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