Cindy Meditation 1Music has always spoken to my soul.  The power of creation holds frequencies, and energy vibrations radiate forth love. That love is carried forth in many ways by music. I believe that music and inspirational words can help to heal you.

               There have been many people who have studied the power of music to heal throughout time. From the early quotes from the bible, to the classic ET scenes when UFO’s came and communicated to us through sound. For music is a universal language that all can understand. Perhaps that is why there are so many satellites searching for sounds that communicate throughout the cosmos. Truly the stars have their own songs and we can listen to them.

                The use of music as a healing method has been used throughout all time. You will find many instances of music in the bible, “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord”

                Ephesians 5:19  

            The early Greek Philosophers Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras, examined the ends of music, and recognized this, and placed most of their discussions of music in their political works. There, they examined the relationship which music has to the common good, particularly its place in education. They saw music as allied to the intricacies of man's nature and the perfection of nature.

           Cindy Meditation 2 Plato believed that life of a man is controlled by harmony and rhythm. He believed that music had the power to shape and influence not only the emotions of a person, but also his character, and that philosophy, is the superior medium through which music can be articulated.

            Pythagoras believed that music has the power to influence a person’s deep state of mind. It can promote the individual’s use of skills and his/her profound acceptance of oneself.

            Native American and Hawaiian cultures have used song and chant in ceremony to call in spirits and ancestors for ages. And the power of the vibrations of these chants can be felt when heard.

For those interested, Psychology today had an insightful article on this subject.

“Does music heal emotional suffering? Research says yes.

We now know through controlled treatment outcome studies that listening to and playing music is a potent treatment for mental health issues. Research demonstrates that adding music therapy to treatment improves symptoms and social functioning among schizophrenics. Further, music therapy has demonstrated efficacy as an independent treatment for reducing, depression, anxiety and chronic pain

There are several mechanisms by which music can have this effect. First of all, music has positive physical effects. It can produce direct biological changes. such as reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. Also, studies suggest that exposure to prosocial lyrics increases positive thought, empathy, and helping behavior. The message in a lyric such as “We shall overcome” may be able to reach more people than all of the psychotherapists in the world combined. “  .

               I asked some of the friends I have met through NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) if they thought if music can heal, and got a very positive response.

               Grammy member Grant Maloy Smith said, Music has the power to Heal the world ... if only we would let it!” And fellow Grammy member Cindy Hughlett offered this, “I know a man whose wife was murdered in broad daylight in Tenn. a few years back...He could not sleep for months regardless of the meds the Dr's gave him. My friend gave him a copy of my album. Listening by his bed he was finally able to sleep.”  Another touching story came from Mia Moravis, “My brother and I were born in New England, then raised in Scotland, as my father served in the US Navy. Mum fell ill and returned to the US without us and Dad was shipped out, and my brother and I were orphaned. My two vinyl records packed and one which included Scotland the Brave, which helped me endure the next several horrifically trying years. I always vowed to return to Dunoon but had no idea how. I remained patient for decades but I did return, When I walked on the pier I heard the bagpipes playing Scotland the Brave. I'd survived, indeed, and made it back home.”

I do believe music can be our anchor and some songs can be our anthem.

               Each sound creates a vibrational frequency and color. Some resonate with us and raise our energy levels to lift and inspire us. Many scientists and musicians have studied this, and a great example of this is the work of a Russian composer named Scriabin. Scriabin was influenced by mysticism and theosophy, and he is associated relating music and color scales.

                There have been many school dedicated to the purpose studying the power of music to heal. Michigan State University created the earliest music therapy academic program in 1944, and The Musical College of Kansas, College of the Pacific, Alverno College, and University of Chicago established the National Association for Music Therapy, (NAMT) on June 2, 1950.

              Cindy Meditations 3 I too have created my own non-profit organization dedicated to sharing uplifting musical messages called, The Metaphysical Media Network, which has created and sponsored CD’s that bring inspirational messages to thousands.


               My newest efforts, formed a new age inspirational radio station for the University of Sedona that is dedicated to inspire, and play music you may not hear anywhere else. The station is called KUOS FM at 92.1 in Sedona, and streams at KUOSFM.COM

               I love the Kurt Vonnegut quote, “If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph, “The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music”

Music comes from Spirit and speaks to us in a universal way. The message combined through spoken word, music, and song, makes for a powerful listening experience – each song like an individual prayer that comes straight from the heart, and received as a blessing. My goal is to bring insight and light into the world through my music.

               As a special gift to you, I have a link to soundcloud where you can listen to my latest cd Arise Above Abuse., “Arise Above Abuse, Artists Speak out For Women, is a project dedicated to raising awareness about abuse, domestic violence, rape and inequality.”

And to conclude my column this month, iI wrote this poem to express how music is such a blessing;

Cindy Meditation 4There is a song of the universe 

there's a song of life

there is a song that the heaven sings

and each song is born of light

Listen close to the stillness

and to the sacred sounds

Hear the music of the spheres

sing the secrets so profound

Each sound holds a color

each song is a rainbow that delights

And radiates forth with an energy

that merges with the one sacred sound

Of creations light

Join together with the choir

Of angels who bring great joy

Let all who sing their song in harmony

As together we create a Universal song

sing from your heart

Sing from your soul

let your music be heard so clear

let it bring forth blessings from on high

Let it heal and inspire the world

Every person holds the song of life

Every heart begs heaven above

For the magic that music brings

Is The greatest gift of Gods great love

               Music is always communicating with people through lyrics or the beats. It makes us feel good; emboldens us; transfers us to a different world. Leonard Bernstein said, "“Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable.” May we continue to honor and further the gift of music to uplift and heal the world.

For more information on my work and CD’s, got to


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