Cindy march imageWe all are given many opportunities to experience Death in our lives. My Father died the day after Christmas when I was just 12 years old. I remember my Mother calling out. So I ran upstairs to see my Father lying there, not looking like my Father. I touched him, and he was cool. I told my Mother to hold a mirror under his nose to see if he was breathing. He wasn’t and I said, “He’s dead.” We had a large family and my sisters were downstairs.

            I left the room and went outside, and ran down the many stairs of our big house that was designed by my father to look like the Castle in Prague he grew up in. When I got to the street, I ran for a ways, as fast as I could, to get away from the house and death. Then I heard a Voice that said, “What are you running from?” I stopped dead in my tracks, and realized there was nowhere to run, to and walked back to the house to watch what was happening as the drama unfolded. I wasn’t really scared; for I knew that my father wasn’t really there anymore, he had left. All that was there was a dead body. And that was not him anymore.

 .            I felt guilty because I did not feel bad at all. I didn’t want to pretend to feel bad because they expected me to. I found out many years later that my Mother had talked to my father about what he thought happened after you die.

            Being very pragmatic, he thought there was no life after death. But three days after he had passed away she told me he had come to her in spirit And had kissed her on the forehead and softly told her “There is a Forever’ That began my Mothers search for answers about if there was life after death. It also began my journey into Metaphysics, because I went to some of the classes

Dr. Masters held with my Mother at the Institute of Parapsychology.

 Spiritual meditation            I learned how to meditate, and loved tuning in to my higher self. I began to meditate every day, and I would write down any messages that came to me after meditation. I had a voracious appetite for reading any book on mysticism and metaphysics I could find. I discovered wonderful insights from Manley hall, Corinne Helene, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Alan Watts, and books on the mystics. Every book was leading me to new understandings.

            I have found that many people turn to God for answers when they experience to loss of a loved one. I found my connection to Spirit and God after my father passed on. It is very interesting that as much as we may understand that there is no real death, we still can experience grief and suffering. In my Book Angel Blessings, Messages from Heaven, I have written hundreds of messages, and ways to connect to those who have moved on. We still need to honor that there is a very real process of change that you need to honor with the passing of a loved one.

            I recorded 40 tracks for the CD, Angel Blessings, and since the time of the recording two years ago, two of my friends, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Paul Masters have moved on. These peoples passing made a very deep impression on me. Yes, I did have connections in dreams, and I found white feathers within a day of each of them leaving this planet.

 Spiritual funeral           It’s always been hard for me to feel bad for one who has left this world and moved on.

However, I still honor the process of transition and how we need to come to terms with that in our life.

            I do hope and pray that we can evolve our understanding of death and realize that there is so much more out there beyond this world we have come to know. That there is a forever. There is a heaven that is far grander than we may know. There is such love and forgiveness that exists in the Heart of God and Christ and the Masters.

            I offer these words of hope and light that have been given to me to share with you with an

intention to serve those in need. I pray that those who may be suffering and feeling sadness may see a glimpse of that light at the end of the tunnel, so that they may know how Great God’s love is. May you find some comfort in these words.

My book and CD is available on Amazon.

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-Rev. Cindy Paulos


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