Description:“diamond/city” of precious stone/Solar Plexus. The Manipura is located just below the sternum, in the abdominal region of the solar plexus. It is directly related to personal will and personal power, and can be seen as the center of the physical body/self. This is both literally true, as it is located in the center of the body’s core, and metaphorically, as it provides strength and individuality to the self. It serves as the meeting point for the higher and lower selves, centering these two aspects, and supplies the connection point for compromise and decision between the higher and lower aspects. It makes sense that this energy center, which provides the nexus point between the most physical parts in the lower self and the more ascended aspects of the higher self, would also be the center of astral influence. When this center is balanced, the individual feels equipped to experience the world from a genuine perspective of self, and can balance the carnal needs within a framework that also addresses spiritual concerns. A blockage of energy flow through the Solar Plexus will cause a lack of confidence and a diminished sense of personal power. The ego becomes bogged down with worry over the opinions of others, as the self loses connection with its own sense of worth and value. Once balanced, along with providing a healthy sense of personal awareness and self-love, this Chakra also serves to regulate the relationship with the subtle bodies, and thus it provides the easiest “gate” from the physical body for astral travel.


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