This is dedicated to all who authentically seek inner and outer peace. It is not the simplest of undertakings, but those who truly desire this, will triumph. This is a practice in examining yourself and your relationships to continuously forgive and release built up resentment and stresses.Forgiveness JoeKenneth c 001

     It’s not always the most inspiring topic to discuss, but the resentments and grudges that we hold towards others and ourselves are the underlying causes of much disease and premature illnesses. Both consciously and unconsciously, most of us continuously emanate stress frequencies throughout our bodies due to unresolved conflicts and disharmonious relationships. To get right to the point, this is not an article that gives you the tools to make everyone see things your way, or make them like you. It is however a realistic method that empowers you through the acceptance of all things and others through compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

     Interestingly enough, the root of most unbalanced bodily biology stems from stress caused by our own resentments. Keep in mind that most of us have underlying resentments against our own selves, and not simply other people. Forgiveness JoeKenneth002So what can we do to actively overcome stress and take control over the well being of our body and environment?

     You guessed it, find forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of those words that some may cringe at, and others may welcome. It is however a concept that strikes a cord with us all. To truly find forgiveness, there must first be a profound internal examination. And on this note, remember that you are your own best health consultant regarding emotional wellness.

       So how is this really done then?

     Most metaphysicians suggest engaging in this internal examination process within your morning meditations. This is where you can best begin to explore the hidden caverns of your psyche to discover where you hold resentments against your own self. Discover what makes you feel let down or inadequate. 

Forgiveness JoeKenneth003         What events have you been so ashamed of that you could not forgive your own actions or thoughts? As you re-experience these emotions and bring them into the forefront of your thoughts, begin to thank yourself not only for locating them and bringing them to light, but also for having the courage to forgive them. Yes, that’s right; forgive them, for we are after all human, and our mistakes and short comings are simply an interrelated part of the life experience “total package” we chose. Strive to replace judgments with compassion for your actions and thoughts.

      To begin authentically forgiving yourself, you must first accept that you, and every living creature, think and act at the highest level of there own state of awareness. This means that everyone is actually doing what he or she feels is right form his or her own inner perspective. This can be a challenging truth to realize, as we whiteness others acts of crime and social discrimination, but it is nonetheless, a universal reality. As you work through the obstacles of inner realizations to truly forgive yourself, you will begin to feel physically purified and even lighter. Continue to forgive and actually release these emotions of resentment as you breath calmly in the depths of your meditations each morning. You will no doubt experience a wonderful feeling of cleansing with a genuine application. Work with this practice for a few days, a few weeks, or as long as you feel necessary, as we all carry a unique package of self-resentments.

     So, once we master the art of openly forgiving ourselves, we can then realistically approach the practice of forgiving others. Within your morning meditations, as well as your daily thoughts, identify who and what you hold resentment against. This may be an individual, an entire group, or an entire concept, that you feel is “wrong” or unforgivable for it’s (their) beliefs and actions. Realize that while we can work to help others and make the entire world a better place based on what we feel is right, we must not be so set on changing situations to the point of falling victim to our own stresses caused by these efforts. There is faulty logic in resenting things at the cost of our own physical, mental, and spiritual health.

       This can be difficult to grasp at its deepest levels, but in the acceptance of all things through genuine compassion, we come to realize that all things are truly as they should be, no matter how they are perceived through our human experience. Strive to accept what you believe is wrong and unforgivable by applying the universal truth that all things are as they should be. This may seem almost impossible, as the human experience is fundamentally programmed to detect the dualities of right and wrong. But the master of unconditional love through compassion realizes that even the seemingly most horrible events, are in reality, as they should be. Once more, remain aware in replacing your judgments with true compassion. This is the work of the master, who constantly holds his or her will in check, controlling the though process of the mind. You will begin to function at a level in which the automatic judgmental responses are conquered by compassion through the power of you spiritual will.Forgiveness JoeKenneth004

    Through sincere forgiveness, you will inevitable reach a place where unconditional love can dominate the once judgmental and unforgiving thought patterns. Dedicate to a regular practice of this forgiveness and you will begin to see the events of your life from an elevated and unconditional perspective that inevitably brings your mental, physical, and spiritual health into perfect harmony. Be kind to yourself in this practice, for it is far from simple. As you develop in this practice over the days, months and years to come, an intense change will be set in motion. As compassion spawns forgiveness, and forgiveness nourishes your soul, you will find yourself living out your divinity, in a balanced state of perfect harmony with all things.


I am unconditional love, I accept all things as they are, forgiving myself and others.”