Description: “purity”/Throat Chakra. As mentioned above, the Throat Chakra is the higher self’s center of creative energy, and is found, as the name implies, at the front of the neck. As with the Sacral Chakra, it manages self-expression, creativity, self-esteem and interaction, however this interaction is no longer related to the physical body’s needs, but is capable through communication to reflect and express concepts originating from higher self. Being the center of one’s spiritual creativity, the Throat Chakra holds great power: in its fully activated state, this center gives an individual not only artistic and expressive capacity, but also allows one to experience control over personal reality and destiny. When this center is blocked and it’s energy does not flow properly, feelings of weakness occur, often marked by a diminishment in an individual's willingness to speak out or otherwise communicate. As it is brought into balance, the energy of the Throat Chakra will carry the love and sense of self already established to merge it with the capacity for and desire to, not only express that loving energy, but to express that energy in a way which honors the unique aspects of the individual self. In essence, the lower Chakras have established an awareness of a unique personal perspective, the heart has infused this system with love, and the throat carries these energies, allowingthemto flow out from the individual to communicate this energy as a positive influence within the larger world.




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