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The February Editor's Column

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When the editorial staff here at Spiritualists International Magazine made the decision to utilize a monthly theme that would unify the articles and other offerings on this site, it was purely by coincidence that February happened to be the first month in which this new format would apply.  However, as many spiritual traditions remind us, coincidence is not the same as accident.  That February is the month during which we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, and by extension love, particularly romantic love, seems exceedingly appropriate.  After all, love is an important aspect of most all spiritual and religious traditions, and romantic love plays a pivotal role within this broader spectrum.  Consider how much ancient mystics made of the sacred energies embodied by male and female, and of the power that is unleashed when they meet.

And yet, Valentine’s Day is often not looked upon with any seriousness in our culture.  For some it is just a day when they are obliged to give gifts, if only to stay out of trouble.  Others may feel the pain of not having a loved one in their life.  Many look upon it as purely a “Hallmark holiday”, cultivated by the greeting card industry for the sole purpose of reaping profit.  Our culture tells us many things about Valentine’s Day, but it does not seem to speak to the heart of what we are told that day is about: love. 

To that end, we have invited our contributors this month to consider love, particularly romantic love, from a variety of perspectives.  There are articles here for everyone, from the couple celebrating decades of love and devotion to the single guy or gal who might be feeling left out in the cold by the blizzard of roses and chocolates, as well as everyone between.  We think you will agree that these are heartfelt offerings, providing unique perspectives and insights while acknowledging the sacred bonds of love which bring so much joy and pain into our lives. 

Our core mission here at SIM is to bring relevant and relatable material on topics that matter to us both as spiritual seekers and as human beings, and in so doing to, perhaps, help bring an awareness of the sacred into the everyday world.  Love is probably the ultimate example of this, for, at its best, love certainly serves to elevate our experiences, to nurture our growth and development, and to make us aware of so many of the wonders hidden within our ordinary existence.  So, it seems a most fitting place to begin.  Besides, it is Valentine’s day.




Do you LOVE Valentines Day?
The Editor's Column

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