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Empowerment Through Emotional Self-Healing

Healing SIM KatyEmpowerment Through Emotional Self- Healing

One of the most challenging lessons for many human beings is to let go of the past, then learn to move forward from loss, guilt, regret and grudges in an empowered way.  Many times, this is easier said than done.  Many times, it is easier to dispense this advice to others than apply it in our own lives.

Why is that? Why is it almost impossible for some people to detach and move on from certain emotional upsetting events? Why are there are so many people who carry around their grievances from the long ago past for years and years?  Why is it so hard for us to relinquish these old, tired emotions?

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Detach, Awaken!

           Detach Awaken  Detachment, in it’s many forms, has always been a big inspiration for thought trains and a core 
principle through which I try to orient decision making, which subsequently influences the
 life that follows.

                        Taking a moment to detach from objects, people, and scenarios, can be an incredibly 
useful tool for everyday stress relief and really looking at the big picture, often times 
giving us the answer we’re looking for.
Today I’d like to share with you a few notes from one of those thought trains relating to 
the detachment of identification.


                There's a popular idea that goes ‘If the environment’s favorable the organism will 
reproduce, if not it will choose immortality’ In the scientific sense, it relates to the 
reproduction or self-sustenance of cells depending on environmental conditions.

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Using Light to Free Attachments


Cindy Paulos Detachment Spiritualists Interntional MagazineOn the material plane, we create bonds and attachments to things that we need in our life. Attachments are all right if they are not our complete support system. When we hold on tightly to our attachments, we invest our heart and soul and our identity in them. We can be attached to many things like our loved ones, our pets, our car, our lifestyle, our homeand our career. The ego can get very possessive of things that support our sense of importance.

            If you take an intensive retreat, you can get an idea of what your life would be away from attachments. Attachments make us feel secure, yet they are always in danger of being taken from us at any time. In every life there comes a time when we experience a loss of a loved one. We can lose our nice things if our financial situation changes. We will all come face to face with the ultimate experience of having to let go of our attachments when we face death.

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SIM Cover Feb 2017To really address the concept and practice of detachment, we must fist honestly identify our attachments. Detachment has almost become a cliché, or type of catch phrase from Buddhism in new age circles. There seems to be a fundamental understanding of it, but it is rarely taken to the level needed to experience personal freedom from the world and life, as we know it.

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Forgiveness Meditation -With Cindy Paulos

Forgiveness meditation Spiritualists International MagazineForgiveness is the key to inner peace. While we are aware of this fact, we ironically continue to suffer with the act of forgiveness both towards others and ourselves. What is it about the life experience that seems so deeply real that we cannot let go of, and forgive? Have we become so deeply rooted in this temporary journey called life to see beyond the trials and tribulations that cause us to resent?

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How To Spend The Holidays Alone? Ask Leana

Spiritualists International magazine Ask Leana HolidaysFor many of us, spending time with loved ones during the holiday season is simply not an option. The reality of it is, many humans outlive their friends and families, and lack the needed motivation to stay socially active.

            In this insightful addition of Ask Leana, the Dr. shares some truly meaningful wisdom for all those who will be spending this time of year alone. The holiday season is socially embellished with images of happiness and human connection, but this is not the case for many. Leana offers a special message here, giving all of us inspirations of how to make the absolute most of your holiday season, and your overall state of being in this journey called life.

            Be sure to leave your comments and questions directly below with Leana, and she may respond to you directly in here upcoming feature.

From all of us at Spiritualists International, have an amazing holiday season and new year celebration.

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Forgiving, -The Most Revolutionary Thing You Can Do!

Forgiveness BoyerMy mid-twenties were some of the most destructive years of my life. My son’s mother and I had separated after years in a difficult relationship, our mutual friends were choosing sides, and I was severely depressed. Years have passed, and now people wonder how we remain so civil with one other. The answer is that we made the choice to forgive.

            Forgiveness is a revolutionary act with the power to move mountains. Most of the samskaras we carry around can be usurped by simply choosing to forgive ourselves and others. Many of the vices that plague individuals and humanity can be resolved with this act. When we forgive, we unburden ourselves from the thoughts that keep us in perpetual cycles of suffering. Like Neo stopping bullets in The Matrix, forgiveness has an almost supernatural ability to effect radical change.

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What's Your Story?

Leana forgivenessWhat is your story? What is the one you tell the world, and the one you tell yourself? Do you even realize that the story you tell has a very big impact on the life you lead?

            If the story you tell is of hardship and pain, that is what you live, and if it is of joy and happiness, that is what you live. You may ask the question, if I have been hurt, damaged, and experienced pain for most of my life, how do I live a life filled with happiness and joy? It’s hard work, but honesty and forgiveness are a good start. Changing your life is never an easy task, because it entails letting go, learning new habits, and being honest with yourself and forgiving yourself. I think I have mentioned before, that forgiveness is a rather selfish act, because you do it for yourself not the other person or event.

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Understanding Forgiveness

Spiritualists International forgiveness 1To err is human, to forgive divine.

~Alexander Pope

Seed thoughts for this chapter


Forgiveness becomes our teacher at some point in our lives, and if we live long enough, we will experience many things to forgive. Christ was a great teacher who practiced and spoke about forgiveness. Much of the world then was lost in darkness, practicing an eye-for-an-eye retribution. So when Christ suggested loving our enemies and turning the other cheek, he was offering a revolutionary teaching for humanity. Even now, 2,000 years later, we find forgiveness one of the hardest lessons to learn.

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Confession -Forgiveness From God (The Catholic Sacrament)

Spiritualist intrnational Magazine ForgivenessForgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. These words are recited daily by Christians around the world but are rarely focused on beyond a recitation of a learned prayer from childhood. When broken down and thought about, the words take on a much deeper personal meaning.

            Firstly, trespass is another word for wrong. So the prayer is actually asking God to forgive us our wrongs (towards him) as we forgive those who wrong us. This is a concept that many Christians struggle with. We all want God to forgive us our wrongs (sins) but we often can’t forgive people who wrong us. Too many good Christians hold on to grudges against people but still expect God to forgive them. We need to forgive the wrongs against us so that we can be free to be forgiven the wrongs we have done to others and God.

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Finding Forgiveness

     This is dedicated to all who authentically seek inner and outer peace. It is not the simplest of undertakings, but those who truly desire this, will triumph. This is a practice in examining yourself and your relationships to continuously forgive and release built up resentment and stresses.Forgiveness JoeKenneth c 001

     It’s not always the most inspiring topic to discuss, but the resentments and grudges that we hold towards others and ourselves are the underlying causes of much disease and premature illnesses. Both consciously and unconsciously, most of us continuously emanate stress frequencies throughout our bodies due to unresolved conflicts and disharmonious relationships. To get right to the point, this is not an article that gives you the tools to make everyone see things your way, or make them like you. It is however a realistic method that empowers you through the acceptance of all things and others through compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

     Interestingly enough, the root of most unbalanced bodily biology stems from stress caused by our own resentments. Keep in mind that most of us have underlying resentments against our own selves, and not simply other people. Forgiveness JoeKenneth002So what can we do to actively overcome stress and take control over the well being of our body and environment?

     You guessed it, find forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of those words that some may cringe at, and others may welcome. It is however a concept that strikes a cord with us all. To truly find forgiveness, there must first be a profound internal examination. And on this note, remember that you are your own best health consultant regarding emotional wellness.

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SIM Cover Nov. 2016It’s said that compassion is the gateway to forgiveness, and forgiveness is the key to inner pace. But what does it really mean to forgive? And more importantly, how do we go about truly forgiving others, as well as ourselves. We spend most of our lives hardly aware of the mental and emotional weight that we carry due to a lack of forgiveness. How many seemingly forgotten events have damaged our spirit due to the unforgiving aspects left behind?  How much regret do we carry towards others and ourselves as we move through our daily lives? Understandably, some may carry less than others, but it is our mission this month to deliver some of the absolute best ways of finding forgiveness and achieving a higher level of inner peace in your life.

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Creating Creation -A Philosophical Think Piece

Creativity Spiritualists International magazine Since its beginnings, the human mind has labored tirelessly to both understand, and rationalize, its origins of creation.  But to what degree has humanities creativity itself, taken an active role in creating creation, through mythologies, religion, and legend. It’s been mentioned repeatedly this month, that we often overlook just how closely our creativity actually manifests the details of our personal reality. And having touched on this concept, I wanted to take the opportunity to dive deeper into the actual human capacity to create creation through creativity. That’s no doubt an entertaining phrase to say, but allow me to demonstrate, just how humankind has actually created its own creation.

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Finding Ways To Nurture Your Creativity

Leana CreativityI think before we can nurture our gifts, we first need to believe we have gifts, and once we believe it, we need to establish what they are.

            Quite the comment right? I have noticed that most of us do not believe we are worth very much, and that leads to a belief that we have no gifts that are worth anything. And even if we think we might be good at something, we do not always believe that our little bit is worth it. This is so very sad to me. Each one of us is created with such splendour and magnificence, yet we do not believe it.

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Ask Leana- Spiritual Doubt

Leana Kriel Spiritualists International Magazine copyDr. Leana Kreil brings us another fascinating addition to here “Ask Leana” feature this week. Sometimes we forget just how important our spiritual practice can be amongst all of life’s obstacles. As she directly answers our readers questions about how to find purpose in life and spirituality, even while dealing with life’s tragedies and down spots, Leana brings great meaning to those in spiritual doubt.

No matter how many seemingly negative events are happening in your life, you can remain focused on what you are really here to do, and just how important you are as a human being on a spiritual journey. A truly brilliant message sure to inspire you in this short video presentation.

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Creativity, A Spiritual Matter!

Natalie Haig Spiritualists International MagazineNatalie Haig delivers a powerful video feature this week, filled with creative resources and inspirations. Taking us one step further in the power of or creativity, she explains how this aspect of ourselves is not only mental, but even more so spiritual. When harnessing the creative energies within our bodies, we develop the ability to create life, new ideas, and valuable personal changes.

Join Natalie below, as she brings her usual charm and presence to us at Spiritualists International Magazine, and unlock the totality of your personal creativity today! Be sure to leave your comments directly below with Natalie, and she will personally respond.

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The Gift of Creativity

Creativity Spiritualists International MagazineWe are all part of God ‘s Creation, alive here in this moment in time, to experience life on Earth and learn a little more with each birth.From the Creator, we are given the gift to create. There are infinite ways to be creative.


    What a miracle this is.A vision, a dream, a muse that carries the breath of inspiration for us to use in so mays. For creativity is limitless, and is always waiting to be called upon.

Yet, harnessing and controlling creativity can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it seems like it just isn’t there when you want it. There are many workshops and wonderful books that can help direct you in ways to create an environment for creativity. To me, it seems it does help to have a format to follow. You can have a method that makes it easy to put on your “getting creative attitude on.”

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Your Creativity!

SIM Cover Oct copyWe use the word creativity so often that we sometimes forget to recognize just how powerful this gift of the mind really is. To be human, to live here in the physical world, is to be creation itself. We understand that biologically our parents created us; we understand that spiritually we are created in the image of the Divine, but we rarely recognize that creativity exists within us as the very substance of our being.

            Look around you right now, and observe every object. Then see each object as an image in the imagination of the person who first envisioned it, and then created it. Now observe how even your thoughts serve to create your day, and your entire reality. Every last thought vibration that resonates through the matrix of existence creates the framework of your reality.

            We often feel that some people are more creative than others. Indeed, some people are far more tuned into their creative forces, but in reality, each and every human being is equipped with the same set of creative tools.

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Rediscover the Power of Nature!

Velvet Spiritual Velvet Star Chong joins us this month at Spiritualists International Magazine, to share just how to get the most of nature! Learn how to use the forces of the natural world to find a state of balance and inner joy. From healthy eating tips, to outdoors activities with the whole family, Velvet give a ton of awesome ideas when it comes to staying in tune with nature.

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Healing Through Mother Nature

Spiritual Praise Spiritualists International MagazineCindy Paulos brings us an amazingly powerful meditation to heal through the beauty of nature. Her message is clear, and healing through the act of giving thanks has never been so well stated. When we give thanks, and connect with the natural forces of this great Universe, a new understanding begins, and our old patterns of our daily frustration, quite literally, begin to melt away. The power of nature, and the gift of giving thanks for who we are can leave us vibrant, aware, and truly balanced.

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